The Daemon Lover … an Ancient Myth … discussed by Alice B. Clagett

Revised on 18 May 2018; originally published on 1 May 2018

Dear Ones,

Psy in the Sky: To hear it on the astral plane, there must be more ‘demon lovers’ than pigeons here in Los Angeles. Let me see … 4 million people as of 2016 … 5,000 pigeons in Hollywood in 2008, all on birth-control kibble … maybe not so bad after all …

Andy Irvine has done a great job singing “The Daemon Lover,” an ancient poem about obsession by the demon realm …

Video: “Andy Irvine – The Daemon Lover,” by praEdward, 30 July 2014, ..

The poem explains how obsession by the demon realm destroys romantic love and family life, and send’s a person’s mental and emotional bodies into the hellworlds. It also explains how desire for sexual intercourse can be distorted and used to devastate humankind in this way.

Here is Wikipedia’s writeup on the poem …

Link: “The Daemon Lover,” by Wikipedia, ..

“The Law of One” also speaks of this demonic ploy here:

Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” Question-Answer 46.12, .. 

See also: Link: “Spiritual Adepts Who Are Controllers: The Negative Path,” by Alice B. Clagett. ..

Often the form of ‘sexual intercourse’ used by the demon realm is ‘satellite rape’ or astral suggestions of rape, through obsession. This is one reason why demons are referred to as the ‘powers of the air’ … They use telepathy to create the sense of lust being fulfilled ‘in the air’.

Link: “When Threatened by the Powers of the Air,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..

This is indicated in artwork as beings called incubi, male demon lovers; and succubi, female demon lovers …

Link: “Incubus,” in Wikimedia Commons, ..

Link: Succubus, from “El Viento de Mis Velas,” ..

Thus, it’s very important to take a grounded approach to sexuality, and to distinguish between mental suggestion, and the real-world fulfillment of the sexual urge.

Pornography, for instance, steers a person towards ‘satellite rape’ by the ‘powers of the air’. This is because it starts a person daydreaming about the act of sex, instead of fulfilling his human needs in a physical context. Thus it’s best to stay away from pornography, and from sexual daydreams, but rather to make sexual joy a part of one’s life on the physical plane.

Sometimes black magickers abstain completely from the act of sex, so as to increase their magical powers. This is a big mistake, as they are getting those powers ‘on loan’ from the ‘powers of the air’. Such ‘deals with the devil’ result in a fate similar to that expressed in the above song about the ‘Daemon Lover’.

That this song is most likely quite ancient, indicates the importance of the legend to humankind’s safety and sanctuary here on Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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