Ascension Caveats for Three Very Diverse Groups: Black Magicians, Spiritual Adepts, and Lightworkers … by Alice B. Clagett

Composed on 24 March 2018; revised on 7 April 2018

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I’d like to talk about three different types of people that are encountering special issues during the Ascension process. These are: The Black Magicians, the Spiritual Adepts, and Lightworkers.

As you may know, there’s a negative alien entity group on the astral plane that tries to drag human beings down into the hellworlds. They look for people with the most Light, because they like to siphon off that Light. It’s like parasitic plant species in the mountains: Some plants are parasites, and they live by taking in the life force, say, the sap, out of other plants. They couldn’t live without those other plants; they live off of them.

So, in the physical world, smaller beings that live off of other beings are called ‘parasites’. The larger such beings are called ‘predators’.  But the smaller ones are termed ‘parasites’ if they don’t provide anything good for the host … the being that they’re drawing energy from. And they’re termed ‘commensal’ organisms that have a ‘symbiotic’ relationship with the host organism if they provide something in return for what they get from the other organism.

The similar beings on the astral plane … the negative astral entities … are like parasites, or predators, on the energy field of other beings … especially, in this case, human beings. What they do, figures into the situation with the Black Magicians the Spiritual Adepts, and Lightworkers.

As far as the Black Magicians are concerned, they have no qualms about using the occult powers … the psychic powers … to obtain for themselves what they otherwise could not get. And those things are, prominently, power in the world, wealth and abundance in the world, and sexual liaisons. And very often, this latter takes the form of the kind of sex that’s not condoned by society of the laws of a community.

— For instance, a harem-type situation, where one Black Magician has many, many people enthralled in a sexual way.

–Or, sometimes it’s an interest in having sex with children, or raping men and women, or raping and killing men and women …

… those kinds of sexual desires that aren’t condoned by society. They figure they can indulge in these desires by studying occult lore.

These types of people, during the Ascension process, are pretty much in trouble. All of their malware, which gives them negatively aspected psychic powers, and also allows these negative alien beings to feed upon their Light, needs to be reversed.

So they have more reversal of malware to do … more downloads of Light and upgrades of DNA to do, than does the normal human being.  And in the meantime, when the Light hits them, it can activate their samskaras, which have to do with all the things that society doesn’t approve of. So their lives are more in danger, because ‘acting out’ is more of a problem for them.

Then we have the Spiritual Adepts. Now the deal with the Spiritual Adepts is different from that with the Black Magicians. The Spiritual Adepts … at least, as regards my ‘astral perusal’ … seem to have in mind bringing a new Utopia to humankind. Bringing the world up to a standard that it now doesn’t have.

The difficulty that comes up is that they’re willing to use the occult arts in a dictatorial, or fascist, or totalitarian way. ‘For your own good’, they say. For the good of the ordinary man, they’re willing to … kind of enslave them, I’d say. Enslave them through hypnosis (‘mesmerism’) or mind control, or like that … with their own vision of the Utopia of the future in mind.

Here in America, we have a democracy. And that democracy does not admit of domination of other human beings through mind control. This has never come up, because people haven’t been aware of mind control, until quite recently. Quite recently, I saw a case, on Youtube, regarding a man who was a neighbor of a woman, who was accused of psychically raping her. And he was convicted of that.

I expect there will be more and more cases like that, in the future. People will begin to realize that assault by means of clair abilities … astral abilities and psychic abilities … is a crime. But right now, what’s happening is … and the Spiritual Adepts and Black Magicians all know this … that lots and lots of people … what they call the ‘ordinary man’, the ordinary human being … and by that they mean men and women and children … just don’t have a clue about the astral plane. They just don’t know about the occult powers.

And so, in years past, before the year 2000, for instance, the Black Magicians … with selfish ambitions as regards the occult powers … and the Spiritual Adepts … meaning well for mankind, as regards their use of the occult powers … have ruled the day, all over Earth. They’ve been doing their best to influence humankind, on the psychic plane, and that has gone on ‘beneath the radar’ of the awareness and understanding of humankind.

Now, what with the Ascension process, everyone is becoming conversant with the fourth dimension … the astral plane … and all that is becoming obvious. So I, as a prophet, anticipate that more and more laws will be enacted regarding occult aggression. And more so, on the astral plane, the ‘ordinary man’ will begin to make it clear to the Spiritual Adept, and to the Black Magician, that these things are not tolerated in our society, as New Life on New Earth begins.

To continue with the Spiritual Adept: They have a very bright Light, which is very noticeable on the psychic plane … in the astral realm. And so, the negative alien beings home in on those people, as they do on the Lightworkers.

Lightworkers are a special category, in that the parts of them that are bright, are very bright. And then, there are very dark parts of them that are repressed, unconscious things, to do with their battles with evil, over the incarnations. And those are very, very dark. So, Lightworkers have pockets of very dark stuff that they have to deal with. And then they have to maintain their overall brightness, and transform the darkness with the brightness. And they are also being singled out by what we call the Dark … the negative alien beings … for implantation of as many pieces of malware as possible, as the Light increases. And that’s so that the negative alien beings can continue to siphon off Light from the brightest human beings, for as long as possible, so as to prolong their own lives.

To get back to Spiritual Adepts: They have dreams of improving humankind. What it amounts to, by my way of thinking, is buying into the concept of Consequentialism. Which is to say: Any means, to a good end. Hitler was a Consequentialist. He had a grand vision for humankind; but it involved massive human suffering in the meantime … on the way there. Which he discounted, because of the glorious End of this plan. Do you see?

My own feeling about Consequentialism, is that it violates one of the two great laws of life on Earth: Free Will, and Service to the All. The principle that’s violated is Free Will. I feel we must allow God, and the Angel Realm, to work with ‘ordinary people’ … who may, as yet, have no true, spiritual inclinations yet, because they’re the most qualified to do that, I feel. And they … God and the Angel Realm … will enhance the ordinary human being’s sense of Free Will, so that they can learn the difference between right and wrong, between the Light and the Dark, between the highest human aspirations and the lower human aspirations … over the course of their incarnations. And bear that in mind. And grow, as Souls; and develop, as Souls; and become more God-realized and Self-realized.

If we make the decisions for them, then they’re not learning. You see?

Some of the Spiritual Adepts term themselves ‘Lords of Karma’. And what they do, is to increase the Soul suffering of what they call ‘ordinary human beings’ so as to teach them a Lesson, good and proper. So they grab onto the samskaras of the human being, and they torque them up, with mind control. And then the person ‘acts out’ the samskara, and increases their samskaric load, and his or her anguish, and pain and suffering, increase, both psychically, and often physically as well. And then, after passing on, they go down to the hellworlds, where they have to recoup, and purify their beingness in order to go on to a new incarnation.

I don’t see this as a help. I see this as a form of vengeance. A ratcheting up of karma of the Spiritual Adept, caused by malware implanted by negative astral beings. So the role ‘Lords of Karma’ is a mistake that some Spiritual Adepts are making.

Also, I feel, by attempting to rule humankind in a dictatorial way … by attempting to force them to do things ‘for their own good’ … they’re retarding the spiritual development of the people, by not bolstering their Free Will and conscious decision-making processes. You see?

And further, I have a contentious notion about the division that’s made between the Spiritual Adept and the ‘ordinary man’. I feel that life on Earth is a slow learning process for all human beings, and that all human beings … just as is stated in the United States Declaration of Independence … were created equal. And speaking from my own, Christian spiritual perspective, that all human beings have Eternal Souls, that are reflections of the beauty, and grace, and goodness, and Love, of God Himself.

So, I don’t hold by casting other people down. Or castigating other people. Or throwing them into the hellworlds … All of those things! I believe the truth of our beingness is more like democracy: We human beings are all standing together. You know?

Especially, we’re standing against the negative alien beings. We’re standing, in truth, and goodness, and Love, and service to all beings everywhere. Together, we can stand that way. Not trying to pull each other down. Not trying to ‘get one up on’ each other. Not trying for the ‘take down’ or the ‘hostile takeover’. Not trying to bring a lawsuit that devastates another person, just because they’re a Lightworker, or just because they don’t know about a legal technicality, or like that. We’re standing for true human rights for all human beings, I feel.

I know it’s difficult for Spiritual Adepts, because they see things that people who haven’t developed psychic powers can’t see yet. And they want to help people who haven’t developed psychic powers, to bypass various pitfalls, very often. But the very ‘not-knowingness’ of people is a quick instructor, because there are so many pratfalls and difficult circumstances that people run into. The truth is, that it’s a short life, here on Earth, and then you’re on, to a new incarnation. So I feel that one Soul Lesson per incarnation is a pretty good record. You know?

I know the Spiritual Adepts have been used … in ages past … to being the only ones who are really ‘in the know’ as far as the occult arts are concerned. And it’s hard for them, because everybody’s becoming occultly savvy these days. I guess they wonder what their place is. And they feel themselves in opposition, especially, to the Lightworkers, who are spreading the news of the Ascension process, and want everyone to get through it as easily as possible.

So it’s easy for the negative alien beings to implant malware, to do with this, in the Spiritual Adepts. A massive case of that happened in the year 2000, with small fillips of completeness and improvement … from the negative alien being point of view … happening over the years since then.

The malware that the negative alien beings implanted in the Spiritual Adepts, in the Black Magicians, and in others with psychic ability, was to destroy the Lightworkers. Separate them, so that they could not talk with each other. And destroy their physical forms. And that malware has been pretty successful, I feel.

We’re coming on Solar Cycle, a new revolution of the Earth through the Sun’s increasing Light, and we’ll see how well that malware persists … and how far, into the new Solar Cycle. I suspect, not far at all.

So the thing for the Lightworkers to remember is that, we’re all brothers and sisters together. We’re all working with our Star Brothers and Sisters, and with our Ascension Teams, and with God, insofar as we’re able, to help smoothe and transform the Dark to the Light, as the Ascension process proceeds on Earth. That’s our job.

And we’re all brothers and sisters in this, despite that we have different personalities, and whatever the dissentional reason that is obviously accented by the negative alien beings and implemented by other groups that have their own interest in staying with things just as they are. We have the responsibility to relate together, and to, at least, feel warmly towards each other. You know? And that will help, I feel, that will help in this next wave of Light that’s coming in for the next 11 years or so.

Then, as far as the Spiritual Adepts are concerned, here’s the thing: There’s a form of temptation in concentrating on the highest …

… For instance, when we concentrate on the sixth chakra … the third eye-point …  and the energies of mind control, and of mesmerism and hypnotism, and so forth, all da long

…  or maybe when we concentrate our awareness just above the head, in the eighth chakra … the Soul Star … where the ‘astral thuggee’ entities have been congregating and creating trouble, of late, and altering the karmic metaprograms for people all over Earth

It’s a temptation, for the Spiritual Adept to focus in one of these two spots, because each lower chakra, in the human energy system, is trumped by the chakra above it. So, by feeling a higher chakra, and projecting energy towards someone else who doesn’t have occult ability, the Spiritual Adept or the Black Magician can feel that they are controlling that person.

And what they might call the ‘New Spiritual Adepts’ … the ordinary human beings who have suddenly gained occult abilities … they also have that temptation and that ability.

However, by concentrating our energy outward, towards someone else, we lose control of our own mind, at point in our chakric system where we are projecting energy out … such as, in the above examples, the sixth or the eighth chakras.

So, ‘our mind, to their mind’ means that our mind becomes situated within their mind. And that’s a very bad thing, because we are no longer masters of our own minds … of our own energy fields.

The desire to control, through the occult forces, is one of the main things that’s bringing down, or decreasing the frequency of, the energy field of the Spiritual Adepts, and making it possible for the negative alien beings to implant malware while they’re unaware … while their focus is one someone else that they intend to control ‘for their own good’ … like that. You see?

Now the other bad thing that happens to a Spiritual Adept while they are focusing so much on the higher chakras, is that the lower chakras … the lower triangle … the gut brain … gets less attention.

Part of that can be ameliorated through a vegetarian diet. That’s because, within the gut are our bacterial population, mainly. Outnumbering the human cells in the gut by about ten to one. And so, if the food that goes into the gut has a lot of anguish about death, and delight in killing, in it … as does meat … then the Martian population … the bacterial population … in our gut becomes very martial.

And while our energy is projected out, towards these other people, the Martian population is projecting a gut brain energy that is very martial … that is very much to do with killing, and rape, and world domination … things like that. And this happens all unbeknownst to the Spiritual Adept, because that person is concentrating on their Higher Mind (in the case of the sixth chakra Adept) or on their Superconscious Mind (in the case of the eighth chakra Adept) … and not on their Lower Mind.

So what has been happening, for the last, almost 20 years, is that the Spiritual Adepts have still attempted to maintain control of other human beings, promoting amongst themselves a dictatorial tendency, a fascist or totalitarian tendency … a desire to ‘lord it over’ other people ‘for their own good’. They have been concentrating, in that way.

It’s becoming more and more difficult because, as I mentioned earlier, what they term the ‘ordinary man’ is becoming very psy. Now in the meantime, what’s happening is that waves of psychic rape, and waves of desire to kill, are proceeding from their gut, and into the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.

That’s because their energy is not ‘up and down’ … visualized as being ‘from the core of Earth’ up into the sky. Instead, they visualize it as going out, from the forehead, or from above the head, in the direction of ‘other people’. It’s outward, horizontal energy, instead of ‘up and down’ energy.

‘Up and down’ energy allows us to master our energy field, or aura. You see?

All right. So let’s say the Spiritual Adept has stopped eating meat. That’s good. And so therefore, that helps tone down the bacterial population. But on the other hand, their auric energy is imbalanced by their visualization of a horizontal, ‘my mind to your mind’ or ‘my superconscious mind to your karmic metaprogram’ force. Then, lower down in the Spiritual Adept’s energy field, there will be a concomitant, or similar, horizontal force that shoves the negative energy of their lower triangle out into the world.

Why is this energy going out to the world in a negative way? In India, there’s a long-standing tradition, that is handed down by various spiritual traditions, to do with the importance of sexual control. There’s a long-standing argument, in India, to the effect that little, or no, sexual activity … chastity, or near chastity … gives a man who wants to have occult powers, more occult powers, because abstinence builds up the supply of ojas … a very concentrated substance, within the body, that nourishes vitality … and male ejaculation diminishes it. And, according to Indian tradition, ojas is needed in order for the occult powers to manifest. As I understand it, that’s how the philosophy of chastity, or continence, goes, in India.

So, you will find men, who want to be Spiritual Adepts, and who believe in this philosophy, perhaps having sex and not ejaculating, so as to conserve ojas and also improve their occult powers. Or they may decide to have sex only once or twice a year. Or they may decide not to have sex at all.

And so, what is happening is that their lower chakras … their Lower Mind … is constantly upset and dissatisfied by its inability to express its own function in the human energy system.

We of the Lightworker crew … the Ascension crew … feel that this is wrong thinking. We feel that expression of the occult powers and clair abilities will come to each of us … in time, and on its own … as the human aura develops, and as we express devotion to God and service to humankind. That time will come, as determined by God, and need not be forced … as it were … by a practice that upsets our lower triangle and our Lower Mind.

So, if we do try to force the issue, in this lifetime … whether to impress other people, or to gain money, or to gain whatever it is, we will find a few unanticipated things. We will find, for instance, that the waves of energy of dissatisfaction of the lower triangle flood especially into the people close around us. So they will be experiencing psychic rape, and psychic waves of desire to kill … what they feel to be attacks .. astral intent to do harm … because we’re not satisfying those lower triangle cells. Not allowing them to feel the type of joy that the lower chakras need to feel, in order to be fulfilled during our Earthly existence.

Further, a Spiritual Adept who continues along these lines, as the Light increases, will find himself … those with whom he has intercourse … acting these waves of energy out. He will find either that those around him, towards whom he feels a sexual desire, or with whom he performs a sexual act, will begin to kill, or to rape. Or he will find that he does it himself.

It’s very important, at this time, to practice the ‘up and down’ energy visualization. Not the acquisitional energy … the horizontal energy visualization. Just very important.

I know many of you have spiritual teachers and gurus that teach otherwise. But I’m here to say that, whereas their intention was very good, I’m certain; in these times, those particular teachings of your gurus or spiritual teachers cannot apply. They will be your downfall. So they must be altered, or overlooked.

Now, back to the Black Magicians. Lots of times we find that the Black Magicians are members of a larger group called ‘Antisocial Personalities’. I’ve written a lot about that. And I don’t know what humankind is going to do about it. I’ll have some off-beat ideas about it, coming up.

People who are Black Magicians, or truly densely energetic antisocial personalities are still pretty much hidden from the public eye, I feel. On the other hand, it does seem that more and more felons are being perceived as being here on Earth recently. The issue with felony has to do with a couple of things. It has partly to do with cell phone psychosis and virtual reality psychosis, I feel. And it also has to do with ‘acting out’ … because of the waves of Light coming in.

So we Lightworkers, what we like to do, is to send out waves of Peace and Love and Joy and so forth. We think that makes a big difference. So, there’s that. And more to come, I’m sure, with regard to disclosure of antisocial behavior, and of Black Magicians … both very difficult questions.

The main issue, I feel, with regard to Spiritual Adepts, has to do with pride, and arrogance, and realizing that these are malware issues that have been implanted by the negative astral beings, in Spiritual Adepts, to prevent them from realizing the occlusions of darkness in their Bodies of Light, and to prevent them from being healed.

So, it’s up to each of us to take a look. To try and find out what’s Dark and what’s Light. And to transform the Dark to Light within our own beingness. And in this way, to help the ascension of all humankind, and of all Earth.

Well, I hope nobody takes offense at this. I know it’s a very touchy topic. I wish you all the very best. And I want you to know, I’m praying for each of you. I hope it will go well. God bless you all.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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