Mantriks, or Subtle Sorcerers … by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 25 August 2016; updated on 18 March 2018 and 22 June 2018; new information is in green font.

  • Subtle Sorcerers, Mantriks
  • Subtle Sorcerers May Be What I Call ‘Astral Thuggees’
  • How to Ward Off Subtle Sorcerers
  • My Research Regarding the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)
    • Image of a Woman’s Back and a Cow’s Face, Both with Cross-Hairs
    • “Is Killing a Sin? A Spiritual Perspective”
    • Graph: Murder of an Ordinary Person Considered Equivalent to Killing of a Cow
    • Information on the SSRF Website Regarding the Occult and Black Magic
  • Sanatan Sanstha: Rumors about Bombings and Murders
  • Apparently, Jayant Balaji Athayale Founded both Sanatan Sanstha and SSRF
  • The Art of Prophecy
    • Portents and Omens: SSRF Acronyms
    • Stream-of-Consciousness Dipping and Prophecy
    • For the Healer: Prophecy and Timeline Optimization

Dear Ones,


The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has an interesting blog (1) on the “Subtle Sorcerer” or mantrik … a very powerful astral entity in the demon realm …

Per the article, only a few people in the world … generally people in the highest positions of power in the world … are obsessed by these beings, However, the article states, the power of Subtle Sorcerer is not to be underestimated.

  • They obsess the most powerful world leaders, so as to lead the world in the direction of chaos and destruction. They also obsess Saints, meditators and Spiritual Adepts, since these have great power to counter the Subtle Sorcerer’s malevolent actions in the world, and this power can, through devious means, be turned to the Subtle Sorcerer’s ends.

We can correct this problem by opening our hearts to love and sending our ‘love tsunamis’ coursing through Gaia. Through the intercession of our Spiritual Teams, we can also optimize our DNA so that it is resistant to viruses, like this:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize DNA!
For the All, through Free Will!

  • They can cause viral mutations and natural disasters.

Note that we humans can correct these problems with our powers of co-creation, when we align with the great Will and Heart and Mind of God.

  • They can get people to do their bidding during meditation.

What may be meant here is that they can ratchet up a person’s samskaras to a sort of whirlwind fury, as do the jinn. This is a sort of twanging of the distortions of light in a person’s EMF, which the jinn are delighted to do for fun and mischief, but which the subtle sorcerer does with great malevolence and intention to harm humankind. For this problem I suggest lifting the gaze up to eye level or higher while meditating:

  • Meditating with eyes cast down brings in the subconscious mind (the Lower Mental Body, in Theosophical terms), which is the playground of the subtle sorcerer.
  • Meditating with the eyes gazing straight ahead brings in the conscious mind (the Higher Mental Body, in Theosophical terms) and the third eye-point energies. These can be obsessed during meditation if one concentrates on the front of the forehead or the place between the eyebrows.
    • To avoid obsession of the third eye-point during meditation, place the awareness at the level of the mid-forehead or at the level of the eyebrows … but inside the head, in the center of the brain … during meditation.
  • Meditating with the eyes gazing up brings in the superconscious mind (and the Transpersonal Chakras), which can also be obsessed by the Subtle Sorcerer. See my blog category ‘8th chakra bow tie’.
    • One of the best ways to untie the ‘8th chakra bow tie’ is to consciously visualize flooding the area above the head with bright white light.
    • If you feel an intense pressure on your the top of your head (the crown chakra) during meditation, then one of these beings may be trying to interrupt the flow of your hara line (the line that runs vertically through your body, connecting it with Sun energy above and Earth energy beneath) so that you can’t contact your superconscious mind.
    • If you hear this astral command: “My mind to your mind” then one of these beings may be trying to take over your transpersonal chakras, and thus stop you from thinking, or from broadcasting thoughts, or take over your mind … or worse yet, may intend to take over your mind and body.
    • In either case, the remedy is to this, say, “Your mind to the mind of God!” Visualize the Subtle Sorcerer, a big muscular guy, full of ego, who has been hovering over you and placing his hand on top of your head. Visualize the bright light of God flooding down from on high, through the astral form of this evil sorcerer, down through his arm and hand, into your head, and saturating your entire body.


When the SSRF refers to Subtle Sorcerers or mantriks, it could be talking about what I term ‘astral thuggees’ … I gather this from the picture in the article …

Mantrik, or subtle sorcerer, with a necklace of skulls: ..


Note that this class of beings, which was hovering thickly in the air early this year, is now gone from my optimum timeline on New Earth. In case your optimum timeline currently includes experience of such beings (undoubtedly, this would be for the sake of Soul learning and wisdom) note the following:

  • The SSRF article states that those who transcend ego can deal effectively with subtle sorcerers. As a practice to overcome ego, I recommend the very simple meditation “The Airport and the Traveller,”

I also recommend building up the life force and the electromagnetic field through:

These exercises make a person’s subtle energies very strong. They also make a person physically very healthy, magnetically attractive to other people, and able to ward off negative astral entities.


I’ve had a few intuitional snags with regard to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), to do with stream of consciousness associations. (Note, as I understand it, this is not the United States group known as SRF or Self-Realization Fellowship, which follows the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.)

Image of a Woman’s Back and a Cow’s Face, Both with Cross-Hairs

I began with an image from the SSRF website showing a woman’s back, with a cross-hair mark on it, and to the right of that, the face of a cow, with a cross-hair mark on it …

Image: ..

To my mind, this juxtaposition of the images representing killing a woman and killing a cow brought up the following subconscious images:

  • Women are cows, not sentient beings
  • To kill a woman is like killing a cow
  • Cows are raised for food, which sustains people’s lives, and so it’s all right to kill them
  • Killing a woman is all right, if killing her results in sustaining people’s lives

To my mind, this subconscious thought flow would represent the noospheric energies of misogyny (hatred of women) and patriarchal domination (a male dominated social order), which are cross cultural and transnational … They are denser energies we are dealing with globally right now.

“Is Killing a Sin? A Spiritual Perspective”

Between the two smaller images … that of the cross-haired woman and that of the cross-haired cow, that were in the larger image was the title of the accompanying article, “Is Killing a Sin? A Spiritual Perspective”, copyright Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Here is the article … 

Link: “Is Killing a Sin? A Spiritual Perspective” ..

Graph: Murder of an Ordinary Person Considered Equivalent to Killing of a Cow

In that blog page is a section named “3 Relative weightage of sin incurred depending on who is killed”. That section quantitates the karma, or weight of sin, incurred through the act of killing. 

There is a graph with a range of sinfulness, from 0 to 100, 100 being the most sinful. In the graph,

  • killing an Ordinary Person is listed as a sin of about 40
  • killing of a Cow as a sin of about 50 (more grave),
  • killing of a [spiritual] Seeker as a sin similar to that of killing a Cow, and
  • killing a Saint as a sin of the highest order, 100

It seemed to me that the image might represent a subconscious assumption that killing people, especially woman, is on a par with killing cattle. And that the graph might be a ratiocination by the logical mind, elaborating on the subconscious assumption.

Thus the graph, and the accompanying image, stood out in my mind because of the Wikipedia reference to bombings and killings by persons owing allegiance to their Indian sister organization Sanatan Sanstha. 

Information on the SSRF Website Regarding the Occult and Black Magic

There is quite a bit of information in the SSRF website pertinent to those hoping to overcome the influence of subtle sorcerers and mantriks; also to do with fighting the ‘evil eye’, zombies, skulls (cult of death), demonic possession, and ghosts. I feel it is well worth reading, keeping in mind that the perspective the writer is coming from creates the ‘color’ … or emotional tone of a work. 


I looked up the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, aka SSRF on Wikipedia and what popped up was, not SSRF, but “Sanatan Sanstha.” Intrigued by the similarity of the wards “Sanatan” (which actually means ‘eternal’) and “Satan,” I took a look.

Per Wikipedia, Sanatan Sanstha (‘eternal organization’) is a radical group in India led by a hypnotist named Jayant Balaji Athavale …

“The Sanatan Sanstha is a radical Hindu group in India.[1][2][3] It was founded in 1999 by ‘hypnotherapist’[4] Jayant Balaji Athavale with the support of Bhaktaraj Maharaj.[5] The group states its main aim as presenting spirituality in a scientific language for the curious (Jigyasu) and guiding seekers.[3] The organization has a chain of centres in different parts of India as well as abroad. — from “Sanatan Sanstha,”  in Wikipedia, .. CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported ..

Wikipedia speaks of the ‘stated’ main aim of the group as being spiritual … Persons owing allegiance to Sanatan Sanstha have participated in 4 bombings and 3 murders …

“Persons owing allegiance to Sanatan Sanstha have been arrested in four bombings in VashiThanePanvel (all in 2007) and Goa (in 2009) and in the murders of Narendra Dabholkar (in 2013), Govind Pansare and M. M. Kalburgi (both in 2015)” — from “Sanatan Sanstha,”  in Wikipedia, .. CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported ..


But what has Sanatan Sanstha to do with SSRF?  I googled SSRF Sanatan Sanstha, and came up with this article. It had a photo of Ms. Kimberly Schipke, Dr. Thornton
Streeter and Mr. Sean Clarke (Editor of SSRF website): 

I was still unclear what the connection was between Sanatan Sanstha and SSRF, so I did some more research. I googled Jayant Balaji Athavale SSRF and found that Jayant Balaji Athayale, the person who founded Sanatan Sanstha, also founded SSRF: ..


The Native Americans used to see portents and omens in just about everything. They would hear the wind whisper something about the future or the past. They could tell from the clouds whether there was trouble brewing with the tribes.

A person can look at tea leaves, or cast stones, sticks or coins, and gain knowledge of the past or future, one can simply observe the world around him, and do the same as they did. Look for very small details … a license plate, a road sign, the sound of a motor, an instance of synergy, the song of a bird … like that.

Observe where stream of consciousness takes you. Feel into the stream of unrelated facts that appear. Feel the tenor, the tone, the emotion, and the random will become organized through the activity of your right brain, the intuitional part of your mind.

Portents and Omens: The SSRF Acronyms. In addition to Spiritual Science and Research Foundation (described above), the acronym SSRF also stands for Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility … … hmmm

SSRF also stands for Server Side Request Forgery … … double hmmm

Here’s another SSRF … “Small Scale Raiding Force” … this was a British commando unit in WW II …

What would you make of these stream of consciousness associations? The intuitive outcome may well be different for each person, as is always the case with prophecy.

Stream-of-Consciousness Dipping and Prophecy. In a similar way to observing the details of our timeline unfolding around us, we can, through hearing astral stories and telepathy from other people, dip into their timelines, discover recurrent and combining threads of energies, like little rivers or rivulets running through their timeline, and predict, from seminal instances of Soul wounding, or from recurrent phrases in their unconscious minds, the likely difficulties of their unfolding lines. When these difficulties take place, as healers we can call on God’s grace and love to transform these streamlets or rivers of wounded energy.

For the Healer: Prophecy and Timeline Optimization. In advance of predicted accretions of Soul wounding around an original event stored as distortion of light in the human EMF, we can optimize their timelines (if they are willing). Thus the awareness timeline of the other person will flip to that which has the proper array of samskaras for upcoming personal and global timeline merges. Quite clearly, either the healer or the person to be healed, must continue to request timeline optimization at pivotal moments in their timeline. Here is the language of light to use:

Spirit to Team!   [ie, my Spirit to my Team]
Team to Team!   [ie, my Team to the other person’s Team]
Team to Spirit!   [ie, their Team to their Spirit]
Optimize timelines!   [ie, optimize the other person’s timelines]
For the All, through Free Will!   [in synch with optimization of the All,
and only for the subset of beings that agrees on optimization]
Separate!  [ie, separate my hara line and timeline from that of the other person]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Subtle-Sorcerer,” ..


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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