No Smart Meter Movement … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

I was on Google Chrome today, checking for this search term: “no smart meter” hangtags so cal gas

I was checking because, as you may know, I’m EMF hypersensitive (1), and so far have successfully refused the installation of a SoCal Gas smart meter because there are reports of radiofrequency emanations from these meters (that being, as I understand it, the point of the meters). I thought these RF waves might affect my electromagnetic field, so I got onto the ‘no smart meter’ customer list …

About a year went by, and whereas the meter man had been visiting my place every few months, priorly, to check the gas meter, during the year after my opt-out I kept getting notices that the meter man couldn’t get into my backyard for lack of the key to the garden gate. Although I had sent a key to the office.

It was a mystery …

Then one day, I saw a meter man going into my back yard. On speaking with him, I learned he was there to install the verboten smart meter. Apparently a snafu in paperwork? Or could be, my ‘no smart meter’ request expired after a year? Or, on the outside fringes of my awareness, there was the possibility that this was not a legitimate meter man, maybe a contractor with a list of ‘no smart meter’ customers, and who was installing these meters in a renegade, illegit sort of way, possibly in hopes of remuneration? These are just surmises on my part; I never actually got to the bottom of it …

Another mystery.

So I changed the padlock on my garden door, and didn’t send a copy of the key to SoCal Gas. To my surprise, this has worked out fine. I started getting visits from meter men every few months once again, and I’m letting them into the backyard myself each time.

Last time I got a visit, which was recently, the meter man suggested I get a ‘no smart meter’ hangtag to put on my gas meter. Which is why I was checking online for the above search term today.

I came up with an interesting list of webpages, globally. Here was one of the listings on Google:

Link: How YOU Can Stop ‘Smart’ Meters | …

Beneath the web link was the beginning of the blog in question, indicating that the blog person had a letter from UCLA neurology explaining he or she had this same sensitivity as I have … which is variously listed in WHO as ‘electrical hypersensitivity’ and ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’. (1)

This blogger, and apparently also his doctor at UCLA, termed it ‘electrical sensitivity’.  The doctor apparently recommended No Smart Meter, as well as some kind of filter (with which I’m not familiar) to filter out RF and microwave.

The blogger also offered a word of encouragement, to do with ‘slaying this beast’ together. This sounded interesting, so I clicked on the webpage link …

This led to the link … which had on it a message that the account has been suspended.

Yet another mystery.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

I’ll be! Here’s another broken link: Download a Free Do Not Install sign to hang on your traditional meter from TURN … ‘page not found’


(1) Here are links on electrical hypersensitivity and electromagnetic hypersensitivity at the World Health Organization (WHO) …

Link: “Electromagnetic fields and public health: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” Backgrounder, December 2005, by the World Health Organization (WHO), ..

Link: “WHO workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity,” Prague, Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2005, ..

LInk: “Electromagnetic Fields,” World Health Organization, .. …………………..

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