ET Phone Home … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally filmed on 6 March 2014

Dear Ones,

Here’s a little on contacting our celestial team … ascension guide, guardian angel, and so on … and on ‘changing channels’ … changing frequencies … as we ‘multidime’ (or ‘practice our multidimensional skills’). The setting is Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park.

At the end of the video are photos of the Park, accompanied by “Prelude No. 20,”
by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0

There’s a Summary after the video …



Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park in Los Angeles. I’m out here in the mountain wilderness, in the Los Angeles area, near Chatsworth. And there’s a whole lot of rocks and trees out here … a lot of coyotes … You can see the city over there. I guess, maybe, that’s Chatsworth over there … but I’m sitting here on the sandstone … I think it’s sandstone … and I had a couple of thoughts for you …

I was listening in on a conference call from Peggy Black … … I think it was yesterday. And sometimes when I try to contact my ascension guide and my guardian angel, it seems like they’re there … like I can feel them there … and sometimes it doesn’t. And that, when I can’t contact them in Los Angeles … in this dense atmosphere here … sometimes I feel a sort of a sense of despair, you know? Like they’ll never get through.

And Peggy Black had something really funny to say …

She said (and I paraphrase): When you try to call somebody on your cell phone, you’re pretty confident that, when you dial the number, there will be somebody on the other end, right?

And I said: Yeah …

And she said (and I paraphrase): And sometimes, we get a message that says that there’s no signal right now; the signal can’t come through.

And I said: Yeah? …

And she said (and I paraphrase): And when that happens, you don’t despair, do you?

And I had to say: Yes, that’s true …

She said (and I paraphrase): You know, that at some other time … or some other location … you’re going to get through, right? When the signal is stronger …

And so, I thought she had great wisdom in her words there. And so, ever since then, when I try and reach my guides, I realize they’re going to get through. They’re there, and they’re going to get through, one of these times, and one of these places. [sighs]

So here I was, on the mountain today, and doing my best to remember my ascension guide, and that’s King Solomon. And to remember the energy signature and the feeling, in my pranic column … like a joining or merging.

And I had heard earlier … just an intuition earlier … that King Solomon’s relationship to me, in a past lifetime, had been as if I were his daughter. And that’s a wonderful feeling for me. It’s very different from who I am, In a way, that kind of energy completes me, you know?

So, I was sitting high up, on the rocks behind me. And it’s near the end of the day. And as I started to walk down, I began to feel the feeling of King Solomon … which is rare, here in Los Angeles; it’s just so very dense …

I’m remembering some words that Sandra Walter … … said on her conference call yesterday. She said something like: It’s wonderful that you’re in service there in Los Angeles. She’s in Mount Shasta, right? She said (and I paraphrase): Los Angeles is known for its distortions of energy. And I feel certain that quite a number of lightworkers would agree with her! [laughs]

So, bearing that in mind, I went high up on the mountain today, to see if I could get through to King Solomon, or the guardian angel, or anybody … [laughs] … So I was sitting there, and I got a very peaceful feeling … a feeling that I was joined by angelic forces. I was blessed with the presence of King Solomon …

Although I didn’t hear any words. And I didn’t feel too bad about it, because I had heard Peggy Black say that she’s been contacting her guides, and her celestial team, for all these years. And she’s never actually heard any words or seen anything … She’s always felt their presence.

So when I felt them, I thought: That’s fine … you know? … I’m complete in this, when I felt them.

So I started back down the mountain. I was just idly walking, without much of anything in my mind. And it just came to me, all of a sudden, this notion: What do you want to hear on the radio? Do you want to hear AM or FM?

And so I’m going: FM!

And then I heard: So! Would you like the talk channel, or would you like the symphony channel?

And I’m going: Symphony! [laughs]

That’s all I have for you today! May your life be a song, until next we meet! In love and light … [waves goodbye]

[Next are photos of Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park and the measured instrumental piece “Prelude No. 20,” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Video: “E.T. Phone Home – E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (4/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD,” by Movieclips, ..


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