You Are Welcome to Your Thoughts … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 16 January 2018

  • Video I by Alice
  • Summary of Video I
    • Where the Thoughts that Assail You Come From
    • On Coming Upon Clouds of Thoughts
    • On Belief Thought Forms
    • How to Send Thought Forms Lumbering Off
    • On Batting Back Other People’s Thought Forms
    • Other People’s Motives, Expressed in Their Thoughts
  • Video II by Alice
  • Summary of Video II

Dear Ones,

Here are two videos on the chant, “You’re welcome to your thoughts,” which can be used to waft the unwanted thoughts of other people … like big, lumbering butterflies … out of your head and back into theirs.

The first video offers a description of thought forms, and a spoken version of the chant. The second video offers a sung version of the chant and a video clip of Rincon Beach in California. There are Summaries after the videos. Text not in the videos is in green font



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have something that’s proved extremely helpful, in the last day, to fend off thought forms from other people, that seem to be obnoxious, or upsetting, or that cause the heart to falter or to tighten up … like that. The kind of thoughts that are the opposite of heart awareness thoughts.

Where the Thoughts that Assail You Come From 

  • And these may even come from friends and family … people that we know … but from different timelines and dimensions that they’re not expressing in your awareness timeline.
  • You never know. They may come from the world at large.
  • Or from mass media that everyone’s watching at once.
  • And they might be simply free floating thoughts … which happens once in a while …

On Coming Upon Clouds of Thoughts

  • You’re walking past a place of business, and you come across thoughts that have been piling up and just hanging out there in swarms and clouds.
  • Or in some places where people are angry, it’s like walking into a swarm of angry hornets. You know?
  • And if you walk into a church or place of worship, or like that, you’re likely to be assailed by sweet, kind, peaceful thoughts. You know?

On Belief Thought Forms

There are thought forms everywhere. and there are also belief thought forms everywhere.

For instance, every church has its special belief thought forms. You may want to just go in for a quiet moment, in which case you don’t want to get involved in the beliefs, you know? Like that.

How to Send Thought Forms Lumbering Off

So: Thought forms … good or bad … Here’s the solution; it’s ever so simple. You sense the thought incoming, and you say:

You are welcome to your thoughts!


And imagine the person that sent the thoughts. Just imagine a warm feeling in your own heart. And imagine them receiving their own thoughts, and having their own thoughts, and being entitled to their own thoughts.

So, all you’re saying is: You are welcome to your thoughts! You are welcome to your thoughts! … Slowly, kindly, sweetly …

On Batting Back Other People’s Thought Forms

And it works much better than that ‘batting them back’ thing that I sometimes find myself doing when I’m very annoyed by other people’s repetitive thoughts and so forth …

  • Thoughts that are intended to ‘get my goat’ …
  • Game  playing thoughts; ‘gamester’ thoughts, and like that. And my heart will tighten up because I don’t know what to do; I don’t know what the game is. You know?

Other People’s Motives, Expressed in Their Thoughts

Or it may be motives that are very different from my own motives. My motive might be to keep my heart always open, so as to be a beacon of joy for the world, right?

But other people have all different kinds of agendas. They might be acting out of ..

  • jealousy, or
  • greed, or
  • anger, or even
  • rage, or
  • fear, or
  • anxiety, or
  • feeling caught in karmic circumstances ..

… Just a lot of different things that are within their thought field, you know? These are the thoughts that they’re emitting all the time. Or

  • Believe what I believe, or else! That kind of thing, you know?
  • Or: I have my heart open, and your heart is less open! And so therefore …! … One-upmanship, and things like that.
  • Or: I have lots of money, and you don’t! So therefore …! [laughs]

So anyway, that’s the scoop; is just to say: You are welcome to your thoughts! … And don’t make it sound like you belittle them, or anything. But let them feel that they’re entitled to the liberty of their own thoughts … of thinking their own thoughts. And that way it becomes a very positive force in the world. It becomes a space where the unity and harmony of New Earth can exist.



This is a sung version of ‘Welcome to your thoughts’, along with a short video of surf breaking on Rincon Beach in California …

You are welcome to your thoughts!  (x3)


Image: Keyhole of Light at Rincon Beach, by Alice B. Clagett,13 January 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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