Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark … a story by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 10 June 2014 

  • A Childhood Nightmare About Monsters in the Closet
  • A Vision of Archangel Michael Standing at the Foot of My Bed
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: A Song by Alice

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Dear Ones,

A Childhood Nightmare About Monsters in the Closet

I remember when I was a child, I woke up one night in the middle of one of those vivid childhood nightmares … Maybe some of you might have had such an experience in youth?

At any rate, I woke up, sat straight up in bed. It was pretty dark in the room, but I could see the faint outlines of the furniture. My sister was sleeping peacefully across the room from me. But my childhood self, fresh from the seemingly true nightmare, was just thrumming with fear energy.

I looked across the room at my closet door. It was slightly ajar. Inside the closet looked pitch dark. In a sudden illogical magical leap, I became convinced that monsters were hiding in my closet!

I sat there for I don’t know how long, just petrified. After what seemed like forever, my logical mind kicked in.

I said to myself, ‘Ok, so there may possibly be monsters in the closet. Why don’t you just get up, walk over there, and close the closet door tightly? Then they won’t be able to get out, and you can go back to sleep safely.’

So that’s what I did. I still remember … every step I took toward the closet door was like walking into a solid wall of fear, and then through it, on to the next step and the next wall of fear. When I got to the closet door, in a surge of will power, I grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it shut! Then, shuddering in the relief as my feeling of terror subsided, I went back to bed.

A Vision of Archangel Michael Standing at the Foot of My Bed

Every night for the next few weeks, I closed the closet door firmly before I went to bed. Then one night I woke up again in the middle of the night. It was as if I had been summoned to awaken. The room was full of a gentle, diffused light.

At the foot of my bed, on the righthand side, was a beautiful, gentle being. I knew immediately it was my longtime protector and wise adviser, Archangel Michael. I felt love and light flow from this blessed presence into my heart. This beautiful being bade me remember his words: “I know it’s hard for you right now. But don’t forget, I’m always watching over you. One day, after you are older, we will meet again.” And then he bade me go back to sleep.

After the night I had that beautiful vision, the closet was just the closet. There was nothing in it but my clothes, my shoes, and my childhood treasures, such as beautiful rocks, arrowheads, and like that.

So today, in remembrance of that early childhood experience, I made up a little song. Hope you like it!

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
A Song by Alice


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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