Streaming Communication on New Earth … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 15 December 2014 

  • Old Earth: Call and Response
  • Talking with Nature Spirits: Also Call and Response
  • When a Faerie Passes On
  • On Speaking with Devas
  • On Speaking with Elephants, Whales and Dolphins
  • On Speaking with All Living Things, and with Rocks, Crystals, and Elementals
  • On Speaking with Our Star Brethren

Dear Ones,

Old Earth: Call and Response

I have had hints recently of the manner of communication on New Earth. Very hard to define, illusive … We all know about two people talking together … the cadences of speaking and replying, of what was called in ancient India ‘call and response’. The pauses, the changes from softly spoken to emphatic words. It’s a little like the songs of birds, one with the other, from treetop to treetop.

Talking with Nature Spirits: Also Call and Response

Same same when we talk with nature spirits who are not yet individuated; it’s ‘call and response’ … human and nature spirit. Keeping in mind that when we talk to one faerie of a particular flower, we are talking to all of them. For faerie Souls individuate a little later in Soul evolution than do humans. Which has its pluses and minuses.

When a Faerie Passes On

For nature spirits, for example, there’s far more joy in passing than for humans. They never think of themselves as separate, so for them the passing of one is but a chance for great rejoicing. Of the return of one of them to the small spark of the All that they are.

On Speaking with Devas

Devas are another story. Being both long-lived and wise, they draw on a wealth of knowledge about Gaia and all her inhabitants. It is from that base of vast knowledge that they speak to us humans, and so, the weight of their speech, and more specifically, of what they take for granted as known, is very evident. In saying very little, they convey a very great deal. The ebb and flow of Gaia, of the story of life evolving on Earth, is the ‘scenery’ of their conversations with us.

On Speaking with Elephants, Whales and Dolphins

People forget about elephants, whales and dolphins, who are people of Earth like us. At this point in the ascension process, we are all able to reach out to them, speak with them, assure them of our mutual love for Gaia, of our desire to live in harmony with all Earth’s inhabitants. At this moment great wonders kaleidoscope into the Now for those first of us who take this step.

On Speaking with All Living Things, and with Rocks, Crystals, and Elementals

And let it not stop there. We can communicate with every living thing, both plant and animal life. With rocks, with crystals, with the humming spirits of air, fire, earth and water. What lacks? Only the knowledge that we can do so. Only the desire to do so.

I say from personal experience, there’s the greatest joy to be had from realizing all this, and acting on it. Let us speak with all that is on Earth. With Earth herself, that great being, our Mother, let us hold long conversations as the days slide in a blaze of glory into evening. Why should we stint in this deep-in-our-hearts remembered joy?

On Speaking with Our Star Brethren

On to the Star Races. People say, they are here with us now. To that I say, both yes and no. We humans are here, now, on Planet Earth, but connected through our home star supercluster Laniakea. And from thence to all this Universe. And from thence to the Multiverse. And from thence to Source.

And how may we speak with our brothers and sisters of the Stars. Not with words, but with streaming light. We can visualize this stream as wide as we like … as wide as our head, as wide as our person, as wide as our outstretched arms, indeed as wide as Earth. We can receive it as fast as we like, no stumbling over spoken syllables, only the least nanosecond of a pause for emphasis. This is the encoding of light, which weaves together all that is, allows our hearts to beat in harmony with the Great Song of the Cosmos. To thrill to the Self-discovery of unfolding creation.

And so, Dear Ones, my thought is this. Never think that you can’t communicate with All That Is. Or with the tiniest part of it, the smallest brightest photon. We are that. We are the Great All. We are the smallest brightest photon. Now is the time. Lift up your voice with your brothers and sisters everywhere. We are that One.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Video: “Timelapse Lotus 2,” Sudhir Dass, 10 October 2011, ..

Video: “Krishna Das. My foolish heart, Govinda Bhaja Govinda,” by Svaha Yoga, 4 November 2013, ..


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