Four Thoughts … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; filmed on 18 November 2014
Previously entitled “Dark Network vs Earth’s Grid of Light and More,” by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Here are four thoughts:

  1. The Dark Network versus Earth’s Grid of Light
  2. Cause and Effect versus the Now
  3. The Nature of Our Human ‘Earth Chakras’, and
  4. What’s That Light We Enter After We Pass On?

Below is a video on these topics. After the video is a Summary; text not in the video is in green font



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

  1. The Dark Network versus Earth’s Grid of Light

Here’s a thought: When my attention falls on something I would term a ‘dark’ thought or emotion, a ‘dark’ energy, what some people call the Dark Network for the third dimension and fourth dimension of Planet Earth. It looks like this …

Image: Dark Network, by Alice B. Clagett, 18 November 2014, CC BY-SA 4.0 .. 

(Well, ok, it’s really a photo of a reflection in a window at sunset.)

Since 3D and 4D include both Dark and Light, we can choose which we prefer …

  • Will we dwell on something that’s Dark, and try to figure that out with our logical minds?
  • Or will we visualize the beauty and magnificence of New Earth, which is all bright and incredible?

Image: Earth’s Grid of Light,’s_Ley_Line.jpg ..

In dark moments, it works for me to visualize that beautiful Grid of Light, and imagine that I’m standing or sitting … Look at this; this is a natural stone bench. Watch …

Image: “Natural stone bench at a Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, CA,” by Alice B. Clagett, CC BY-SA 4.0 

And so, we can visualize ourselves firmly planted and anchored on Earth. And with our heads attached to the Incoming Light … a beautiful pranic column of Light … and our hearts fiery with the energy of New Earth … on fire with Love, the perfect deluge of Love.

2. Cause and Effect versus the Now

Here’s another thought: Why should I dwell on cause and effect, with its inevitable consequence of ‘a little bit better’ or ‘a little bit worse’ … a comparison of the past to the present; the present to the future?

When I can, instead, dwell on this moment Now. And imagine, in my heart, that this is a perfect moment, no matter how I approach this moment with my feeling body and my emotional body, I can still imagine that this feeling, and this emotion, and this experience … this visual experience that I’m having right now … are the perfect one for me right now.

There’s something to be said for the Now; it allows the moment to be perfect, instead of comparatively perfect, compared to a timeline.

3. The Nature of Our Human ‘Earth Chakras’

3. Here’s another thought. I was talking about the Lower Quadrant … that’s really starting around the bottom of the rib cage, and proceeding down to the lowest part of the trunk of the body, and includes chakras 1 through 3 in the old chakric system:

Image: Chakras 1-7, indicating that Chakras 5-7 are the ‘Earth Chakras’ of the Lower Quadrant of the ‘Body of Light’, approximately equivalent to the ‘Lower Triangle’ of yoga, the ‘Gut Brain’ of popular idiom, and the ‘Lower Mental Body’ of Theosophy. Adapted by Alice B. Clagett from “Location of the Different Chakras of the Body,” by Xxglennxx, from Wikipedia, public domain. This adaptation is CC BY-SA 4.0

… and I was complaining, in a way, about how they pick up and transmit the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, and it kind of ‘sticks’ to places in the Lower Quadrant of the Light Body.

Image: Quadrants of the Body of Light, by Alice B. Clagett, 23 December 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

The image shows a woman with a golden egg of light around her, showing these quadrants of the body of light: upper, lower, right, and left. The upper quadrant of the body of light begins just below the neck, and includes the 5th or throat chakra and higher, to a foot or so above the head. The lower quadrant begins at the bottom of the rib cage, and includes the 3rd or navel chakra, and lower, down to below the feet.

The right quadrant is in the area of the high and low heart chakra and the right side of the body, from the perspective of the person in the image (not the perspective of the observer).

The left quadrant is in the area of the high and low heart chakra and the left side of the body, from the perspective of the person in the image (not the perspective of the observer).

And so, every morning, when I get up, I notice all of the thoughts that have come ‘clouding’ through, and galumphing through my Lower Quadrant at night. And I have to consciously allow the restless momentum of those thoughts to find peace and quiet.

And every day, in the early morning, it’s a new task, just as I wake up, to let those thoughts dissipate, and turn to quiet.

That’s the nature of those chakras, chakras 5-7 … They have that energy of Earth in them … that mixture of dense energies coming up from the Earth. There’s really no reason to complain about that, because that’s the way those chakras are.

I got to thinking: Well, I expect those chakras to have the same sort of energy as the other chakras. But they’re not like that. They’re the chakras that ground us and anchor us to Earth. And they need to contain denser energy, less conscious energy. So, that was kind of a wonderful boost to my acceptance of things just as they are.

4. What’s That Light We Enter After We Pass On?

This is the last comment. It occurred to me, one day, that the Light that people see, after they pass on … the Light that they go towards, or they’re drawn towards … might actually be the Light of their own Souls. Just a thought ..

You all, take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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