How to Develop and Balance the Energies of the Heart Chakra … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 4 December 2013 

  • The Benefits of Developing and Balancing the Heart Chakra
  • The Difference Between Unconditional Love and Self-Sacrifice
  • What the Heart Chakra Looks Like: Two Conjoined Funnels
    • The Hridaya: The Deep Inner Heart
  • A Depiction of the Double Cones of the Chakras
    • The Kundalini
    • The Heart Chakra
    • Chakras, Pre-Ascension and Post Ascension
  • Front Cone of the Heart Chakra: Compassion and Empathy
    • Energetic Movement of the Front Cone of the Heart Chakra
    • How to Develop the Energy of the Front Cone of the Heart
      • Arching the Back and Expanding the Chest While Standing
      • Camel Pose
      • Placing Awareness on the Front Cone of the Heart
  • Back Cone of the Heart Chakra: The Invinite Well of Vitality, Health and Longevity
    • Reasons for Developing This Energy
      • Preventing Lightworker Burnout
      • Overcoming a Codependent Behavior Pattern
      • Escaping from the Snares of an Antisocial Personality
      • Energetic Balance of the Entire Heart
    • To Locate the Back Cone of the Heart Chakra
    • To Vivify the Back Cone of the Heart Chakra
      • Go for a Back Massage
      • Use a Wooden Spinal Massage Roller
      • Swinging a Bat
      • Yoga Mudra
      • Place Awareness on the Back Cone of the Heart
      • Practice Allowing the Back Cone of the Heart to Relax
    • On Opening the Entire Heart Chakra
      • Cat Cow Pose
      • Padma Mudra (Lotus Mudra)
    • On Experiencing the Hridaya
      • Hridaya Mudra and Yoga Positions to Open the Hridaya
      • Meditation on the Hridaya
        • Pose
        • Breathing
        • Roving Gaze, Horizontal or Higher
        • Where to Place the Awareness
        • Benefits

Image: Person sitting on the ground in meditative pose, with green heart energy, and green light and vines all around him: .. (1) 

Dear Ones,


This blog describes a series of steps to help us develop and balance the heart chakra. The result will be neutral mind, compassion, empathy, and plugging into the Infinite as a wellspring of vitality, health, and longevity.


Unconditional love is not, as many believe, self-sacrifice. Rather, it’s a chance to be all we truly are, to allow our heart energy field to expand so that it encompasses all the other chakras.

In this way, we permanently rise above the machinations of Team Dark. Or to put it another way, we are able to feel our being in a way that is unconstricted by the divisions (autonomic / voluntary, and so on) of our neural net. We begin to experience unity or oneness … the unity field.


The energy of the heart chakra flows out in two whirling cones of energy, shaped like funnels. The tips of the funnels touch deep in the chest, at a spot between the nipples but located next to the backbone.

The Hridaya: The Deep Inner Heart

This spot is the deep inner heart, where a ‘zero point’ or black hole connects us with the realm of infinite possibilities. It is this spot on which you will concentrate after the front and back cones are brought to awareness and cleansed of Soul wounding. This hidden inner heart is where we feel unconditional love.


This image gives a good idea of the conformation of the body energy discussed in this blog. It depicts double cones for all the chakras.

Image: Double-funnel chakras of the human energy field: ..

The Kundalini

The lower red funnel (at the rectum) and the upper violet funnel (at the top of the head) are actually one long funnel; the connecting cord is the kundalini energy. It is along the line of the kundalini … where the kundalini intersects the junction of the cones of the heart chakra … that the hridaya, the deep inner heart, is located.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is depicted in green … You can see the two green funnels, meeting at the center line of the body. Or slightly behind the point depicted, a little more toward the backbone.

Chakras, Pre-Ascension and Post Ascension

This picture of the chakras is the pre-ascension scheme. After ascension there are 5 or so additional chakras.


Many lightworkers are adept at feeling the front cone of the heart chakra. This feeling allows them to develop empathy for all living beings.

This energy of the front cone of the heart is the energy through which we relate to other human beings. It’s not necessarily corded energy, as with a family member or friend, but sometimes it expresses itself in that way.

Energetic Movement of the Front Cone of the Heart Chakra

Here is an image that, to me, depicts the energetic motion of the front cone of the heart chakra, only laid on its side …

Image: Drop of water falling into a green body of water and down into the water, with ripples on the surface of the water: ..

I like the ripple effect, which reminds me of how the heart chakra energy ripples outward in ever widening circles through a person’s own energy field. The descending droplet of water in the image reminds me of divine awareness, incoming through the deep inner heart, and outgoing into the phenomenal world through the front cone of a person’s heart chakra.

To Open and Vivify the Front Cone of the Heart

Arching the Back and Expanding the Chest While Standing. Stand up.  Arch the back backwards, expanding the chest. Arms can be up, above the head, for extra arching effect. Or hands can be on hips, for less of an arch. Or arms can be low and pushed back, as in this image:

Image: Taoist Arch: Standing up and arching the back, arms back: ..

Camel Pose. This pose is a little more difficult: In a kneeling position, grasp the ankles. Let the trunk of the body rise upward and outward. Let the head fall back, as you arch the back backwards and expand the chest outward.

Image: Camel Pose:×300.jpg ..

Placing Awareness on the Front Cone of the Heart. Here are the steps to develop daily awareness of the front cone of the heart:

FEEL your heart energy in the middle of the front of your chest. As you go about your day, feel the distortions in the smooth conical whirl of heart energy. OR feel the little pains or stiffness or heavinesses in your heart … whatever it feels like … from moment to moment.

NOTICE how other people’s heart energy feels to you. If you can’t feel their heart energy, just imagine that you can. Make a game of it. Both ways are equally effective.

NOTICE how the energy of the front cone of your heart reacts to the dimples … twists … heaviness of other people’s hearts. Or if you can’t feel their hearts, notice how your heart energy changes in the presence of other people. Either way is fine.

NOTICE how your heart springs back from its momentary distortions … how it returns to its native smooth conical configuration in the middle of your chest.

IF BODILY SENSATIONS distant from the heart assert themselves, place your awareness on those sensations. When they subside, bring your attention back to your heart.


The back cone of the heart chakra allows us to relate to the Infinite well of vitality, health and longevity. Very few people consciously practice awareness of this back cone of the heart, yet there are compelling reasons to do so:

Reasons for Developing This Energy

Preventing Lightworker Burnout. The back cone of the heart must be enlivened and brought to awareness in order to prevent lightworker empathic burnout.

Overcoming a Codependent Behavior Pattern. Its vivification also prevents codependence … the energy of accommodation to a person who is an addict.

Escaping from the Snares of an Antisocial Personality, who relies on receiving love from other people while at the same time withholding his own energy of love from others. Energetic attachment to an antisocial personality cannot be escaped unless the energy of the back funnel of the heart is as strong as that of the front funnel of the heart. Yet the action of predation by an antisocial personality creates a feeling that there is ‘no one to watch my back’; this feeling further weakens the back of the heart. Thus it is doubly important to strengthen the energy of the back of the heart when attachment to the energy of an antisocial personality occurs.

Energetic Balance of the Entire Heart. In energetic terms, developing this energy of the back heart funnel allows us to balance and vivify the entire heart chakra.

To Locate the Back Cone of the Heart Chakra

Place Your Awareness on the Area Between the Shoulder Blades. According to “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of International Medicine,” written over 4,000 years ago, wind and cold enter the pores of the skin through acupressure points located here.

Image: Line drawing of a person’s back, showing two double sets of acupressure points (each consisting of 2 points on either side of the spine), starting just below the neck and ending mid-shoulder blade. The legend of the image states: “Relieves upper back tension, difficult breathing, insomnia, hypertension, trauma, and emotional pain.”: ..

The lowest set of 4 points in the image is the most important for vivifying the back cone of the heart chakra. But the area you’ll be placing your awareness on includes the place between the lower part of your shoulder blades as well, and around the ‘wing tips’ of the shoulder blade. All this area is involved in the back funnel of the heart.

To Open and Vivify the Back Cone of the Heart Chakra

Here’s how to open and vivify the back cone of the chakra:

Go for a Back Massage. Lie face down, hands with palms flat on the mat next to your shoulders. Ask the person giving the massage to concentrate on the area between and around the edges of your shoulder blades.

Use a Wooden Spinal Massage Roller, gently, to loosen up the muscles between your shoulder blades. (2) 

Swinging a Bat. Here is an ancient Indian practice to ‘unstick’ this area: While standing, swing a thick branch or club gently back and forth. Or you can use a baseball bat.

Yoga Mudra. Or, you can open up the energy flow in this area with yoga mudra: Sit on your heels, grasping your hands behind the back. Bring the forehead to the floor and stretch the clasped hands up to the ceiling. Hold this position with long, deep breathing for at least 3 minutes. 

Here is an image of a gentler modification of this technique:

Image: Yoga Mudra: A man is sitting cross-legged on the floor, but it would be all right to sit on a stool instead. Fingers are interlaced behind his back. He is gently bending his chest down toward the floor: ..

Place Awareness on the Back Cone of the Heart. After you practice the technique of your choice, feel the energy of the back cone of your heart. Notice how it closes down and opens up.

Practice Allowing the Back Cone of the Heart to Relax. If the energy of the back cone of the heart contracts, allow it to return to its native, smoothly flowing conical state.


Cat Cow Pose

On all fours, arch the spine up and down, gently. When the spine is arched up, the head tucked in. When the spine is arched down, the head is arched back.

Image: Cat Cow Pose: ..

On the downward arch, the front funnel of the heart chakra is vivified. On the upward arch, the back funnel of the heart chakra is vivified.

Padma Mudra (Lotus Mudra)

Here is a finger position to open the heart chakra:

Image: Padma Mudra (Lotus Mudra): ..

There is more information on the mudra here:

Link: Padma Mudra / Lotus Mudra, from Body/Soul Yoga:


Hridaya Mudra to Open the Deep Inner Heart

This hand position or mudra can be used to experience the hridaya, the deep inner heart:

Image: Hridaya mudra: ..

Here are further instructions for a Hridaya meditation:

Link: “Yoga Capsules: Happy Heart Space,” ..

Meditation on the Hridaya

Pose. Sit on a chair, feet flat on the ground, back straight but relaxed, hands palm down on your legs, chin ever so slightly tucked in.

Breathing. Make your breathing as long and deep as is comfortable for you.

Roving Gaze, Horizontal or Higher. Let your eyes be open and either horizontal or higher. Don’t look down, and don’t concentrate on any one point. One-pointed concentration, as advocated in many yoga texts, allows a person to escape from the body, into the higher realms. This is a nice ‘preview of coming attractions,’ but it’s a bit of a sidetrack too. What we want is to bring heaven down to Earth. Right down into our physical being. So, let the eyes rove where they will, as long as you’re looking at the horizon or higher.

Where to Place Awareness. Place the awareness at a point in your body between the nipples, but deep within the body, just in front of the spinal column. This is the point where we can feel unconditional love. Continue for 3 minutes.

Benefits. When you’re accustomed to this deep inner heart meditation, you can begin to use it whenever you find yourself too drawn into the events of the day. It will balance and neutralize the karma that’s playing out before your eyes. It will allow you to go beyond the causal body, and to become aware of your body of light.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See also: Heart Chakra Color Meanings:

(2) Here’s an example of a wooden spinal massage roller for sale at Amazon:


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