Imagine This! Psychic Cords, Double Torus, Kundalini Rising … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 23 September 2014

  • How to Really Experience This Energy
  • Sat Kriya to Raise the Kundalini Energy and Strengthen the Double Torus of the Human EMF
  • Daily Spiritual Practice (aka Sadhana)

Dear Ones,

When I feel this:

Image: Psychic cords between two people: .. (1)

I imagine this! …

Image: Double Torus of the human electromagnetic field emanating from the heart: .. (2)


The double torus human electromagnetic field happens when the flow of kundalini is fully activated. Here’s a schematic:

Image: Kundalini: Ida, pingala and sushumna:  .. Some images show the ida as a straight line of energy to the left of the sushumna, and pingala as a straight line of energy to the right of the sushumna. 

“The amount of nadis [nerve currents] of the human body are claimed to be up to hundred-of-thousands and even millions. In regard to Kundalini yoga, there are three important nadis: ida, pingala, and sushumna (for the alternate names, see the section below). Ida (इडा, iḍā “comfort”) lies to the left of the spine, whereas pingala (पिङ्गल, piṅgala “tawny (brown)”, “golden”, “solar”) is to the right side of the spine, mirroring the ida. Sushumna (सुषुम्णा, suṣumṇā “very gracious”, “kind”[2]) runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras. Under the correct conditions the energy of kundalini is said to uncoil and enter sushumna through the brahma dwara or gate of Brahma at the base of the spine….” –from Wikipedia (3)

The ida comes fro the left nostril, and the pingala from the right nostril. The energy of the sushumna is the base of the spine. All three nadis or nerve currents meet there, and travel up the spine to the top of the head, and then back down, forming the outer sheath of the double torus.

The process of ‘raising the kundalini’ also activates the heart chakra, creating psychic or spiritual heat (agni), which purifies the nadis (4), the tubular organs of the subtle body through which energy flows. These nadis are the internal portion of the axiatonal line pathways that connect our human electromagnetic field to that of the Universe. (5)


Here’s a kundalini yoga exercise to activate the kundalini (double torus of the human electromagnetic field):

Webpage: “The Everything Kriya: Sat Kriya,” by Dan Charnas: ..


My favorite kundalini yoga manual is “Sadhana Guidelines” by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa. In the 1980s it was a jewel in the rough. It’s now available at Amazon.com ..

For those who prefer a polished look, a revised version is now available through Amazon: ..

Many kundalini yoga sets are available online for free, for instance, at the 3HO website: ..

You can also purchase kundalini yoga manuals and videos at
Spirit Voyage,   and
Ancient Healing Ways,


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: I have a friend who is practicing 2 kundalini yoga sets every day! Way to go!

PSS: Here is a dynamic model of the expanded kundalini energy system of the human body that is available to us now with the new incoming light….

Video: “Shape of the Universe – The Orange Theory, by LaTeoriaNaranja: ..

As you can see from the video, our human electromagnetic field, in motion, resembles the energy of our Universe. The crisscrossing diagonal energy currents in the outer shell of the dynamic model are apparently what happens with the ida and pingala energies when the energy of the heart expands to encompass the entire chakra array.

In other words, the Universe energy system represents a human energy configuration beyond our ‘first initiation’ (6), each initiation being a ‘bump up’ in electromagnetic configuration due to greater clearing of the body’s energy current lines, or nadis, as discussed above. Clearing the nadis through kundalini yoga, and by other means, ups the voltage they can carry.


(1) from “Psychic Cord Cutting as Part of the Healing Process,” by Kim Saeed ..

The above blog talks about cutting psychic cords with ex spouses, friends, and work associates, but psychic cords occur among strangers as well. It’s a question of concordant or complementary emotional energy output, not a question of personal acquaintance. The main thing is to place awareness in one’s own heart, deep in the middle of the chest (not the front of the chest). That is the true solution to cording.

(2) from “The Energy of the Heart,” 7 March 2012,

In the sketch, the double torus is apparently located slightly too low, at the bottom of the rib cage. If it were located slightly higher, it would include two of the ‘new’ chakras above the head, which would be good, I feel.

(3) from “Nadi (yoga)” in Wikipedia, ..

(4) For more on nadis, see “Nadis: Composition and Structure,” ..

(5) see also “Meditations to Connect Our Axiatonal Lines with the Universe” by Alice, ..

(6) Bill Ballard discusses initiations in his free ebook “The Great Awakening,” ..


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