Antisocial Personality and the Heart Chakra; Light Quotient and EMF Sensitivity … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 20 June 2017

  • A Drawing of the Heart Chakra Vortices
  • The Heart Chakras of Antisocial Personalities
  • Disease State: Tilted Heart Chakra
  • Disease States Caused by Heart Chakra Assemblage Point Displacement
  • Optimum Horizontal Alignment of the Heart Chakra
  • Chakric Questions About the Human EMF Torus and Earth’s Magnetosphere
  • The Medical Treatment Mentioned in the Article
    • My Recent Experience of Electrocution Using an Electric Acupuncture Stimulator
    • Thoughts on Light Quotient, Electronics, and Electricity
    • Could the Treatment in the Article, or Something Similar, Be Used for Antisocial Personalities?

Dear Ones,

I’ve come across some interesting drawings of the heart chakra in the article:

Article: “Vibration-Oscillation Diagnosing and Healing Therapy,” by Elena Evtimova PhD and Jon Whale PhD(more info) … listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 167 – February 2010 ..


For instance, here’s a drawing of the heart chakra;

Image: Heart chakra: ..

I like that this image is showing a center point, the red torus … which some refer to as the null point or zero point; others call it the hridaya, the hidden inner heart.

Then too, the drawing shows both the front and back funnel of the heart differently from those of other artists. My own feeling is that both the front and the back funnel bring energy into the hridaya, and send energy out to the ‘world’ (which may also be conceived as the outer sheath of the human EMF torus).

It might be possible to imagine the artist’s rendition of the heart as showing red vortical energy incoming to the hridaya and green vortical energy outgoing from it, although this is not perfectly clear in the image. I figure that artistic rendition of the movement of the EMF though the chakras, of which this is one example, must be a difficult thing.

I wonder if this image of an Earth vortex in Oregon might provide an additional clue as to the EMF configuration of the front or back funnel of a human chakra:

Image: “Oregon vortex”: ..


I can tell from experience that the front funnel of the heart of antisocial personalities brings energy in to the hridaya of the antisocial personality, but doesn’t send energy back out to the world (or to the outer sheath of the antisocial personality’s EMF torus).

Why this is so, I didn’t know. The above-referenced article has two hints along these lines:


Here is an image in which the flow of the heart chakra is tilted, causing a diseased state:

Image of tilted heart chakra: ..

My thought is that the tilt might be at any inclination, not just a superior tilt to the back funnel and an inferior tilt to the front funnel as shown in this image. The angle of the tilt might also be left-right, in any series of angles. Could these different tilt possibilities then cause the displacement of what the author terms the ‘assemblage point’?


Here is an image showing various disease states caused by displacement of the assemblage point:

Image: “Fig. 2c Approxim ig. 2c ate Assemblage Point epicentre locations for various conditions” :  ..


Here is an image depicting optimum horizontal alignment of the heart chakra:

Image: Optimum tilt of the heart chakra: ..


  • I wonder how these artists’ conceptions would fit in with the notion that all the chakras call swirls in the human EMF? How would a diagram look, with all these swirls?
  • How would the swirls affect the look of the outer sheath of the human EMF torus?
  • How do the chakras of Earth affect her magnetosphere? And would this affect weather, cloud formation, wind flow, ocean current flow, the movement of the east-west electric charge current that follows the setting sun around Earth, the distribution of solar winds as they exit the hollow central core of Earth’s torus at the North Pole, and the formation of cracks in the magnetosphere?

One can but wonder.


Then as to the medical treatment mentioned in the article; the concept is appealing to me, though I would be very careful about the presence of electronic equipment and strength of energy flow.

My Recent Experience of Electrocution Using an Electric Acupuncture Stimulator

Quite recently I had an unfortunate experience with electricity flow at an acupuncture session. The therapist used pins to open up the energy flow in my left foot and calf, and that part was fine. Then the therapist attached electric acupuncture stimulator wires, and turned on the machine.

Some years ago, I underwent this type of procedure using an electric acupuncture stimulator with great success. However this time, I experienced something like a localized lightning strike or an ‘electrocution’ effect to my lower left leg, which jerked and flopped around spastically until the therapist turned off the machine.

Possibly the machine was faulty, or the current was turned on too high. Also possible is that, as our quotient of light increases, sensitivity to electricity and electronics is greatly heightened, and that this ‘EMF Hypersensitivity’ will require changes in time-honored alternative and mainstream medical treatment techniques.

Thoughts on Light Quotient, Electronics, and Electricity

Thus I would say: As your light quotient increases, it might be best to stay away from electronics and electricity as much as possible. When therapy requires them, start very cautiously, and increase strength of the energy flow only if all goes well at the lowest level.

Could the Treatment in the Article, or Something Similar, Be Used for Antisocial Personalities?

Taking all this into consideration, I wonder if the treatment in the article, or another treatment along similar lines, but perhaps without the use of electronics, might provide a cure for heretofore difficult-to-treat psychological conditions such as antisocial personality, paranoid schizoid conditions, schizophrenia, and manic depressive disorder.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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