Programming the Rectum for Improved Self Esteem … by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 27 September 2014 

  • Rectum Chatter on the Astral Plane
  • If It’s in Your Aura, It’s Yours to Transform!
  • On Programming Our Intestinal and Rectal Neurons: Tidbits from the World of Science
  • Conclusion
  • For More Information

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Dear Ones,

Rectum Chatter on the Astral Plane

I’ve been thinking about my rectum lately. What a bad rap it’s been getting from the unconscious thought cloud of the world! There’s not a subconscious mind on Earth that has anything good to say about my rectum.

In fact, F— you in the A–h—! appears to be the byword of this, the nadir of the Atlantean age. My rectum knows this, and takes it all in.

You may be thinking, this is just too far out for me! But … as fortune, or maybe misfortune, would have it … I can actually clairaudiently hear the conversations of the rectal world … termed with a great deal more dignity in yogic circles ‘the first chakra’. The conversations generally go like this, in very low, growling tones:

From the world at large (who knows from which subconscious mind):

F— you in the A–h—!

My rectum, feeling greatly hurt:

No way!

and this repeats and repeats. Here’s the alternate conversation:

From the world at large:

You’re an A–h—!

My rectum (all upset):

No. I’m Not!

…once more repeating, again and again. Then later on, if I pay close attention, I can hear my rectum mulling over the whole insulting episode:

You’re an A–h—! … No. I’m Not!
You’re an A–h—! … No. I’m Not!
You’re an A–h—! … No. I’m Not!

… and on and on…. Talk about low self-esteem! And where would I be without my rectum? So, I do my best to cheer it up with happy jingles:

You’re the greatest, you’re the best!
I really, really, really love you!

… and so on. As fate would have it, this happy talk is such a rare event that my rectum takes to it like a duckling to water. And then there is a contented, if all too brief, silence in those regions of my anatomy.

If It’s in Your Aura, It’s Yours to Transform!

Actually, any part of the anatomy can be reprogrammed for increased self-esteem. I remember when I found out about this. I had been hearing body part ‘neg speak’ for a long time, and was at a loss as to what to do about it. Then I had a counseling session with Jeffrey Allen, . The talk got on to a ‘bot’ of energy circling round my head like a zingy halo. Unfortunately my ‘halo’ was emanating a short, repeating neg phrase.

I’ll never forget what Jeffrey said about it: He figured that anything he found within his aura was his to reprogram as he wished. He immediately reprogrammed the ‘bot’ in my halo. And I’ve been reprogramming this and that in my energy field ever since.

On Programming Our Intestinal and Rectal Neurons: Tidbits from the World of Science

By the way, here are a few tidbits:

Here’s an article on neurons in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract:

Article: “Think Twice: How the Gut’s ‘Second Brain’ Influences Mood and Wellbeing,” by Adam Hadhazy, ..

Here is research on gut directed hypnotherapy and quality of life in patients with irritable bowel syndrome:

Abstract: Go to “IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” … near the bottom of the page is the abstract “The Impact of Gut Directed Hypnotherapy upon Health Related Quality of Life in Patients Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” by G.D. Smith and K.R. Palmer, of the Gastrointestinal Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK

From this we can conclude that our GI tracts have neurons, and these neurons can be ‘hypnotized’, which is to say, programmed using words. Now the rectum is the lower end of the GI tract. (For the sake of my rectum, I’d like to explain, by ‘lower’ I mean lower with respect to gravity and standing posture. By no means do I mean ‘lowly’ or ‘less important’. My gut knows this by now, I feel sure…. )

Logically speaking, since my rectum is part of my GI tract, and my GI tract can be programmed, it follows that my rectum also can be programmed.


Research to date has to do with gut health and body health. It hasn’t quite caught up with the astral facts. As it moves on to the astral body and the astral plane, research will no doubt begin to log onto the interaction of gut brains through the astral field. Researchers will begin to develop their telepathic ability. And when that telepathic ability extends to the GI tract (1), the activity of whose neurons that normally fly beneath the normal conscious radar will be revealed.

Meanwhile, the news is all good. I don’t really need to wait for research to catch up with my own experience. I can just go ahead and shower my rectum with kudos. It feels grand! Always keeping in mind that my gut brain is just like a little child of mine. So I always talk to it in those sweet terms.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Current scientific lingo regards the gut brain as part of ‘the autonomic nervous system’ that functions below our consciousness awareness (though its functions can be brought to conscious awareness). Here’s Wikipedia regarding the autonomic nervous system:


Video: “Ace Ventura – Ass Talking Scene (HD720p),” MadDoctor : ..


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