The Densities or Dimensions According to “The Law of One” … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 May 2017

  • Infinite Intelligence
  • Descriptions of Densities
    • First Density
    • Second Density
    • Third Density
    • Fourth Density
    • Fifth Density
    • Sixth Density
    • Seventh Density
    • Eighth Density
  • Densities on Earth
  • Planets in Our Galaxy with Aware Life on Them
  • Earth’s Solar System

Dear Ones,

Here is “The Law of One: The Ra Material” on the various ‘densities’ (known to Ascensioneers as ‘dimensions’ …


Infinite intelligence is like a circle with no beginning or end (See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21, ) While the circle never stops going round, one cycle of the circle, or several cycles, may be a one ‘density’, and other cycles at other densities. [This description reminds me of the electromagnetic field torus present in all life-form aspects. –Alice]


First Density

1D (the first dimension, or ‘density’ as it is termed in “The Law of One”) is the density in which a planet solidifies. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 82.13,
1D is red. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 40.3,
1D is the cycle of awareness. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Second Density

2D (the second dimension or density) is the density of minerals, of higher plant and animal life, lacking self-awareness. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 9.14, and Question-Answer 19.2,
2D is orange. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 40.3, 
2D is the cycle of growth. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Third Density

3D is the density of sentient, self-aware life forms. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 13.21,
3D is yellow.  See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 41.14, 
3D is the cycle of self-awareness. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Or see these Question-Answers at

Fourth Density

4D is the dimension of love or understanding, whether of self or of other. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 20.36,
4D is green. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 63.25, 
4D is the cycle of love and understanding. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

From 4D negative the graduation to 5D negative is often the case; but in 6D, there are no negative beings. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 47.5,

Fifth Density

5D is very white. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 33.20, 
5D is the cycle of light or wisdom. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Sixth Density

A 6D entity may be a Sun or, rarely, a Wanderer. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 41.5, … and “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 36.16,
6D is golden white. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 33.20,
6D is the cycle of cycle of light/love, love/light, or unit. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Seventh Density

7D is the gateway. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.21,

Eighth Density

8D is not yet known to Ra.


Ra on Alternate Earths for Earth Beings who are in different dimensions: See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 62.29, …

Ra states that Earth may be seen as 7 globes of 7 colors, representing the densities. Ra states that 3D (the yellow globe) will not be habitable when 4D has been birthed (because there’s no way to make the green globe invisible to beings on the yellow globe).

As of 1980, there were beings of 1D through 4D on Earth.  See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.25,

Ra on the need to transition to 4D through death. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 63.20, … I take this to mean rebirth or regenesis.

Ra says incarnation typically lasts 90,000 years in 4D. See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 43.11, [By this may be meant incarnation in 4D after 3D is no longer available as an option on arisen Earth. I say this because, in the Theosophists texts, which are based on 3D-4D pre-Ascension life, there is mention of about a 1000-year 4D Soul learning interval between 3D incarnations. –Alice]


In our galaxy, 67 million planets have life that is aware on them:  See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.26,

With regard to 1D through 5D life on these planets ( See “The Law of One,” Question-Answer 16.27,

  • 17% are 1D
  • 20% are 2D
  • 27% are 3D
  • 16% are 4D and
  • 6% are 5D

But (as I construe this very interesting Question-Answer) this accounts for only about 2/3 of the “intelligent planets.” The remaining third (which would be quite a few planets) have 6D and 7D life on them.


Here in our own solar system:

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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