Unconscious Metaphor: Think Tank … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 17 May 2017

Dear Ones,

There’s a phrase that has given rise to an appalling astral story through the development of an unconscious metaphor: Think Tank

The collective unconscious of humankind, which I term the unconscious thought cloud of the world, has combined two images:

The astral story is that psychically gifted are wooed away from their strapped-for-cash single moms with a monetary pledge, a gift of money, and a promise that their psychic abilities will be guided and directed. Once the children are in hand, they are imprisoned and their moms are either murdered or, without their knowledge, addicted to drugs, or set up for crimes they didn’t commit and imprisoned.

With the parent gone, the kidnappers set about nefarious Mengelian experiments intent on world domination. Thus it’s clear that these noospherically circulating dreams are dreams of the Controllers. (Much has been written about this class of beings by other authors, as can be found through internet research.)

To continue with the astral story: There have, purportedly, been 4 or 5 instances of the kidnapping of psychically gifted children, in batches of 5 or 6, with some additional children on hand to sub in in case of attrition (death by suicide or by murder for refusal to comply).

A recent experiment that caught my eye had to do with a batch of 5 or 6, attended by a matron adept at euthanasia using injected drugs. If a child caused any fuss, she euthanized him or her.

The children were confined in ‘think tanks’ about 16 hours a day, with sensory deprivation, no internet access or other communication with the outside world, and using brainwashing techniques such as sleep deprivation, hypnosis, and encouragement of the Stockholm syndrome (psychological dependence on their captors).

The idea was that, at an early age, they could be programmed to express feelings of hatred and rage toward a specific person, and that this would cause that person to go insane. This would be on the model of popular lore regarding Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who murdered Kennedy, and Jack Ruby, the man who soon thereafter murdered Oswald.

Thus the idea would be the takedown of the rich and powerful, worldwide, who refused to obey the Controllers who devised the ‘think tank’ experiments.

The more recent variation on the think tank children had to do with the subconscious visual images of think (the human brain) and tank (tank of war). Those who purportedly devised these experiments linked these two images and came up with a brainstorm …

Image: Brain Storm (Brain and rain and lightning beneath it): https://smhttp-ssl-5891.nexcesscdn.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1800x/6b9ffbf72458f4fd2d3cb995d92e8889/b/r/brainstorm_fullpic_artwork.jpg ..

… to link incitement of war to these experiments. The astral story is that there were a number of attempts to get Mengelian (1) think tank child teams to focus hatred on a person who espoused Jihad, with the intent to induce him to violence, which would then set off a war, which would then be of economic benefit, perhaps through canny stock market investments on the part of those who devised the experiment.

In more recent days, the astral stories assert that teams of children have focused on hatred-tinged sexual messages financed by the powers of one nation on the people of another nation, so as to undermine their morals and bring on increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

There’s a side story that deals have been struck with the jinn (which see) for their overarching help in transmitting these messages to the populace. The story goes that the jinn, who want quiet places for their families, have been apprized of nature preserves here and there, where the human race will not intrude in numbers. These they think of as ‘their own’ lands.

In return, the stories go, the jinn are helping with air-wave distribution of the hyper-negatively-aspected sexual thought forms. What’s not understood in this is the jinns’ own point of view, that being the advisability of diminution of the entire human race, which they rightfully perceive as overrunning and overstretching the resources of Earth. 

In addition, the children of the rich and powerful are targetted, so as to create trouble in the public lives of their parents, creating dependence on ‘advisers’ bought by the Controllers.

All this is far-fetched and no doubt a product of the imagination, but it nevertheless has useful information within it. For instance,

  • It’s important for each of us to stabilize our personal electromagnetic field during these times of cognitive dissonance associated with the Incoming Light. This has always been very important, and now even more so.
  • The rights of children are very important to the future of the world. Let us do what we can to protect them, education them, and uplift them, and also to allow them freedom of expression and freedom to follow their own hearts.
  • Let us not depict these sorts of astral stories and disseminate them through the mass media, as that might result in ‘acting out’.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Josef Mengele did the ‘Angel of Death’ experiments in Nazi times.


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Josef Mengele, Nazi, angel of death, unethical human experiments, assassination of Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, mind control, Stockholm syndrome, Controllers, human affairs, children’s rights, think tanks, subconscious metaphors, unconscious thought cloud of the world, nationalism, mastery of mind, jihad, islam, astral stories, cognitive dissonance, mass media, acting out, jinn, djinn, genies, crime, law enforcement,

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