Triple Vortical ‘Vampire Effect’ – a Temporary Ascension Symptom … by Alice B. Clagett *

Revised on 22 February 2018; originally published on 5 May 2017

IMPORTANT: While I have had an experience of encountering glommed energies such as those described below, the silhouette of the man in the images doesn’t in the least resemble the man I encountered. In fact, I chose to use this image for that reason.

  • Heart Chakra: ‘Drawing In’ and ‘Sending Out’ Energies
    • Similar Light Quotients Blend
    • Loving Heart Meets Heart Feeling Hatred: The Vampire Effect
  • Lightworker Meets Satan Cult Member: Enhanced Vampiric Effect
    • Image 1. The Satan Cult and the Satan Artificial Thought Form (‘Artificial Elemental’)
    • Image 2: Lightworker Meets Satan Cult Member
    • Image 3: Dark Vortex Incoming Toward the Lightworker
      • Image 3A: Glommed Energies from a Black Magic Group Above and Behind a Black Magicker
      • Link to Image 3B: “Return of the Fire Dragon,” depicting the malignant energy of the glom
    • Image 4: Triple Vortical Vampire Effect
  • On Countering a Confrontation
  • On Avoiding a Confrontation
  • On Recovering from a Confrontation

Dear Ones,

This blog describes a rare vortical ‘vampire effect’ that is popping up (rarely) during this stage of the Ascension process. It has to do with a lightworker being physically near a person who is practicing black magic as a member of a Satan cult. The reason the effect is happening apparently has to do with the disparity in light quotient between the lightworker and the black magickers in the Satan cult.


As you may know, the front and back funnel of the heart chakra are vortices. Each funnel has two effects:

  • the drawing in of energies from beyond the center of the heart, and
  • the sending out of energies from within the center of the heart.

Similar Light Quotients Blend. When two people meet, and their light quotient is similar, there is quite naturally a blending of their heart energies:

Image: “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence ~!~ A path to personal, social and global coherence,” from HeartMath, ..

Loving Heart Meets Heart Feeling Hatred: The Vampire Effect. However, when a person feeling love meets a person feeling hatred, a different dynamic takes place. The energies of the heart of the person feeling love are drawn into the energies of the heart of the person feeling hatred. There is a sucking out, or ‘vampire’ effect.

It is this ‘vampire’ effect that causes the upset in people with positively aspected heart chakras when they fall within the emf field of sociopaths. This upset can be found in many instances on the internet under the topic ‘sociopath’.

There is an enhanced sucking out or  ‘vampire’ effect that occurs when a lightworker encounters the member of a black magic cult. This has to do with the glom effect among the black magic practitioners, which ‘ups the ante’.


Here is artwork illustrating this unique effect:

Image 1. The Satan Cult and the Satan Artificial Thought Form (‘Artificial Elemental’). The cluster of circles depicts the members of a Satan cult, with the Head Sorcerer at the bottom of the cluster. The gathering may be a coven meeting in the physical realm, or merely an astral gathering of members.

Coherence in the group is created by the members’ veneration of Satan; their combined thought forms of Satan worship create an artificial thought form (‘artificial elemental’) which has considerable energies simulating life, but not actually alive.

The energy of the artificial thought form will run down when the members of the group stop contributing their imaginative energies to it. By Alice B. Clagett, 2017.


Image 2: Lightworker Meets Satan Cult Member. A black magicker from the group encounters a lightworker in the physical realm. Tentative heart-to-heart ‘feelers’ are sent out by each of them; these are shown in the drawing as a double-headed arrow between the two lowest circles.

At this moment, the black magician looks to the lightworker like an ordinary person, as in the silhouette at the righthand side of the image, except that there is a dark astral cloud hovering over his head and around his shoulders. This cloud serves as a warning to the clairvoyant lightworker that servants of the dark are massing for an attack.

Pre-Shift, these might have included members of the demon realm, who have no human form. But at this point in the Ascension process, the cloud in most cases represents the combined ‘dark bodies’ or the ‘shadows of the personality’ of other people, plus any dark artificial thought form created by the minds of the members of the group. By Alice B. Clagett, 2017.


Image 3: Dark Vortex Incoming Toward the Lightworker.  A vortex of glommed EMF energy from the black magic group as a whole descends into the lightworker’s heart. The vortex is represented by the two long arrows; you have to imagine that these represent a 3D vortex.

The glommed vortical group energies pierce the lightworker’s heart, causing the front funnel of his heart to flinch backward. As this happens, the dark cloud of energy that had been crouched on the shoulders of the confronting black magicker grows very large, as depicted in the figure on the righthand side of the image. By Alice B. Clagett, 2017.

Here is another attempt at depicting the energies of the glommed vortical group, using an altered version of “The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea,” by William Blake, 1805; and clipart of a silhouette of man , both public domain … You can get a better idea of the multi-person nature of the glommish shadow energy:

Image 3A: Glommed Energies from a Black Magic Group Above and Behind a Black Magicker: The Glom is depicted by an altered version of “The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea,” by William Blake, 1805; and the black magicker is depicted by the silhouette of man clipart, Both images are in the public domain; composed by Alice B. Clagett, 22 February 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

However, the malignant energy of the glom is better depicted in this image:

Image 3B: “Return of the Fire Dragon,” ..


Image 4: Triple Vortical Vampire Effect.  The energy of the lightworker’s EMF is sucked suddenly and forcefully out of his front heart funnel, through the heart funnel of the black magicker before him, and on, in the astral plane, through the heart chakra of the head sorcerer, then into the group’s Satan artificial thought form, whose energy is enhanced. By Alice B. Clagett, 2017.


This triple-heart-piercing effect is new to me; I’ve noticed  it happening on the astral plane several times in the last few weeks. It can result in sudden pranic depletion for the lightworker. To prevent this happening, as the attack is initiated:

  • Sit or stand with straight spine, muscles relaxes;
  • Feel faith that the situation will be successfully resolved; and
  • Align your mind and heart and will with the great Mind, the great Heart, and the great Will of God.

You will feel an increase in the energy of your human EMF, as the energies of your small self align with and blend with the energies of your Higher Self. This will increase your EMF stability and dampen the vampiric effect of the group glom.


Of course, the very best solution is to notice the crouched energies on the shoulders of an approaching person (as in Image 2) and to depart the vicinity immediately.


To recover from a confrontation quickly, practice long deep breathing or breath of fire while sitting with spine straight in a chair or cross-legged. Then hold the breath out and practice the great lock of kundalini yoga, mul bhand on the held-out breath. Inhale, exhale, hold the breath out, and repeat two times.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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