Philosophical Question 3: Does Attaining Neutral Mind Absolve Immoral Acts? … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

Here’s the third philosophical question:  If a person rises, in awareness, to the state of being beyond right and wrong, above right and wrong, does that, then, make it all right for the person to slip up from time to time … say, to murder, or to perform cannibalistic acts, or to rape? There’s a Summary after the video; text in blue is not in the video.



On this beautiful, sunlit day. Here’s another philosophical question for you: If a person rises, in awareness, to the state of being beyond right and wrong, above right and wrong, does that, then, make it all right for the person to slip up from time to time … say, to murder, or to perform cannibalistic acts, or to rape?

In the book “Mission to Earth: A Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery,” Anna Merkaba  talks a little about this question. On page 32, first two paragraphs [to paraphrase] she explains how everything there is, including us human beings, is both good and bad. She speaks of a Reptilian race that inhabited Earth. There is a reference to how humans eat animals, and how this is similar to what Reptilians do to humans.

She also mentions how we humans, of our own free will, allow Reptilians to enslave us by destroying our Souls or psyches. (1) The following paragraph, paragraph 3, explains how to get out of the grasp of a Reptilian through feeling Love. And then on page 33, there’s an explanation of how Reptilians as well as humans have Souls. (2)

I feel these passages from Anna Merkaba’s book offer a unique perspective on the quandary of right and wrong, good and bad, and the question of rising above it all. This is very different from my own perspective, but the notion behind “Philosophical Question 3” is for everyone to discover their own truth about these knotty issues. Along those lines, here are some questions from the video:

If a person is in a state, most of the time, of neutral mind, beyond right and wrong, how does that connect to the person’s actions in the world? Here’s another way of looking at it:

  • If we’re in the eternal flow of the Now, and we commit a heinous crime, an atrocity in the eyes of the world, and then we find ourselves in the next moment of the flow of the eternal Now, does that mean that the atrocity that we committed doesn’t count, or that it never happened?
  • Does it mean, for instance, that we can absolve ourselves of that, and start fresh, in a new moment?

This is a philosophical question that’s well worth pondering. Here’s another question:

  • Does it make a difference … if we find ourselves in this situation of being far above notions of right and wrong, and we find that we have committed a terrible atrocity, and that we continue to commit these atrocities habitually … Does it make a difference if it’s habitual, or if it only happened once?
  • If it makes a difference, then what kind of a difference does it make? For instance, how does it influence the evolution or devolution of our Soul?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) You may have heard of an alien race of Reptilians that is said sometimes to be found on Earth, along with humans, and that is said to enslave humans? I’m not so sure of this, as I’ve never seen any such beings. However, this is mentioned in various online accounts, and is also mentioned in Anna Merkaba’s book.

My own take on the many stories about Reptilians has to do with antisocial personalities, who, I feel, might think of themselves as having been dropped down on Earth, amongst a people they cannot comprehend, by a God whom they must conceive as a merciless Being, because they cannot remember the many past actions, through many lifetimes, that have led them to their current state of alienation from their human nature.

Instead, it seems to me, an antisocial personality expresses himself in the world through his Reptilian brain; hence, I thought, giving rise to the many online stories about Reptilians. That’s just my take on those stories, based mainly on the fact that I’ve never seen such a being.

(2) “Mission to Earth: A Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery,” by Anna Merkaba, is a very interesting book, that raises some thought-provoking … and to me, somewhat disturbing … questions. It’s available through ..


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