The Heart and Mind of the Antisocial Personality … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Antisocial Personality: Early Childhood Trauma and Resynthesis of Reality
  • Confinement to the Circle of Self
  • How the Heart Chakra and Mind of the Antisocial Personality Functions
  • Feral Drives Are Prime Motivators for the Antisocial Personality
  • Modern-Day Wolf Packs in Human Form
  • The Prospect of Soul Healing for the Antisocial Personality

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video on the astral issues with the heart chakra of the antisocial personality (the sociopath) and on their unique brain functioning. A lightly edited Summary follows the video. Text in blue font is not in the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars. I’m really enjoying the current very heavy protonfall and the solar winds that are coming in.

Antisocial Personality: Early Childhood Trauma and Resynthesis of Reality

I’d like to talk for a moment about the antisocial personality; just a quick précis of things that I’ve put here and there in various blogs until now. The current state of my theory and hypotheses about the antisocial personality has to do with the astral function of the heart chakra, and what happens to the brain because of the unusual function of the heart chakra.

I think that the antisocial personality, in very early childhood, experiences an extreme instance of trauma with regard to its mother, its father, or maybe its mother and father. There’s been an instance that has become insoluble for the child, to the extent where the various axiotonal lines of light get glommed together

In a state of total despair and extreme anguish, the child comes up with a resynthesis of reality that’s very dissimilar to what everyone else thinks that the rules of reality are. Generally speaking they call this the retreat into the Self (i.e., not knowing that there is anybody but the Self in the whole Universe).

This is the state that an infant is in before it begins to know that its mother is something other than that which it can command to do what it wants … like, give it milk, for instance. The extremely young infant just thinks: Here is an object [the mother’s breast] that belongs to me, and now I have it! Or it thinks: And now I want that object that belongs to me, that I don’t see right now.

Confinement to the Circle of Self

So, in the concentric circles of reality that begin with the individual, move out to the mother, and on to the natal family, then to the community and the world at large, and on to the Universe, that child of which I speak … because of the early, extremely anguished situation that occurred … has retreated to the notion that there’s only it. Or that the thing that happened, which causes such anguish in relation to its parent, is the thing that always happens with every family.

Diagram 1 [showing circles of awakening, from self, to family, and on up to all life], by Richard Smoley, from “Levels of Awakening,” Quest 104.4 (Fall 2016): pg. 107-111, ..

So in the one case, where there is only ‘I’, that becomes the antisocial personality, who draws into itself, through the heart chakra, all of the energy of love from everyone … as in: Give me the nipple! Give me the milk! … and never knows that there’s another being out there, that it needs to send love to as well.

How the Heart Chakra and Mind of the Antisocial Personality Functions

So the function of the heart chakra of such people is almost solely to bring in energy, which it receives from other people. When the heart chakra is half shut down in this way, the mind, the mental body, does not function normally. The functions of the mind, in such cases, are almost always confined to that of the primitive brain (the reptilian brain), and there are important aspects of the brain that are not used at all.

Feral Drives Are Prime Motivators for the Antisocial Personality

Very strong in the thinking of the antisocial personality are the feral drives:

  • Fear of death and the desire to kill,
  • Sexual aggression
  • Territorial aggression,
  • Drives to dominance/submission (sadism and masochism) and
  • Behaviors that strive toward feral pack dominance as an alpha male or female.

Probably there are more, but those are the motives I’m thinking of right now.

Modern-Day Wolf Packs in Human Form

The tribal behavior of antisocial personalities is similar to the behavior of a wolf pack. Examples of this can be found in our civilization in:

  • Street gangs … see “Into the Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs,” by Mike Carlie, Ph.D., 2002,
  • Prison gangs
  • Killing Cults, which are organized around a charismatic leader such as Charles Manson, Daniel Perez, Dennis Lynn Rader … see “Community Health: Cults that Kill,” by Alice,
  • Organized crime groups: the American Mafia, the Mexican drug cartels, and so on

The Prospect of Soul Healing for the Antisocial Personality

In the case of the antisocial personality, the only hope that I can see is the Incoming Light, which may repair the heart chakra and restore the brain to better functioning. Out there in the social world, right now, there’s no answer. The only answer lies in the Light.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See “On Understanding, Apprehending, and Rehabilitating the Antisocial Personality and the Serial Killer,” by Alice,


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