Tummy Talk: Uniting the Mind and Healing Soul Wounding … by Alice ..

  • The Tummy Talk Technique
  • How to Unite the Lower and Higher Mind
  • How to Clear Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk
    • My Own Experiences with My Inner Child
    • How Instances of Extreme Soul Wounding May Be Cleared
      • The ‘Juvenile Delinquent’.
      • The Young Man Who Murdered His Wife and Deserted His Children.
    • Hints on Successfully Clearing Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk

Dear Ones,


Here is some ‘tummy talk’ to help unite the lower mental body with the higher mental body. There’s also information on clearing Soul wounding using ‘tummy talk’ …

Image by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

The image shows a green circle in the tummy, and a green circle in the head. They are united by a dashed line which connects them through the energy of the heart chakra. Here is what’s written in the image:


Say to your tummy: “Talk to the big person!”

Then wait for it to say something to you. When it does, it will sound like the little child you once were, before you reached the age of reason.

Then say to your tummy: “I hear you!” … and wait for it to say something else.

When it does, say, “I hear you!” again, to encourage it to tell you everything it wants to.

When it finishes speaking, say to it, with all your heart: “I really, really, really love you!”


When we are born into physical bodies, the nature of physical reality (the third dimension) makes it 99% likely that, by the time we attain the age of reason we will have had at least one devastating encounter with Soul wounding. And along the lines of the flavor of that first upset, throughout our lives we will likely attract more Soul wounding experiences. These encounters aggregate to the wounds we have already received in our etheric net, through experiences in this and prior lifetimes.

The little child you get in touch with through the above ‘tummy talk’ technique will inevitably be carrying a load of upset over the rough treatment it has received in the third dimension.

My Own Experiences with My Inner Child

For instance, when I got in touch with my little child, some years ago, she was still miffed and, I would say, defiant, about some childhood experiences. The chip that was on her shoulder was the very first thing that she had to talk about: How she felt, what her feelings were, and we cleared through that first.

Then she had a small store of audiovisual files representing searing instances of Soul wounding in childhood. I noticed that the files were made from the perspective of my Soul, as they included the conversations of my parents in another room while I lay sleeping. As the AV tapes played, I saw and heard what had happened. I felt the strong emotions my parents had felt, and I also re-experienced the agony my own Soul had felt at the moment the AV tapes were stored. These releases happened in a matter of moments, and then were completely gone from my Soul Field.

How Instances of Extreme Soul Wounding May Be Cleared

On the astral plane, I’ve heard of several men with instances of extreme Soul wounding that is now coming up for clearing.

The ‘Juvenile Delinquent’. In the one case, a young boy was deserted by his dad, and his mother took up prostitution to keep a roof of her head and that of the boy. When he was 5 or 5 years of age, to prevent her johns from injuring him, she kept his blonde hair shoulder-length and dressed him as a girl. When the men visited her, she kept him in the bedroom closet, and told him not to make a sound; he would sit there in the dark, terrified and weeping silently.

This went on for a few years. As he got older, to the age of eight or nine years, she began to meet her johns outside the room she shared with her son. The mother gave her son a switchblade knife for protection when she was out with these men.

She would feed him uppers to keep him warm in the evenings, as they had not enough money for heat, and the climate where they lived was chilly in the evening. He was terrified to be alone, and would wait up for her.

One night she came home quite late. He thought she was a thief, was waiting at the door to attack the thief, and instead fatally knifed the mother by mistake. Afterwards, in a state of shock, he tried to crawl into her, and failing that, tried to sew her up.

The next day, he returned to his senses, and called his aunt, who took him in. While she gave him a roof and meals, she treated him unlovingly, considering him ‘jailhouse bait’. In his turn, he made up a list of 10 people he intended to kill, and was on his way to completing this task when the juvenile hall took him under its wing.

In later life, he lived up to the standards of his community, having made a complete turnaround from his youth. However, right at this moment … Now! … his Soul and his memory are returning to these events, and he must set aside the sterling record he has had as a grown man, and return to the plight of his inner child to heal his early Soul wounding.

The Young Man Who Murdered His Wife and Deserted His Children. Here is another case of severe Soul wounding that is clearing right now: An uneducated man lived with his wife and four children in the Appalachian Mountains, under circumstances of direst poverty. His wife became pregnant again. With no knowledge of human anatomy or medicine, he attempted an abortion with an ice pick puncture in the left side of her abdomen. This did not work, and he lay down with her for a while. Finally the pain became so great that she begged him to help her; and he, not knowing what to do, ended her life there on the side of the mountain.

Falling into deepest despair, he left her body lying there and wandered off, never to return to his home. In time, his state of shock wore off, and he came to his senses. He may, in fact, have had amnesia about what had happened; at any rate, he began a new life, with strong social values and strong family values.

Then, after many decades, the urge to violence began to surface, and at the same time he remembered the violence that had happened in his young adulthood. He went back to find his wife’s remains and to bury them. He asked around to find out what had happened to his children, and learned they had all died of hunger in the family home.

After that, he continued strong in social and family values. But the notion of violence keeps returning to his thoughts, and this indicates that it is time for Soul healing. Although his emotions around this early event are full of anguish, it would nevertheless be possible for his Soul to heal completely from these events, in the space of about a month, by using the above technique whenever the notions of violence surface in his conscious mind.

Hints on Successfully Clearing Soul Wounding Using Tummy Talk

This emotional cargo can be cleared using the above technique, provided you give the child free rein to speak whatever it wants. Don’t interject anything at all from your higher mental mind. Don’t judge or evaluation what you hear. Don’t offer solace or consolation. Just let your child speak.

When it stops speaking, just say “I hear you” … so as to encourage it to continue speaking. If it ceases to speak, say “I really, really, really love you!” or “I love you more than anything!” Then the next day, begin the dialogue again.

Continue like that until you are sure you’re both on the same page, emotionally. One the feelings and emotions of your inner child are cleared, you won’t be subject to continuing Soul wounding as you were in past years. You and your inner child will be ‘on a new page’.

Then as time goes on, if your child starts to go off in an unwanted direction, you can call it back with loving kindness, and it will eagerly listen and come back to you, because it will know how much you love it. You’ll be a team, both working together in peace and joy and love, towards your higher consciousness and Soul learning of course, but also for happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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