Ninth Chakra Karmic Metaprograms … by Alice B. Clagett

  • The Super Mind and the Super-Unconscious Mind
  • The Role of the ‘Other Woman’ in the Dreamtime Realm
  • Projection of Promiscuity Malspeak by a Wife onto the ‘Other Woman’
  • Super-Subconscious Ideation: Consumption of the ‘Other Woman’s’ Money by the Wife
  • Super-Subconscious Ideation: Taking of the ‘Other Woman’s’ Life by the Wife
  • Super-Subconscious Ideation: Power-Over Ménage à Trois
  • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

This video is about ninth chakra karmic metaprograms. Illustrations have to do with There’s a Summary after the video …



The Super Mind and the Super-Unconscious Mind

In the ninth chakra, which feels to me to be two to three feet above my head, one of the things that I’ve been finding, especially recently, is that in dreamtime, before people wake up in the morning, they go over the karmic play … the main few lines of their karmic play, that they play out over and over again, day after day, in the astral realm and physical realm.

You know how there’s the ‘super mind’? There’s also the ‘super unconscious mind’ in the eighth and ninth chakras. In the ninth chakra negative, which is part of the ‘super unconscious mind’, there are these master plots or threads running through, that affect a person and keep coming up all day long.

If you’re awake, say, at 4 in the morning, before they get up, you can hear what is really going on with them, and maybe how that’s affecting you, if it has to do with you. What you may hear are rather melodramatic stories, to do with the subconscious mind, which thinks very vividly in physical images and also through metaphor.

The Role of the ‘Other Woman’ in the Dreamtime Realm

For instance, if a man feels that his wife won’t love him unless she can feel that she’s vanquishing another woman at the same time, he may involve himself and her in an astral play with a second woman that involves jealousy and putting her down; calling her names and so forth, so that his wife can feel that she’s ‘one up on’ someone else all the time, and that he’s a good deal. In this story, he needs to have this other woman attracted to him, and interestingly enough, he also needs for his wife to be attracted to her during the daytime, so that he can get his work done. So he sets up an unconscious attraction between his wife and the woman during the daytime.

Projection of Promiscuity Malspeak by a Wife onto the ‘Other Woman’

The wife may have a repeating phrase from her early childhood or young adulthood, to do with parental guidance of the negative variety. Maybe a parent told her that she was promiscuous. And she repeats this, over and over again, in her ninth chakra. It becomes part of her metaprogram … her ‘over-samakara’ or highest tier karmic action. Because the wife is repeating it over and over again, the second woman becomes at the effect of that same karmic line during the day (because it’s being repeated, and she hears it). In other words, by way of projection, the karma is passed on to the other woman.

Super-Subconscious Ideation: Consumption of the ‘Other Woman’s’ Money by the Wife

Here’s something I sometimes run across: The wife may feel that she wants the second woman’s money. And so, she may devise upon her husband to find a way to get that money, either for her, or for a favored cause. In some cases, this involves the husband finding a friend or acquaintance who can fake marriage, ‘prove’ something that didn’t happen, and get money from the second woman in that way.

Super-Subconscious Ideation: Taking of the ‘Other Woman’s’ Life by the Wife

So the husband, say, is doing this: Trying to destroy the second woman for the sake of his wife, who needs to have someone to feel superior to and ruin, to get her money and kill her, or whatever it is. The wife may decide she wants the other woman dead, out of jealousy, whether or not there’s any cause for that. There may be no foundation whatsoever for that. And the husband may agree to find someone to try to kill the other woman, just because he wants to keep his relationship to his wife.

Super-Subconscious Ideation: Power-Over Ménage à Trois

The man and the wife may both say, on this very high level (eighth or ninth chakra) in the dreamtime realm: May she (the second woman) never find another lover. And the reason they say that is, so that, in their minds, they can still imagine a trio, or astral ménage à trois. And these are very destructive, I feel. Destructive of the overall intimacy in a man-woman relationship, on both the physical and the astral plane.


So, on the astral plane, a couple may do their utmost, in some way or other, to destroy this second woman, simply because the man wants to keep his wifely relationship, and because the wife has a need to feel superior to another woman.

This has to do with the feral drive to being an alpha male and alpha female, which engages dominance-submission to order pack animals hierarchically in an alpha-beta manner.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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