Eclipse Gateway 22-26 February 2017: 2. On Sailing Through Gateways

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • On Enjoying the Gateway with a Neutral Mind
    • On Avoiding Falling into a Vivid Waking Dream
    • On Being Very Careful While Driving, or If Possible, Avoiding Vehicular Travel
    • Electromagnetic Turbulence May Cause Our Cells to Feel Like an Accident Is About to Happen, When It Really Isn’t
    • On Staying Quietly at Home during Gateways
      • Accidents That I Observed Had Happened
    • On Keeping Track of Solar Events, and Planning Accordingly
    • A Happy Gateway Experience to Everyone: It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Dear Ones,

Here are some observations on the February 2017 Gateway, to do with enjoying the unique energies that Gateways offer us. A Summary follows the video …



This is an interesting time at Earth right now, when all humankind is rising, as one, to the notions of harmony and unity and oneness. It’s a thrill to be here on Earth at this time. It’s a wonderful thing.

On Enjoying the Gateway with a Neutral Mind

The only thing I have to mention is, as all these denser energies come up to be clarified in the New Light of New Earth, just keep in neutral mind that you’re the spectator of these amazing energies coming up to be transformed with the Light and dissolved.

On Avoiding Falling into a Vivid Waking Dream

You’re not the actor. And I know it’s hard, because you’re in these times of great clearing, such as this Eclipse Gateway (22-26 February 2017) that’s taking place this week. It’s very easy to fall into a vivid waking dream … you know about those Ascension symptoms, right?

And it’s easy to find it so seemingly true, so seemingly real, as to forget yourself, and just go along with the flow of the astral chatter. And then other people join in, on the psychic plane, the clair plane. And everybody’s thinking that it’s true. But nothing’s true about it at all. It’s just a great dream that everyone is having, and in fact, that whoever is able to so is releasing, by placing awareness on that fact that it’s only a vivid waking dream.

On Being Very Careful While Driving, or If Possible, Avoiding Vehicular Travel

I have one other thing to talk about with regard to Solar Events, such as this Gateway that has just been experienced … the energy of which hasn’t quite died down yet as of 27 February 2017. That has to do with being safe. Being safe in an environment where people use automobiles to travel in quite frequently.

I noticed, on the astral plane, during this Eclipse Gateway that lasted about a week altogether, that there were several daydreams … collective unconscious daydreams … that involved vehicular accidents. The notion of accidents happens when we’re receiving upgrades of Light through the Solar Events. It doesn’t just apply to Gateways, which are points between two Solar Events, such a solar and lunar eclipse (and, as I understand it, other solar events as well, although I’m not the expert on that). It also happens with regard to coronal mass ejections that are Earth-directed, and solar winds incoming to the magnetosphere of Earth, and also to co-rotating interactive regions (CIRs) … and for all I know, other Solar Events. But these are the ones that I’m familiar with.

Electromagnetic Turbulence May Cause Our Cells to Feel Like an Accident Is About to Happen, When It Really Isn’t

These events happen, and the electromagnetics of Earth become more turbulent. Consequently, our electromagnetic fields become more turbulent. And the turbulence that’s happening affects our cells, and our cells feel endangered. They feel that an accident might be happening.

Of course, this is not true. We’re getting upgrades. We’re getting upgrades of our energy fields, and of our DNA codes, and we’re clearing out the old detritus from our Soul field. But to the cells, it feels like accidents are happening.

That’s what accounts for the ideation. Some people call it ‘mass hysteria’, but I feel that’s a very unfair term; it’s far too negative. It’s more like vivid waking dreams that we all have.

We’re having these vivid waking dreams because of incoming stimuli … in this case, electromagnetic stimuli … that are affecting lots of people.

And so, lots of people are feeling a little bit unsafe, and they express that through vivid waking dreams that present the emotion that is being felt at a cellular level.

To get on with an account about the Gateway on Sunday, 26 February 2017, what I found on Sunday was that my electromagnetic field, as a result of the Gateway that was taking place, was too changeable and variable … too much in the process of upgrade at that time … to allow me to become involved with other people’s electromagnetic fields, which were also in a state of flux.

On Staying Quietly at Home during Gateways

So, I was out driving, and I was considering being with people, and then I found that it was much easier to accept the Light downloads, the Light upgrades, and so forth, in a solitary place, a quiet place. So I was heading back home. And what I found were two incidents, on the same street … which is a pretty quiet secondary street … of cars having been hit, while parked by the curb, apparently on the preceding night, the night before the gateway-closing Solar eclipse occurred.

Accidents That I Observed Had Happened. In one case it looked like the car was parked by the curb, and another car came and grazed along the driver’s side of the car, leaving it all dented. When I went by, there was a man outside, taking a picture of the damage that had been done, presumably to his car, so I know that was likely a very recent event.

So then my eyes were wide open with regard to that, because I was correlating that to the things that I had seen on the astral plane … which in a way can preview what’s going to be unfolding as danger in the physical world if people are too greatly affected and don’t pay attention to their intuition and stay home when they need to, and rest and relax.

I kept on going down the street, and some blocks further on, on the same side of the street, I also saw a new car that had been parked by the curb. Someone had run into the back of it, and it had popped up onto the curb. The back of the car was collapsed in, and the front of the car was collapsed in from being pushed into the car in front of it.

I have to say that these accidents stood out in my mind as being unprecedented, really. I’ve never really seen situations like that before in the area that I live in. So from this I would gather, and I would advise, that during Solar Events  I would suggest limiting vehicular travel. That means you have to have some supplies at home, so that you have plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and so forth.

On Keeping Track of Solar Events, and Planning Accordingly

I’m sure you’re all keeping track of Solar Events right now, either through Space Weather,, or you might find them in the Light Intel articles in Sandra Walter’s blog, or elsewhere, Peggy Black has been keeping track of Solar Events on her facebook page, so you could find them there too … And so, I’m sure you have a calendar.

A Happy Gateway Experience to Everyone: It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

I’m wishing a very happy Gateway experience to everyone everywhere on Earth. It has been incredibly successful, and every being on Earth has benefited from it, and all of Earth herself. The very heart of Earth herself has benefited from it. It’s New Life on New Earth that we’re finding now. And many of the wonders of it have yet to be revealed, little by little, for everyone here.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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