Timelines and Dimensions 3 … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

This is the last in a three-part video series on timelines and dimensions. A Summary follows the video. After that are the photos that are at the end of the video …



  • In the movie “Dimensions,” 2011, starring Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Camilla Rutherford, Patrick Godfrey, http://dimensionsthemovie.com/ … the professor has the children put on masks with slits for eyes. These are a little like Inuit snow goggles:

Image: “Inuit goggles made from caribou antler with caribou sinew for a strap,” Julian Idrobo from Winnipeg, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 ..

  • Then the professor has the children walk straight forward on a lawn and say what they see. All they see is a little green. The professor describes this as the first dimension … You can only see in a straight line, you can only see just one thing.
  • Then the professor turned the children around in a circle, and said: What do you see? They said, lots of different colors; green and blue and so on… [This would be from being able to experience both length and breadth, the x and y axes on a graph.] The professor explains that this is the second dimension.
  • So then the professor takes the masks off of the children, and says: Now what do you see? And they all start dancing together and laughing. They say: We see everything!
  • But they don’t. What they see is the third dimension, in which things have length, breadth and height. So they appear to be ‘solid’. There’s an appearance of physical reality. It’s this dimension that we take for true right now, while we experience ourselves as being in ‘physical form’.
  • This third dimension is as lacking in information as the first dimension, from the perspective of the higher dimensions. You could imagine that you have on right now this same mask that is shown in that movie … a mask with tiny little eyeslits … where you can see just a little green, from the trees. You don’t know that they’re trees, though. You just see the green.
  • That’s like what we’re seeing right now. It seems so to those of our ascension team who are observing us from the higher dimensions.
  • So we’re caught here now, in an untrue notion of physicality, which seems true to us because the instruments of our Soul that we know how to use right now reveal only that physicality.
  • Our celestial ascension team … which exists in various dimensions, so as to step down our understanding of the user manual of our Soul to us here in physical form … knows about all the other instruments in the panel of our Soul field.
  • If we ask, we shall receive. If we ask for help, we will receive it. We will get just the right information. But it takes imagination to know what questions to ask.
  • We have to align with the Divine will and heart, and mind in order to even come up with the questions to ask our ascension team.


dsc03304Photo: “Gaia 3”  by Alice B. Clagett, 2017


dsc03312Photo: “Keys to the Codes 3” by Alice B. Clagett, 2017


dsc03309Photo: “Blossoming of Humankind 3,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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