The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Cross and the Circle … by Alice B. Clagett *

Revised; originally published as “The Cross and the Circle” on 26 March 2015 

  • How the Hound of the Barrier Can Be Overcome by the Heart
  • Angles: Left-Brain Thought
  • Circles: Vortical Energy of the Heart and Blood
  • The Cross in the Circle, and the Ankh
  • On Making the Body of Light as Bright as Possible

Dear Ones,

For the below-referenced discussion, please read this:

See Doreal’s translation of “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean, 


In the below-referenced passage from the Emerald Tablets, Thoth describes how the mind … the ‘hound of the Barrier’ on the edge of time and space, can be overcome by the Heart.

… beginning page 40, fifth paragraph (beginning “List ye, o …”), through the end of page 41 (ending, “…on thy way.”)

On these pages, there is a description of the Hounds of the Barriers, the guardians of the cycles, who move through angles (not circles) in a space where there is no time, and who attempt to devour a Soul. I note that angular thinking, and the illusion of cause and effect, are singularities of left-brain thought processes, and possibly interruptions of the motion of Creation.

By dwelling within the circles of the body, where there are no angles, we can be safe from these fearsome enemies. By using the “cross and the circle combined” we can be safe from them.

So the cross is significant protection, and not just from a Christian standpoint, but also from the perspective of ancient Egyptian religion.


The angles he speaks of represent left-brain thought … logical thought. They are the trap of the mental mind that limits us to temporo-spatial reality. This keeps us in one dimension, one timeline, whereas, in truth, we can jump to any dimension, any timeline, whenever we want.


The circles Thoth speaks of represent vortical energy, the energy of the human heart and blood. (For instance, on page 65, Thoth states that the blood moves in vortical motion.) Thus, to my mind, circles are but a cross-section of a vortex.

On page 46, Thoth mentions that Creation came into being through purposeful Thought that created a Vortex of vibration in the Void.

Then on page 36 there is a statement that time and space are moving in circles.

The kundalini dances in vortical motion, as do the chakric wheels, the solar systems in their path through time, and the far-flung galaxies.

And so, mastery of the ability to create and sustain Vortical Energy is very important to our Soul evolution. That same vortical energy connects us with the far-flung galaxies, and through exploration of our own heart, allows us to connect directly to Source. The the ebb and flow of aligns us with the Now of the fifth dimension.


The cross in the circle of which Thoth speaks shows temporo-spatial reality overcome by the circle of faith, the circle of the All, all spaces, all times, all possible worlds.

In the context of Christianity, the cross in the circle represents Christ’s triumph over death and ascension to Heaven (to the fifth dimension). This is a triumph that all humanity may experience at this moment in the ascension process, the return to Earth of the consciousness of Christ, the Buddha, Allah, Elijah, Lord Krishna, The Great Spirit, and the highest consciousness to which every spiritual path points.

Image: Medieval stonework of cross within a circle: ..

The ancient Egyptian symbol known as the ankh is another representation of the cross and the circle combined. Note that the circle, representing vortical energy, is on top of the cross, representing logical thought, brain wave patterns. (1)

Image: Egyptian ankh: ..


As Thoth says (adapted): A person’s body of light must be very bright for them to get past the ‘hounds of the barrier’. Further, on page 33, there’s an explanation about how circle energy and invocation of Light can free us from bondage to the Brothers of Night.

So let us seek the Light, with love and faith. So shall we all master our minds, and step into the New.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) For more on this, see “Ankh,” in Wikipedia, 


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