A Fix for Heart Chakra Back Funnel Weakness and Battery Drains … by Alice B. Clagett

  • On the Front Funnel of the Heart Chakra Draining Batteries or Causing a Strain on Other People’s Heart Chakras
  • The Black Magic Heart Attack Strategy
  • Temporary On-the-Spot Workarounds
    • Battery Drain
    • Drain on Other People’s Hearts
    • If Seating Cannot Be Rearranged: Meditation on the Eighth Chakra
  • To Clear ‘I Have No One to Watch My Back’ or ‘I Need to Be Loved’ Neg Speak
  • Neutral Mind and the Balanced Heart Chakra
  • On the Transience of This Phenomenon

Dear Ones,


There’s an issue right now of the front funnel of the heart chakra draining batteries located in front of a person, and also placing a drag or draw on the front funnel of the heart chakra of people sitting or standing facing, which might be perceived as a heart attack attempt.

The trigger for this drag or draw is perceived negative telepathic input to the back funnel of the heart chakra, where the neg speak I have no one to watch my back! has not yet been cleared. This neg speak is sometimes accompanied by the front chakra I need to be loved!


In the case of the attempted heart attack, I’ve recently observed a complicated, 2-person black magic strategy that looks like this:


Two black magicians are attempting to cause a heart attack in person 2; the motive is financial gain. If black magician 1 is able to pass the energy of hatred through the heart chakra of person 1, he hopes that the energy of hatred will be made stronger, and will strike the heart of person 2, causing a heart attack.

Black magician 2 is sending sexual energy to person 2, perhaps by exposing himself or performing a lewd gesture within view of person 2; his intention is to cause a momentary ripple or weakness in the aura of person 2, so that the energy of hatred may pierce person 2’s aura and enter his heart. This is not an energy of surprise that is intended. Rather, both black magicians have the mistaken belief that sexual energy destroys a meditator’s spirituality; that sexuality is evil. Thus, they feel that if person 2 views a sexual display, evil will befall him.

The question is: What does person 1 need to do in order to stop black magician 1’s energy of hatred from passing through his own heart? How can he maintain the integrity of his heart torus?


Battery Drain. The neg speak causes an imbalance in the two funnels of the heart. The back funnel is slightly weaker than the front funnel. The battery in front of the person distorts the energy of the front funnel of the heart outward; thus, place the battery behind your back until the neg speak is cleared.

Drain on Other People’s Hearts. For the time being, try standing or sitting back to back to a person, like this …

Image: Man and woman standing back to back, about 3 feet away from each other: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/man-woman-facing-away-women-each-other-white-background-44136269.jpg .. 

Or for a circle meditation, try sitting with the chairs facing out, like this (only sitting in chairs) …

Image: Four people sitting on the ground, each facing away from the circle: http://images.clipartof.com/small/21405-Group-Of-Diverse-Yellow-Blue-Red-And-Green-People-Seated-On-The-Floor-With-Backs-Facing-A-Circle-Symbolizing-Disagreement-Poster-Art-Print.jpg ..

This technique will also work for a phone seminar: Just place the phone on a table, and sit with your back to it.

If Seating Cannot Be Rearranged: Meditation on the Eighth Chakra. If this change of seating is not possible, then one must align one’s heart, and mind and will with the great Heart and Mind and Will of God, place awareness with absolute concentration on the Eighth Chakra or Soul Star, which is located 2 feet above your head, and trust completely in the outcome, no matter what physical sensations you may experience, or may empathically experience in the other person.

Image: Eighth Chakra, depicted as a four ellipses with ends touching, forming a cross, and located 2 feet above the head: http://www.havanawellnessstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/6069337535_1966f0479e_o.jpg .. 

Image: Eighth Chakra, another very beautiful depiction: https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.10050297.6661/flat,1000×1000,075,f.jpg ..

The Eighth Level of Ascension means we leave empathy behind, and become of truly Neutral Mind. To truly master the Law of One, we must let go, and let God do the rescuing and the saving. This, here and now, is our chance to master the Eighth Level of Ascension.

More on Neutral Mind in the final section below …


To clear this neg speak, get the heart rate up with vigorous exercise, such as running, pushups, situps, jumping jacks, or so on. Or else with yogic ‘breath of fire’ or Sat Kriya (see youtube).

A clearing technique using meditation is in the next section …


When neutral mind has not yet been totally achieved, the front funnel of the heart chakra becomes distorted outward when we face other people, whether it’s just one person, or a group of people, say, in a circle. This is because we desire to be loved, which desire is exercised through the front funnel of the heart. We use the front funnel for this purpose simply because our eyes are located on the front of our head, and so, to see people, we face them with both the eyes and the front funnel of the heart.

Neutral mind is achieved by valuing ourselves, and loving ourselves, as much as we value other people’s opinion of us, and their love of us. This self-esteem and self-love are functions of the back funnel of the heart chakra.

To balance the funnels of the heart chakra, during waking consciousness, place the awareness on the center point of the chest, where the front and back funnels of the heart chakra meet. This is a physical meditation that will balance self love with love of others.


This is a new phenomenon of the Awakening. black magickers are thinking that it is they who are causing something bad to happen, by sending negative thoughts to the back funnel of a person’s heart chakra, while that person has a feeling of loving kindness for someone else.

It is true that this negative energy can pass through from the black magicker, through the heart of the first person, and on to the heart of the second person, and so, from the perspective of causal reality, there is cause for concern.

I myself adhere to the perspective of synchronicity, and God’s grace, and feel that, even though such a negative ‘flow-through’  or ‘pass-through’ may occur, we can anticipate great clearing of the heart chakra to take place concomitantly. In other words, though the intent of the first person be evil, the result for the other people will be a download, a new DNA template, or the like, provided they keep their hearts open and trust deeply in the grace of God.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more on aligning the heart, the mind and the will with those of God, see “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, read by Alice, https://iamofthestars.com/2014/11/19/the-great-invocation-by-djwal-khul-3/


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