The Large Intestine and the Army of the Night … by Alice B. Clagett ..

Revised on 9 July 2017; originally published on 20 November 2016 

  • On Keeping the Large Intestine Perfectly Healthy
  • The  Sea of Our Thoughts
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World
    1. Our Electro-Magnetic Field and EMFs in the World Around Us
    2. Earth’s Noosphere (The Thought Cloud of Earth)
    3. How It Is Affected by Weekly Rhythms of Work and School
    4. How to Avoid Being Affected by It
    5. How to Avoid Being Affected by Solar and Annual Minimum Light
  • The Large Intestine and the Army of the Night
  •  Recent Movies That Have This Kind of Threat Energy
  • My Wild Theory
  • The Question Is: What Makes the Gut Brain Unhappy?
  • Bad Diet and Martians
  • A Vision of the Army of the Night
  • The Takeaway

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video on the large intestine and the army of the night …


  • On Keeping the Large Intestine Perfectly Healthy
    • “Become Younger,” by Norman Walker, available from
      • On eating raw, vital foods
      • On clearing the bowels through water Enemas or colonics
  • The  Sea of Our Thoughts
    • On the Theosophical books by Arthur E. Powell (available at )
    • On ‘depraved’ thought forms: Violence in the mass media
    • How the physical body is protected fro hostile life forms by the skin, and germs can enter it only:
      • Through the body orifices, or
      • Through cuts in the skin
    • How other people’s thought forms can affect our subtle bodies, unless …
      • Awareness is placed on the heart, and the electromagnetic field is ramped up, or
      • Unless the person visualizes aligning their hara line with God, and with the center of the Earth
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World: 1. Our Electro-Magnetic Field and EMFs in the World Around Us
    • Earth’s EMF dances to the melody of our Sun, and on, through other Suns, to the Great Central Sun.
    • Our human EMFs dance to that of Earth, and this dance affects the unconscious thought cloud of the world.
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World: 2. Earth’s Noosphere (The Thought Cloud of Earth)
    • The noosphere is affected by changes in Earth’s EMF, which is largely influenced by solar flares and solar winds.
    • The noosphere has these kinds of thought-forms:
      • The higher thought forms of the sentient beings on Earth. These have relatively little emotional content.
      • The subconscious thought forms, including two kinds: Freely floating and dispersing subconscious thought forms, and repressed subconscious thought forms that stay within a person’s energy field
      • And unconscious thought forms, the deep seed of the reality play for humans.
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World: 3. How It Is Affected by Weekly Rhythms of Work and School
    • The 3 to 5 pm latchkey child hiatus
    • The Friday and Saturday night working person energies: Release of repressed negative energies
      • The feeling that one is compelled by circumstances to do work that one dislikes
      • The example to one’s children of not following one’s heart
      • Parents’ resentment of children for whom they sacrifice their happiness
      • The flow-through effect of not following our hearts
      • The manner of releasing repressed work-a-day energies
        • Seeking out a sex worker
        • Using recreational drugs
        • Viewing violent movies, which ramp up fear and anger
      • These lead to a flare-up of repressed negative emotions that burst forth into the noosphere
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World: 4. How to Avoid Being Affected by It
    • Some people leave the city on the weekends
    • Other people stay home and meditate on the weekends
    • Green water (water with a teaspoon of chlorophyll in it) and language of light healing from Judy Satori …
  • The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World: 5. How to Avoid Being Affected by Solar and Annual Minimum Light
    • On getting a daily sun bath
    • Eating vital foods:
      • Vegetable protein (or chicken and fish), vegetables, and vegetable juices
      • On avoiding sugars, carbohydrates, and alcohol
      • Also, see Judy Satori’s “Eating Plan for Fifth Dimensional Life,”
    • On elimination … water enema, as mentioned above
  • The Large Intestine and the Army of the Night
    • At times when the unconscious thought cloud of the world is tumultuous, after a water enema the gut brain calms down, and ceases to connect to other people’s unconscious thoughts. Why is this?
    • Story about being tired, starting to fall asleep, and having a sudden descent of consciousness from the higher mental body to the gut brain … There, in the gut brain, was a feeling of threat energy:
      • The feeling that there are other people attempting to control us (which happens when consciousness descends from the heart chakra to the third chakra, which is the center for will power and control). Thus this feeling was of the third chakra negative.
      • The notion that other people are trying to take things from us (which happens when consciousness descends to the basal or root chakra, which is about safety and security). Thus this feeling was of the first chakra negative.
      • Why would the gut brain have these sorts of feelings?
  •  Recent Movies That Have This Kind of Threat Energy
    • “The Last Avatar” by Jay Weidner,
    • “Paradox” by Michael Hurst, and
    • “Inferno” with actor Tom Hanks
    • And there are many other movies playing right now that bring up emotions related to fear and feeling threatened. Why are these kinds of movies so popular right now?
  • My Wild Theory
    • Adam Hadhazy has written on how the gut brain influences mood and well-being. (1)
    • What emotions are being generated by the lower mental body during the various physiological processes undertaken by the gut?
    • The gut brain is not like the brain and the spinal cord, whose neurons are densely packed, and which are transmitting information to each other like a busy freeway, and creating the illusion that this reality is a certain egoic way.
    • In the lower intestine, the involuntary nervous system neurons:
      • Aren’t part of the egoic solidity of a person.
      • These neurons are ‘on their own’ in the wild and wooly outposts of the human body.
      • What really organizes them is the astral ‘body elemental’ of the large intestine. This is an astral entity with childlike exuberance and joy, that really knows what it’s doing, as far as repairing and facilitating the operation of the lower intestine is concerned.
      • According to Adam Hadhazy’s article, the neurons of the gut brain transmit a great deal of information to the cerebral cortex … It’s not the other way around.
      • Could it be, as is inferred by the Adam Hadhazy Article, that the main content of these transmissions has to do with mood and well-being? If so, then …
  • The Question Is: What Makes the Gut Brain Unhappy?
    • Here’s my clair intel on that: They’re afraid of invading organisms; specifically, ‘bad’ bacteria and yeast that are located in the feces in the colon and that are prevented from entering the bloodstream by the mucus lining of the inside of the tube that is the large intestine.
    • If the bowels are full, then ‘bad’ germs are propagating inside the at an alarming rate, fro the perspective of the body elemental of the large intestine.
    • These invading organisms pose the threat of getting into the inside of the body via the lining of the large intestine.
    • They are, as it were, the Army of the Night.
    • Further, the feces carry an astral vibe that is lower than that of the large intestine.
    • So there’s a conflict … a war, if you like … going on here. There’s a feeling of the gut protecting itself against both the physical threat of invading germs and the threat of the disparity between the astral frequency of the excrement and that of the colon.
    • In the unevacuated colon, this threat energy is being transmitted from the gut brain to the higher brain all night long, and creating dreams and astral stories to do with threat.
  • Bad Diet and Martians
    • The reason for the Hollywood movies on being controlled and chased and having things taken away from you has to do with the eating habits of modern human beings.
    • We don’t eat things that allow us to clear our bowels properly.
    • Consequently, inside our bowels are breeding micro-organisms that are not necessarily helpful to human beings.
    • In fact, the vast majority of micro-organisms in the bowel are not helpful to human beings. They’re invaders.
    • Science fiction story about the warrior beings of Mars, who encapsulated themselves as bacteria in rocks that were hurled as meteorites from our moon to Earth, where they were let loose on humankind. There’s even some science, albeit sketchy, to back this notion up … see (2).
    • This is rather dramatic, isn’t it? The thought that there might be Mars warriors inside of our intestines! But it serves to illustrate the point of view of the cells of the the large intestine.
      • They feel that the Army of the Night, an army of alien invaders, is pressing against them, threatening to overwhelm them and control them …
      • And to take things from them. To take from the their health, their happiness, their very lives.
      • And this is the message that they send to the higher centers of the nervous system, to the brain, all night long.
    • This is why, when we use the water enema, it immediately affects everything. When the not-so-bright, not-so-well-connected (but very lovable) neurons of the gut no longer sense the Army of the Night … the darkness of the excrement inside the colon …
      • Then they’re able to relax right away.
      • They don’t have much memory about it.
      • They don’t know that it will probably be full of excrement again tomorrow.
      • All they know is, everything is fine right now.
      • And so that load of negative emotion going from the gut brain to the higher brain suddenly ceases, and everything is all right. Everything is at peace. the invaders from Mars are vanquished!
  • A Vision of the Army of the Night
    • On Friday and Saturday nights, I would wake up hearing this chant: We Are the Army of the Night! We Are the Army of the Night!
    • I would have a vision of men going out to bars, intent on one-night stands. Their energy was warlike, up yours, rectal. These were men who hated people, misogynists and homophobes. They attacked the people at the bars with this energy, and when they had intercourse, they transmitted to them the energy of hatred, draining them of their vital force.
    • What if it were true that there are invaders from Mars, and they’re very, very tiny? What if, in people whose large intestines are too full, they could cause a feeling of warlike hatred, and cause them to act out in this profligate way on the weekends, replicating emotions of hatred and fear from person to person?
    • Suppose it were true that these bacterial beings, these hostile beings, these aliens from another planet were full of this very warlike, invasive nature? Even setting aside the alien hypothesis, bacteria are like that. They’re very adventitious, very ‘for me only’, and parasitic in many instances. Of course, there are good bacteria too. But these hostile bacteria are in it for themselves. They’re warring species. Maybe not with higher minds, but with their energy they’re doing that.
    • When a person’s GI tract is not fluidly flowing and eliminating, might that result in an accumulation of warlike feeling inside the gut brain of the person?
    • Might that be an impetus of the peoples of Earth to wage war on one another?
  • The Takeaway

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see: “The Martian Archives,” by Alice B. Clagett *: ..


(1) See “Think Twice: How the Gut’s ‘Second Brain’ Influences Mood and Well-Being,” by Adam Hadhazy, “Scientific American,” 12 February 2010,

(2) See “Alien Life Could Feed on Cosmic Rays,” by Jessica Boddy , 7 October 2016 , 9:00 AM, Science,


Here is tantalizing information on 3D beings from Mars on Earth as long as 75,000 years ago. In case the links below don’t work, you can go to Session 20, and search for question-answers 12 through 24.

20.12   20.13   20.14   20.15   20.16   20.17   20.18   20.19   20.20   20.21  20.22   20.23  20.24

Note that I’ve included question-answers about a 200-year decrease in lifespan, not due to the influx of Martians, but rather due to steady loss of positive orientation. Note also the assertion, in 20.24 , that 900 years is the optimum lifespan.


Some years ago, I woke up one night with the wildest vision that there were large, exceedingly wicked astral (4D) beings who were leasing out human beings to be ‘terraformed’ by tiny astral beings, a little like bacteria, only astral.

In the vision, each person was the ‘property’ of a collective of these beings; they had the papers to prove it! The purpose of these colonists on the leased-out humans was to turn our emotional energy negative, so it would be edible by the big, wicked astral beings.

Fortunately, after the 2012 Shift, the Incoming Light made Earth inhospitable to the big, wicked astral beings. Now, so the story goes, all we have to do it clean up the colonies of tiny astral beings in our own energy fields. I’m thinking that bacteria are physical manifestations of the tiny astral beings, so I figure the way to go is as in the video above.

I haven’t talked about this vision because it spooked me out pretty thoroughly, but now it’s all ok. No worries! And three cheers for the Incoming Light!



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