Syncretic Theory on the Antisocial Personality and the ‘Elementary’ (Black Soul or Dark Soul) … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 November 2016

Dear Ones,

This video presents a syncretic theory on the class of beings termed:

  • The Antisocial Personality (ASP) of Psychology, and
  • The Elementary (aka ‘Black Soul’ or ‘Dark Soul’) of Theosophy

Also mentioned are:

  • The Reptilians or ‘Hybrids’ of Popular Folklore, and
  • The Controllers (who are said to have been mind controlling humankind) in the context of the Awakening.

The below is a sketchy outline of the contents of the video, along with some new information in green font, which is not in the video. There is a good deal more in the video than in the outline, with the exception of the information in green font. Thus it would be best to listen to the video and then read the Outline as well …



  • The loss of the Soul, when the quaternary (aka the lower principles) is wrenched free from the higher principles in a man
  • How the ‘Elementary’ that remains has the cunning of a man, but with no principles and no conscience
  • This can occur at death, or during life
  • This happens when Desire (Kama) greatly overweights the Lower Mind (Manas) in the Quaternary
  • When this Elementary exists on the astral plane, it is a being of “terrible potency,” whose depraved actions can cause great suffering to beings on both the astral plane and the physical plane
  • It may reincarnate again and again, living a brutal animal life based on the feral instincts, until its onus of desire (or kama) wears out.
  • Then it disintegrates, and its experience as a learning ego attempting to know God is completely lost
  • This is the very rare case of Soul devolution, personality, loss of ego, and eventual loss of the Soul … to complete dissolution of the being


No conscience. For instance, in the clair story of the first antisocial personality discussed below, he would say on the clair plane: There’s no difference between life and death. Death is a beautiful thing. If I were to stop killing, I would have nothing to live for. I like to see their white energy rise up out of them when they die. [This indicates that he had clair vision.] In the same way, Charles Manson (3) was said often to say that there is no right or wrong, that life is the same as death, that death is beautiful, and that his followers were doing their victims a favor by murdering them. 

Astute observers of the flaws of people’s personality (such as greed, desire for sex, desire for love; or desire for status); thus they are able to manipulate other people

Often go undetected in the world because of their innate ability to understand the ‘blinders’ other people wear because of their social molding as children (i.e., social molding that the antisocial personality lacks). This is like when an American looks at another culture, noticing flaws and differences; noticing how this or that creates a prejudice, a cultural assumption that may be very different from the ways of his own culture. A person is often able to critique another culture more clearly than his own. In the same way, the antisocial personality is a ‘stranger in a strange land’ … his is a culture worlds apart from that of the socialized human being.

Prone to risk-taking, and to high-risk occupations (con artist, drug dealer, sex worker, or to faking military or secret service status so as to gain authority for their acts of violence

They can’t abide someone having authority over them, and they demand autocratic control of their ‘friends’ and followers

They inevitably have terrifying powers of mind control. These powers are conveyed to them by 8N astral consorts … such as astral thuggees, subtle sorcerers, and black magicians … which easily access the antisocial personality’s energy field through its damaged areas.

They are likely to have other psychic skills, such as pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, and telekinesis. These skills are obtained through their astral negative consorts. For instance, in a sitting with followers, levitation of the followers may occur. This will impress the followers, as they will feel he has great psychic powers. However, the true agency of the levitation events will be the astral negative beings … members of the demon world … that consort with him.

For recreation, they tend to gravitate to serial killing, mass murder, torture, serial rape, and so on.

Irremediable. If they’re caught, attempts to reintegrate them into the mainstream of society fail.


Antisocial personalities and Dark Souls may have an alteration in their DNA that’s termed ‘reptilian’ in today’s folklore

  • It’s possible this folklore term refers to reptilian beings on the astral plane who altered the DNA of the humans to make the type of being we call antisocial personalities
  • It’s also possible that these terms refer to the way antisocial personalities act, which is very cold-blooded … like a snake or lizard, not like a mammal

I hold the hope that a method of healing their DNA through the languages of light and sound through the Incoming Light


Clair Story: Prior Lifetime

In his prior lifetime, he killed about 5,000 in the Nazi death camps, and this created a heavy samskara of murder (desire to kill) in his quaternery, and his etheric net, which is carried from lifetime to lifetime, carried the record of these distortions toward the dark. His etheric net became imbalanced.

Clair Story: Early Childhood Loss in Current Lifetime

In early childhood, the father was absent from the family home. He received a sexual rebuff from his mother, then burned down the family home; the child’s mother and his infant brother died. In later life, he manifested psychokinesis (leaving impressions on sheets as if he had sat on a bed, sounds of footsteps, cracking sounds and sounds of explosions) and telekinesis (levitation of himself, of a bed, and of other people); so it is theoretically possible that the burning of the home was the result of pyrokinesis. These abilities had to do with the distortion of the energy field of his higher mind to outside and above his head (to be discussed later. If the home burning was the result of pyrokinesis, then that would indicate that the displacement of the higher mind energy field had occurred before the early childhood loss experience … possibly being present at birth. This I can neither ascertain nor refute.

He realized that everyone was dead; he was the only one alive. In a state of extreme shock, he regressed to a mental organization usually only found in early infancy (what some call a paranoid-schizoid state) in which ‘I’ and ‘other’ no longer existed. (4) In his mind (and as reflected in the physical realm at this scene of personal catastrophe) there was only ‘I’.

When he was reunited with people, it became clear that he had lost his sense of personality, awash as he was in the sea of personalities around him, being without egoic boundaries, he perceived other people as being either good parts of himself, or bad parts to be overcome and destroyed.


Sometimes in times of great shock and crisis, a reintegration of the world view occurs, that’s kind of a patchwork, or a makeshift that the intuition pulls in, because otherwise there would be no way to function whatsoever. This is what happened in this instance, as will be seen below. The conclusions the traumatized child drew were not in line with what everybody else thinks of and basis their social interactions on, and therein lies the problem; this is why this kind of person is termed ‘antisocial’.


The sudden loss of the mother (and all he held dear) he visualized as “blowing his mind,” and the vision he saw with his subconscious mind was of the pieces of his mind flying out of his head in little bits … above and around his head. Everything was ‘blown to smithereens’ or ‘blown to bits.’

The result of this visualization was loss of higher mental abilities, such as the ability to read, write, do arithmetic, respond to social cues, earn and budget money.

Also, he began to be in and out of touch with his physical sensations; sometimes blind, not feeling bodily sensations.

In a synthesis of the regression and the visualization, he subconsciously visualizes the pieces that had flown out of his mind as the strangers who might help him. In later life, this became a strategy to mind control everyone he knew; the subconscious symbol being that, were he successful, his brain would be back together again. (More on this below.)

Hungry, he knelt by his mother’s charred corpse, said a prayer, and ate a little of her corpse. This installed in his gut brain the subconscious symbol “Pray = Prey” which was acted out in the mature life as a spiritual demeanor and a habit of cannibalism.

The sexual rebuff by his mother that initiated this traumatic childhood event led him to repress his sex drive.

And in addition, when the sexual energy was repressed or walled away, and the higher mental energy was forced up and out of the head, the energy of the heart chakra was imbalanced in such a way that it only drew energy in, and no longer sent energy out to (putatively ‘nonexistent’) other people. This, I feel, is what is meant by the ‘Dark Soul’: a Soul unlit by the light of love. In other words, the heart chakra is too badly damaged to create love so as to sustain their own life force, and so he depended on drawing love in from other people in order to stay alive. From the standpoint of the victim, it would feel like a ‘suction cup’ was attached to their heart chakra, and like the battery of their life force was being drained. 

You can see from this description of the energy system of the antisocial personality or Dark Soul, that the great damage done to the etheric net will, either in this lifetime or in subsequent lifetimes, make it impossible for this energy field to exist. The injury is just too great, and maintenance of the energy field depends entirely on suctioning energy from other people for its continued existence.


Why the Antisocial Personality Is Inevitably an Adept at Mind Control

The practice of mind control by the antisocial personality of Dark Soul is forced upon this being because of the nature of the distortions in his energy field. The mental energies, for instance, are displaced above and around the head, in such a way that many higher centers of the brain lack the energy fields needed to make them function. However, because of the upward displacement of the mental matter, into the astral plane, the antisocial personality has, readily accessible, the astral currents needed for mind control of other people.

How He Is Aided in Mind Control by Astral Beings Who Intend to Harm Humankind

Further, the height and function of the 8th chakra, (5) the ‘superconscious chakra’ above the head, provide the ‘overSoul’ role, the ‘lord of karma’ role, to those whose awareness is placed on this chakra. In the case of the antisocial personality, however, we have the negative, Soul-wounded energies of the 8th chakra, which gives him the power to cut off other people’s access to the Divine light with a ‘high hellworld’ which I term ‘8N’ or eighth chakra negative. With his own 8N energy, he naturally attracts as allies the thuggees, subtle sorcerers, and black magicians that dwell on the astral plane. With these powerful allies, he exercises terrible powers of mind control, but never for the betterment of humankind, or of any nation on Earth.

What ‘8N’ Mind Control Energy Looks Like

With their assistance, a blue and white bolt of energy strikes out from his 8th chakra, above his head, connecting with the energy field of other people, and mind controlling them.

How the Antisocial Personality Uses His Mind-Controlled Victims’ Higher Minds to Think With

Many times the potential victim will clair hear him say, “My mind to your mind. Now I am [name].” When the antisocial personality’s awareness intrudes into the victim’s energy field and down through the bottom of the head, he can use their cognitive processes as substitutes for his own missing cognitive faculties. To do this, he will ask them questions about the world, about finances, about economics and politics, ask them to read something for him, or to write something for him, ask them to solve a problem in arithmetic, or ask them for social cues.

How the Antisocial Personality ‘Puts On’ the Personality of the Person He Is Mind Controlling

In sum, when his awareness intrudes into their energy field at the region of their head, he ‘becomes’ their personality … he ‘puts on’ their personality as another person would put on a suit of clothes. To those in his presence, he will seem to shift from one personality to another unaccountably.

How the Antisocial Personality Sometimes Is Able to Mind Control Many People at Once

In some instances, such a person will simultaneously mind control a room full of people, or a number of people at a distance. For instance, I feel it to be true that Charles Manson, who expressed during an interview (6) that he didn’t need to kill people, he just thought it [pointing to his left forehead], simultaneously mind controlled a number of his cult members into committing acts of violence.

Interestingly enough, the two people who interviewed Charles Manson didn’t take him up on this challenge, or ask him any questions about his mind control abilities. I expect, that if you look into it, you will find that many antisocial personalities make this claim, and that these claims are discarded as not being true, and continue to be true, whether or not the antisocial personalities are jailed. 

A Tidal Wave of Evil Emotion that Floods through Layer after Layer of Mind-Controlled Victims May Occur

In the more problematic instance, the antisocial personality will have many layers of mind-to-mind contacts. Ripples of evil thoughts of torture, murder, lust, rape, rapine and plunder will flow from the energy field of the antisocial personality, through the medium of the evil entities with which he consorts, and into the minds of his first layer of mind-to-mind contacts, and then on to the second and succeeding layers of mind-to-mind victims, in a veritable tidal wave of hatred, rage, and loathing for all humankind. 

Has the Antisocial Personality a Choice as to Whom He Tries to Mind Control?

As to whether such a person has a choice in whom he connects to and mind controls … No, he does not. Inevitably, he reaches out like a blind and greedy serpent to poison the energy fields of all with whom he comes in contact. This is because the true energy of his being derives, not from the higher, cognitive faculties of man, but from the feral, pack instincts of his gut brain, as guided by the evil astral entities that grant his fatally damaged Soul the power of mind control. Like a greedy, cold-blooded python, he strikes at whatever hapless mouse may run by him.

Tainting of the Soul Signature of the Person Mind Controlled through ‘Soul Signature Dipping’ (‘Skinny Dipping’)

At the same time, the Soul wounding from his early childhood (the ‘blown to bits’ subconscious metaphor) hits their energy field and distorts it to the dark. This sourness or distortion to the dark filters down through the central column of their energy torus, distorting the energies of each chakra to the dark.

This tainting of the Soul signature of the victim by that of the antisocial personality, I believe, reinforces the latter’s idea that other people are only part of himself. It must seem to him as if he is dreaming his own nightmares in the minds of his victims. In his mind, their minds are just part of his own, and so, it’s logical that they might think and feel exactly like he.


If the antisocial personality is able to extend his Soul signature down through the electromagnetic field of the person that he’s obsessing, down to the area of the gut brain, the lower mind, and if this saturation of the Soul field of this ‘flow-through’ person, this second person, continues for some time, then, on the astral plane, you will find a psychic cord or astral cord forms between the navel point of the second person and the navel point of the antisocial personality. This psychic cord becomes very large … about 6 inches in diameter.

This huge psychic cord is the astral expression of the fact that the lower mind, or gut brain, of the second person is being controlled by the repressed gut brain of the antisocial personality.

You will also find a constant sexual stimulation occurring in the second person as a ‘flow-through’ of the soured, Soul wounded, repressed sexual energy of the antisocial personality.

If this gut-brain energy obsesses first one person, and then another person, and so forth, the effects will be less severe. The psychic cording will be narrower and more easily broken, and the obsessional thoughts about sexuality and killing and death will be sporadic rather than constant.

Ways to Sidestep Gut Brain Takeover by an Antisocial Personality

None of these, neither the occasional obsession nor the constant obsession, is something that one would desire to have in one’s life. The minute that one feels the energies of such a being start to permeate down through their own electromagnetic field, it’s important to act. Take evasive action right away.

For example: Lying down on the ground, walking in nature, meditating with your feet flat on the floor, coloring with your coloring pencils.

Here’s one more, rather out-there technique. If you can hear the person that’s trying to obsess you … if you’re good with astral hearing … you can talk to them as if they were a two-year-old child. a toddler that you love. Ask them something physical: What kind of shoes do they have on? What color is their belt? Ask them if they’re hungry. When was the last time that they ate? What was it that they ate? Ask them what they’re doing right now. Ask them if they’re too cold, or too warm. Ask them if the lights are on. Is it plenty bright where they are?

Ask them something about their physical reality, and that will bring them back from the astral plane, back into their own physical body. And then you will find that you have much less trouble with that issue of obsession by the other person.

So there are two techniques for overcoming the feral energies (V— D—): One is to ground yourself, or else to change the way that you think, so that you’re thinking, not with your left brain, which has a tendency to trap you into logical issues, but rather with your right brain. And the other is to ground the other person, with the way that you talk to them on the astral plane.

There are going to be more solutions for more problems relevant to this topic at the end of this blog, in a section about solutions.

The Antisocial Personality as Autocratic Cult Leader: You Have No Personality!

In my research on Charles Manson, I read that he would ask his cult members to play new roles every day, and always to do what he said, without question. In this way, he divorced them from their own personalities, and prepared them to accept his own Soul signature without question. Thus they became mere parts of himself, willing to carry out, without question, the violence he bade them to do. (7)

The above story about Charles Manson reflects one quality of the antisocial personality: That they cannot accept authority, and that they must be completely in charge of everything to do with their followers. If cult leaders, they would, in fact, prefer that no one spoke but them, or thought but them, because they think these people have no personality … because they, the antisocial personalities, have lost that ‘glue’ that holds them together as a personality.


In later life, when this person interacted with other people, he drew vital force from them through his heart chakra, draining them of energy.

Thus the people around him, that he thinks of frequently, and who may be in his physical presence or far away, being drained of vital force, fall prey to disease, accident, and death

If he is caught and jailed, then he will be in close quarters with prisoners and jailers whom he will quite likely also drain of vital force, so that they, too,  fall prey to disease, accident, and death

Should he be killed, according to occult theory, he will continue to drain victims on the physical plane of vital force, and to incite criminals to violence


Their Solicitation of Helpers

An antisocial personality will accrete around himself, very early in life, helpers … sometimes in the form of a cult; sometimes just a wife, probably with friends in addition, whom he can dip into at any time and use these people’s mental abilities, their higher mind abilities, for the sake of presenting himself before other people. For instance, he will use their minds as instantaneous cues.

His Obsession of or ‘Inhabiting’ of Other People

Basically, it’s as if he’s obsessing, or inhabiting these other people. Whatever energy field he dips into at the time, becomes his persona before other people. He uses these other personalities for social cues, for higher cognitive abilities … such as reading, writing and arithmetic, … analytical ability, knowledge about the world, knowledge about history, knowledge about every aspect of philosophy, and so on.

Depending on the person that he’s dipping into at the moment, his personality will subtly change, and his basis of knowledge of things will change too.

When He Has a Wife

Often you’ll find one wife, say, which will be the more refined mental atmosphere that he presents to people as if it were his own higher mind, and this wife will never leave him, because he needs to be physically near her all the time, in order to function in the world. She won’t be allowed to go anywhere without him, and when they do go out, it will most likely be at night, so that the antisocial personality may avoid recognition and apprehension by law enforcement for the many violent crimes he and his wife and followers have committed. 

In the mind of the antisocial personality, it will be he that is his wife, while she is alive. Since he is a man, and not a woman, he will eventually kill her, and reject that he is she. But then he must seek another constant companion to provide all of the higher brain functions for him, and offer a personality that he can present before the world.

Then you will find, as his lifeline progresses, that he most likely has a series of wives, all of whom he kills eventually.

The Alter Ego Who Is a Man

In addition, he will have an alter ego who is a man. This man who is the alter ego will be the one whom he dips into to carry out the functions of his lower mind, his gut brain … the repressed sexual and aggressive energies. So this alter ego mind will be the one who does his killing and his raping and his torture for him, and he will participate in that as astrally blended with the other person … as obsessing that person.

Then as to the man who is his alter ego, this man may be a long-term ally who offers him a chance to obsess, and to act out in the real world by astral proxy, his feral instincts. So in this way he participates ‘second-hand’ in reality, and causes others to act out.

How People Who Are Obsessed May Be Driven Temporarily Mad

As he obsesses, and jumps from person to person, each of these people will be driven mad by the taint … the strange turn … of his emotional body, which flows through their energy field and turns them in that direction temporarily.

So you’ll see, around him, cases of insanity cropping up all over, and then disappearing mysteriously. People will perform acts they would never perform on their own … depraved acts … and then, suddenly stop performing them because they’re no longer obsessed by him.

Possible Formation of a ‘Killing Cult’

Around this kind of person, you’ll often see what’s termed the ‘killing cult’ … the Charles Manson phenomenon. Sometimes he will hide ‘in the open’ as a family man, as was the case with Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. (8)


It looks to me like Dennis Rader’s etheric net was less distorted to the dark than the etheric net of the person I’ve been talking about. It seems likely to me that he is ‘one incarnation behind’ the person in the astral story I’ve just presented.

Rader was able to get several degrees, to hold down job after job, and had a steady family life for decades, in addition to being a serial killer by his own hand (and not through a mind-controlled alter ego). In this lifetime, he was accreting samskaras of murder to his gut brain or quaternary, just as the person in my astral story accreted samskaras of murder via his many murders in the Nazi death camps in his prior lifetime.

So Rader, I’m supposing, is on his way to full antisocial personality status, but insufficiently weighed down by gut brain karma to undergo the ‘rending in twain process’ as of yet. This would mean, hypothetically, that he might still make a Soul decision to reverse his course of action toward the light, and in so doing might turn from the process of Soul devolution to the greatly more salutary process of Soul evolution. In this way, his Soul might be saved.


In this ‘half-way-there’ status, he was like the second antisocial personality that I’m going to discuss. As to this second antisocial personality, I don’t know as much about him. The astral story is that he committed countless crimes in this lifetime, to do with drug sale, various kinds of sexual license, black widower work, killing for sexual gratification, and so forth, time after time.

So this lifetime, for that person, was greatly weighed down with samskaras in the gut brain … terribly weighed down, and the heart became so negatively aspected, that a vast stream of hatred issued forth from it day and night. Then something happened … most likely, on the physical plane, there was an auto accident or a drug overdose … Something happened, so that the life was lost … but not in the usual way. Not where the person merely steps out of the body and onto the astral plane. No! Instead, his astral form was sucked up through a wormhole. Not a straight-line wormhole, but a wormhole whose diameter was in some places wide and in some places narrow, and which wound here and there in a crooked way, off into space. From somewhere near me on the astral plane it disappeared, amidst his great commotion and screams of fear.

It’s my deep concern that what I witnessed on the astral plane may have been the dissolution of a Soul. If this be so, it would have been because of the great wounding to the etheric net caused by this person’s caused by the person’s karmic intake during this lifetime. This is a very daunting and terrifying possibility, but one which I expect will be rarely, if at all, experienced on New Earth.


In reaching out telepathically through the higher chakras above the head, so as to mind control other people, when the antisocial personality invades his victims’ energy fields, he will term himself their husband or their lover in every case.

This is like a patchwork or makeshift device to link his world view, which is extraordinarily different from most, in with the common world view that feral bonding is linked to heart bonding … but instead, when he does feral bonding (as his heart energy is deeply damaged) the result is pack bonding, and he is the alpha male. So every woman that he invades is his wife, and every man that he invades is his sublieutenant, or beta male, his lover.

Because of the antisocial personality’s gut brain, lacking higher brain function, and lacking the modulating influence of the outpouring of love from the heart chakra,  is functioning at the level of the feral drives. When that V— D— energy, that energy of sexual aggression, which is usually repressed because of the early Soul wounding regarding the sexual chakra, is released, or allowed to spring forth, it expresses itself in a very bestial way … in the way that a cougar, or a raptor, a bird of prey, might do … It expresses itself as pure bestial or animal energy.

That’s because the heart energy is not working right in the antisocial personality; it’s working backwards … at the same time drawing energy out of the person … siphoning energy off of the person … while these feral drives are forcing the person to enact some antisocial behavior.


Because this person has the ability to mind-control people from the chakras higher than the physical, and to send his energy down through them, and to relate in an ‘inter-quark’ way with them, he can unite with their thought processes … keeping in mind that he, himself, has no higher thought processes … he can unite with their thoughts and create the impression that he is exactly the same as they are, because his mind is exactly the same as theirs is. And this is the basis of the formation of a killing cult.

He gets their unquestioning loyalty because he mind-controls each of them, and mimics their mental processes, or, as it were, becomes one with them, by uniting his Soul wounding and emotional injury with their personality (as he himself has no personality). So when they see him, they think that he is them.

It’s like falling in love, where at first you think, This person is just like me! The person I’ve always longed for! Then 6 months later their personality becomes clear, and it’s clear that they’re different from you. Except in the case of the antisocial being, he has no personality.


He’s, in fact, invading their space and their auras because he needs them to give him money … because he can’t make money; there’s nothing that he can do in the world … and he needs them to figure out math problems, to drive him around (as, if he attempts to drive, being partly out of body, he will have accident after accident), to read and to write for him, and to make his way in the world. So he’s, in essence, very cunningly using their brain instead of his non-functioning brain to figure out the things that can’t be worked with at all in his brain.

He might even use them for his eyes. He might not be able to see, on the physical plane, but he can go out, through the energy above his head, to someone else who can see with their own physical eyes, unite his own Soul wounding with theirs, cause them in this way to do serial killing, or to rob, or to rape, or whatever it is that’s within his samskaric wounding natural.

He can cause them to do that, and yet they will be completely devoted to him, because of this personality mirroring or mirror-play that goes on, which makes them think that he’s the same as them. This, in fact, was the case with Charles Manson, who through mind control caused a number of vicious murders, yet he himself performed none of these acts of violence.


  • First Technique: If you notice that an energy other than yours is perched on top of your head … You may hear some spooky astral command such as, “My mind to your mind. Now I am [your name].”  To this, say, “Your mind to the mind of God,” and visualize white light between your head and Source or God, high overhead. That will break the horizontal connection between his 8th chakra (above his head) and your 8th chakra, and it sends a beam of light up from your head to God himself.
  • Second Technique: Visualize a diamond-white column of light, as wide as your head, going from about the level of your eyes, where the pituitary and pineal gland … the third-eye point … are situated, on up to about three feet above your head.


Regarding antisocial personalities who are in prison, I think you’ll find, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, croppings up of insanity amongst those that they know. They may keep a list of people that they obsess. These may be people that write to them or visit them. They may be jailers or prisoners. There may be long lists of people that they pop into and and temporarily drive insane, then pop out of.

I think one prison management method might be to move them from one cell to another when things get obsessional in a particular block, so that they have to develop new relationships, and this may take some time. So this is a low-cost way of managing the antisocial personality’s ‘flow-through’ effect of insanity on other people.

Try to minimize time spent with him. Try not to think of him, or correspond with him. Don’t talk to him. And that way, he won’t be led to do that.

A further possibility for prisoners is to try varied orientations of the head while sleeping. I’ve found that sleeping with the head to the east and the feet to the west makes sleep more restful, and makes the possibility of being caught up in obsessional activities less likely. One is less likely to fall prey to the unconscious thought cloud of the world, and this may cut down on acting out and insane behaviors in prisons.

It’s a case-by-case situation, though. Some will no doubt find other sleeping orientations better for them.


Now I’d like to turn to people who have been ‘flowed-through’ to or mind controlled by an antisocial personality or Dark Soul. When a person is in a mental hostage situation, where they can’t escape from someone else’s Soul wounding, especially in a situation that’s remote mind control, then it gives the impression … and in fact, it’s true, unless you have the proper tools at hand … that you’re being held hostage by someone else’s mind.

This is like the Patty Hearst situation, which is called Stockholm Syndrome. This is when you do what you can to get by because you can’t escape. It’s also called the Fawn Syndrome, where a fawn is confronted with a great predator, and then tries to play with the predator, because it has no other options. It can’t fight. It can’t run away far. It’s confronted with a predator that’s far more fierce and strong and incredibly fearsome than it is. So what the fawn tries to do is, it tries to go along and get along. It tries to do whatever the predator says.

And I think that’s pretty characteristic of people who are being mind controlled by these people called antisocial personalities or Dark Souls. I can see why they’re sometimes given more pejorative names, like Controllers, or Hybrids or Reptilians … lots of different names, because people feel like they can’t escape them, and so they do this Fawn Syndrome. Fight or flight … neither one of those works. Instead, they cave in.

In coming out of that, as soon as you’ve been able to neutralize the antisocial personality with one of the techniques that I’ve explained … or more that are probably in the astral air and to come to humankind soon, the thing to do is to read up on Stockholm Syndrome (10), its causes, and its treatments, and to use that information to recover as soon as possible from the trauma of remote mind control.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here are popular depictions of some of the topics above:

Image: Anthony Hopkins as the cannibal Hannibal Lecter: .. Note the forehead is unwrinkled by thought, and the eyebrows are relaxed. The eyes gaze unflinchingly. The mouth is slightly tense: Something is desired. What had been a slight, socially acceptable smile is beginning to show teeth. Will the teeth be bared?

Image: Man with many masks on, and nothing inside his head: ..

Image: Lizard Man, a popular folklore concept: ..


Link: “The Ego and Superpowers,” by Alice, ..

LInk: “Soulless Men,” by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 13 July 2018, ..


(1) From “The Astral Body and Other Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell, “Chapter XV: The After-Death Life: Special Cases,” page 142 (beginning “We have already …”) through page 143.

Also, search my blog category “Soul devolution – dark souls”

(2) See also “On Understanding, Apprehending, and Rehabilitating the Antisocial Personality  and the Serial Killer,” by Alice,

(3) See “Charles Manson – ” Dianne Sawyer Documentary,” at about 19.23 and 37.45

(4) Regarding paranoid-schizoid personality and early childhood loss,: Under my blog category “Psychology – Psychiatry,” search the subcategory “Loss” for blogs on early childhood loss.

(5) See my blog subcategory “8th chakra bow tie” for more on how people are sometimes mind controlled through their 8th chakra, and how to counteract this. Search also for “Lords of Karma.”

(6) See “Charles Manson Antisocial Personality Disorder,” ..

(7) See “Charles Manson – ” Dianne Sawyer Documentary,” , at about 16.10

(8) See “The Biography of Dennis Rader,” and “Dennis Rader” in Wikipedia,

(9) For more on Killing Cults, search my blog for ‘cults’. For more on Feral Drives, see the blog category “Antisocial personalities – feral humans – controllers – puppeteers”

(10) On Stockholm Syndrome:

“Stockholm Syndrome: What Not to Do,”

“Stockholm Syndrome,”


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