Proposition 60: The Pornography Industry and the Common Good … by Alice B. Clagett

  • The Question of Safe Sex for the Pornography Industry
  • Sex Workers and Societal Expectations
  • Bringing Sex Taboos to the Light of Conscious Awareness
  • On Dealing with the Practical Issue of Sex Work, Instead of Projecting Blame
  • Disempowerment of Sex Workers
  • Sex Worker Safety
  • The Flow-Through Effect: Sex Worker Safety and the Common Good
    • Clair Stories about Women Having Sex with Fitness Instructors
    • Clair Stories about Children Having Sex with Illegal Drug Dealers
    • Pornography as Sex Education for Young Adults
    • Clair Stories about Sex Workers and Law Enforcement
    • Suppression of Data on HIV Infection
    • Summary
  • Conclusions Regarding the Issue of Requiring Safe Sex for Actors in the Pornography Industry

Dear Ones,

I’m looking over the propositions on the California ballot today, and have come to some interesting realizations regarding ways to solve the issues we Americans face as a nation today.


In California, Proposition 60 (1) has been put forth, regarding requiring employers to have actors in pornography films use condoms, and to provide vaccines and medical checkups. This is an issue sidestepped by the California League of Women Voters, whose opinions I value because they reflect my concerns for children’s and women’s rights. So I took a closer look …


There are issues around occupations that don’t conform to societal expectations, such as the sex worker industry. The issues are: Should Americans be allowed to view pornography, or is this practice unethical? Ought punitive measures be in place regarding pornography? If so, what punitive measures? For instance, why not just let all the sex workers die of AIDS? That would serve them right, wouldn’t it?

These are not thoughts of our conscious minds. Rather, they are upwellings of negative emotion from our subconscious minds.

Many people have learned, in early childhood, that sexual expression needs to be corralled and closeted … in a bedroom, for example. That the sex act needs to be performed quietly, so that no one can hear. That only certain ways of expressing sexuality are ok; others (the list is long) are not ok. In the case of women, ‘that a lady need not express herself through orgasm’. The notion that children may not feel sexual till they reach 16, or 18 (when in fact, children begin to learn about sexuality, and to express it, in very early childhood).

These sexual taboos, which vary from family to family, and from culture to culture, are the source of Soul wounding in early childhood, which imbalances the second chakra and interferes with the function of the heart chakra.

And so, when we consider the issue of sex workers and condoms, we are really dipping into the mire of societal taboos regarding sexuality, and not just dealing with a straightforward issue of what might be good for disempowered sex workers.


Up until recently,  the savvy rhetorician could manipulate societal taboos to win kudos for personal gain … In this way, laws have been passed in America that reinforce early childhood Soul wounding and countermand the common good.

This is a new day on New Earth, and all of us are now able to arrive at better solutions to societal issues. This is because the common person … you and I … are rising to an understanding of the subconscious mind. We can move beyond these subconscious barriers, and on to new, more positive solutions to social issues.


In the case of condoms for sex workers, the subconscious negative burden of America is then notion aforementioned: Why not let them all die of AIDS?

OK, let’s look at that. While the sex worker occupation is socially unacceptable, it is also avidly sought after by both men and women. This has been the case down through history; there were merchants, women, slaves, and ‘canabae’ (2) who were camp followers for the Roman legion, and this has been the case for armies down through history. In a civilian context, this is also true.

In past, this issue has been dealt with in a subconscious context: Our subconscious mind wants to place blame, to pass judgment, regarding this activity. For women, our own husbands and their friends are engaged in this activity. For men, our wives would call it quits were we to come out in favor of this activity, though we may personally find it an attractive prospect. What to do? The answer has been, to project the blame and judgement we feel toward our spouse onto the sex workers.

This act of projection is one of the subconscious mechanisms that are now coming to the light of Awareness. It’s becoming clear that the issues reside within the spousal relationship, between man and wife. And more specifically, they lie in the clearings of the Soul wounding of the second chakra now taking place on Earth through the incoming photonic light. As these clearings take place, the negative onus of societal expectations rises to our conscious awareness. Thus spouses can begin to speak frankly of the issue of sex work and its utilization by the husband, or by the wife.

In the meantime, there is, for many Americans, still the negative subconscious burden in place. This may be overcome by pointing out the flow-through effect of labeling such an occupation ‘illegal’. Thus we may steer our course with an eye to the common good, rather than to that subconscious bias to which we all fall prey from time to time. Here are the issues at hand:


In America today, there are laws in place against sex workers. Yet laws are not enforced, as logic would propose, against those who frequent the sex trade.

  • This legal inequity is held in place by the subconscious nature of our disapproval of this occupation, and effected through the subconscious process known as ‘projection’.
  • We are using the legal system to project our negativity towards the sex worker occupation on sex workers, instead of dealing with the issues as husband-wife and parent-child issues.
  • Because of this legal inconsistency, sex workers are among the disempowered in America.


There is a rising sentiment to protect workers in America. Workers in many occupations are protected by laws regarding worker safety. However, in the case of occupations judged by the public to be unethical, there is no safety protection.

This concept of safety includes, in the case of sex workers, the danger of disease, including eventually fatal disease, danger of physical injury by clients and by pimps, and danger to life itself, as in the case of snuff films.


Sex workers know that admission of infection by HIV can be fatal; yet sex work invariably leads to infection. For the sake of life and limb, test results are falsified. This, to the sex worker, necessary precaution then puts those who utilize their services at risk of infection.

Thus the danger of disease, including eventually fatal disease, flows through to those that use the services of sex workers, and from there to their spouses, and from there onward to circle of intimate acquaintances of both spouses.

Clair Stories about Women Having Sex with Fitness Instructors

I’ve had a number of clair reports about M-2-F sex work through fitness centers, targeting older women, who divorce their husbands, marry a fitness instructor, contract HIV, and are ‘taken to the cleaners’ by the new husband.

Clair Stories about Children Having Sex with Illegal Drug Dealers

Also in the clair realm, there are reports of elementary school children trading M-2-child sex for drugs; thus the children are also contracting HIV by junior high school age.

Pornography as Sex Education for Young Adults

Here is another flow-through effect involving children: Pornography films are tools by means of which our young people learn about the sex act. Use of condoms in pornography films would help our young people understand the importance of safe sex practices.

Clair Stories about Sex Workers and Law Enforcement

There are clair stories to the effect that the flow-through effect extends to law enforcement and their spouses, because of widespread practice of unprotected jail rape of sex workers.

Suppression of Data on HIV infection

Data on HIV infection in the United States have been suppressed. (3) Why is this? It is possible that HIV incidence began to step up in 2014, and that many more people are involved than is generally known. Whether this is true, or not, can only be determined when the facts are, by some intrepid Soul in the Centers for Disease Control, finally brought to the light of public scrutiny.


From this I conclude that  the flow-through effect from sex work involves a broad range of people. It affects men who frequent sex workers. But also, women and children. And possibly many more people than published data have led us to believe.


  • Sex workers frequently act in pornography films for extra income.
  • If they don’t practice safe sex, then they will get HIV.
  • If the health of sex workers is not protected, the flow-through groups will get HIV. This might include you and me.
  • And so, it’s in our own best interest, and for the common good, that the health of actors in the pornography industry be protected.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Proposition 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirement. Initiative Satute,”

(2) ‘Canabae’ were the children of camp followers of the Roman legion who were women or slaves.

(3) “Community Health: Overview of the HIV Pandemic, and of Data Suppression by the Centers for Disease Control,”by Alice,


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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