Apollyon (Abaddon), the Drive to Competition, and the HIV / AIDS Virus … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Apollyon or Abaddon as the Drive to Competition
  • Subconscious Symbolism Represented by the Act of Rectal Intercourse
  • The Challenge that Humankind Faces Right Now
  • On Blessing the World with Perfect Wellbeing

Dear Ones,

Apollyon is another name for Abaddon, a force of destruction mentioned in the Book of Revelation. In another blog, (1) I’ve mentioned that this force, the ‘bringer of locusts’, might be considered the force that has brought the HIV virus into reality in the third dimension … which is to say, into physical reality here on Earth.


Here is an awful painting of one man eating another man … “Abaddon eating a person”: http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1YeL_KpXXXXcfXFXXq6xXFXXX7/Art-oil-painting-Repro-Abaddon-eat-person-monster-24×36.jpg_640x640.jpg ..

Maybe the lesson is that the men of the future, of New Life on New Earth, will not vie with each other through competition, but instead work together for New Creation.


This painting may also be viewed from a psychological perspective. In this context, and without explicitly portraying the act of rectal intercourse, the artist seems to me to portray the energy thread behind this act that has been so often mentioned in the noosphere in recent years (and, the clair-gifted may notice, is now in the process of transforming to love and light).

The main way the HIV virus spreads is through rectal intercourse (could be among men, or between a man and a woman). Now, this act of rectal intercourse is interpreted by the subconscious mind as “f___ you in the a__ h___” or the like” … in other words, as an act of hatred by one human being against another. Thus it could be said that our subconscious minds, the shadows of our personalities, have called forth this HIV virus as a physical representation or enactment of the drive to competition, the drive to “f___” each other in the a___ h___”

The drive to competition is one aspect of patriarchy, of the imbalances that took place in the last part of the Atlantean age just now past. This competitive instinct, like the HIV virus, is causing a great deal of suffering in the world today.


As you may know, many are now expanding in consciousness from awareness of their physical (3D) presence on Earth, to an awareness of the astral plane (4D). There they must face and overcome the tests of the astral beings negative.

The next test takes place at the ‘border line’ between the astral plane (4D) and the Kingdom of God, which will be our New Life on New Earth (5D). As all beings on this new plane of existence, this new field of awareness, feel compassionate love like that of Christ, and peace like that of the Buddha, we must drop all energy threads that are not of compassionate love and peace, before we can enter this sacred land.

One such energy thread is our sense of competition with other human beings. This is the challenge that faces humankind right now: To cease the competition, the aggression that causes so much suffering for all of us. To come together as a world people and help make life better for all humankind.

This coming together in loving kindness will usher in the New Age, which all will enjoy as soon as the squaring away process known in many faiths as the Last Judgment has taken place. In fact, this ‘Last Judgment’ is the process that effects the switchover from our consciousness as 3D and 4D beings, to our consciousness as 5D or higher.


I am in great hopes, as well, that the departure of that dense distortion of the light will be accompanied by a DNA upgrade that allows humankind to gracefully deal with the test of the HIV virus. (2) Let humankind be blessed with perfect wellbeing, perfect health, perfect happiness, and perfect ease of spirit.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Christian Cast Down by Apollyon,” by Frederick Shields, 1864, “Rejoice not against me, o mine enemy; when I fall, I shall arise,” http://www.victorianweb.org/art/illustration/shields/3.jpg ..


(1) See Link: “Overcoming Abaddon (Apollyon),” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6fa ..

(2) As well as a DNA upgrade for the, possibly, millions of people with antisocial personality disorder … see Link: “Disclosure and the Fate of Religious Radical Extremists,” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-6dd ..

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