Lemuria, Water Elementals, Natal Family Karma Disentanglement … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 16 September 2013 

  • Upwelling of Lemurian Consciousness
  • Water Elemental Cleansing and Glitches in Electronics and Electrical Devices
  • Natal Family Karma and Rebirths
  • On the Ghosts of Our Ancestors Now Turning to the Light

Image: Child dive bombing off a wooden pier into a little marsh: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/summer-funny-bomb-5362679.jpg ..

Dear Ones,


There’s something happening right now that I would have trouble explaining from a logical standpoint. But I’ll try to describe it using my intuition.

There’s an upwelling of Lemurian consciousness. There are floods here in Colorado, and the undines (1) … also known as water nymphs, water spirits, and water elementals … are everywhere … in the air, in the earth, and of course, dancing joyfully in the rivers, reservoirs, and rain.

This upwelling of Lemurian and undine energy has a great purpose … it is cleansing us humans, whether we exist in the third dimension, in dense physical bodies, or whether we have passed over, and are existing in the fourth dimension right now. The cleansing energy is helping us to be reborn into the fifth dimension as sovereign human beings. So the Lemurian and undine ‘waters’ are like the waters of our human birth process, easing the transition to a new world.


I gather that this water elemental cleansing process doesn’t agree that well with technology. At least in my case, that goes for the phone and the internet. Fortunately the electricity and the car are still working ok.


In recent times, humans have more often than not existed in extended natal family groups that are born and reborn together, often in enmity contexts that facilitate the mutual karmic disentanglement. Or in some cases, further entanglement.

Karma keeps these extended natal families close together, even though some members are incarnate and others nonphysical at any moment. We haven’t known it, but it hasn’t been at all uncommon for our physical presence in the world to be connected to, and carrying around with us, the ghosts of our ancestors … members of our extended family who have passed on. Why? Because of our continuing karmic entanglement with them.


So what is happening now? Feels like the karmic entanglements with our extended natal families are being ‘washed away’ by the Lemurian and undine energies. As they released from me, I could clairaudiently hear these ghosts of my ancestors waking up, shaking themselves awake, summoning the courage to turn to their guides, take their shining hands, and step out into the great unknown that is Love.

And what does this freeing up, this karmic disentanglement, mean to us incarnate humans? Like me, you may hear your family awaken and depart. You may notice your subconscious tendencies become less insistent. You may feel yourself returning to heart-felt mastery.

This is the moment of rebirth for all of us! Way so wow! for us all! I feel like diving in a river!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) For the connection between Lemuria and water elementals, see “My Memories of Original Lemuria” by Denise Le Fay at Transitions, 12 April 2010, http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/my-memories-of-original-lemuria/


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