More on Killing Cults … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 August 2016

Dear Ones,

Here is more on killing cults, such as the Charles Manson cult …


  • The root cause of killing cults is that their Soul wounding is such that they’re all caught together in their Lower Mental Bodies in a kind of subconscious mini-noosphere. So the actions they undertake are from the deep subconscious minds of all of them.
  • The clair chatter from a killing cult will always have unconscious mind qualities
    • for instance, the idea that there is no ego involved is a quality of the deep unconscious mind
  • There may be three major ‘personae’ in the killing cult:
    • the leader, who may be several men, acting interchangeably, or just one man
    • the leader’s alter ego male (a role that a number of men in the cult may interchangeably assume), and
    • all the women in the cult, who are termed the leader’s ‘wife’, and who are interchangeable
  • These unconscious qualities of the mini-noosphere of a killing cult are pre-egoic. They occurred, in the evolution of humankind, prior to social notion of human beings having separate rights
  • In the ‘acting out’ of a killing cult you’ll find an agglomerate of the subconscious minds of all the cult members
  • The behavior of a killing cult will reflect, in the atmosphere of the Awakening, first in the astral stories emanating from the group, and then, if not checked, on the physical plane, the very deepest subconscious Soul wounding … such as killing scenarios, raping scenarios, or scenarios of physical disfigurement.
    • These scenarios have to do with threats to life itself, and
    • the notion that other people don’t have a Soul, or human rights, or individuality
  • Such scenarios will be enacted by the cult
    • against outsiders, or if no outsiders are available,
    • against members of the group perceived to be inferior
  • Try to stay clear of deep subconscious gloms. This will help ensure your physical safety.
    • Keeping in mind that there is always an appropriate time to exit the current incarnation

See also: “Community Health: Cults that Kill,” by Alice, ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

DISCLAIMER: All references in this blog to an antisocial personality, psychopath, sociopath, cult leader, cult, serial killer or cannibal are completely fictional (unless they are backed up by a news source and the name of a convicted person). If not backed up by a person’s conviction, they are from the clair plane, which has no pertinence whatsoever to the physical plane of reality. Any resemblance of these hypothetical astral stories to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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