Group Circle Meditation: Facilitating in a Domed Room … by Alice B. Clagett ..

  • Dome 1: Seating Chart for the Domed Circle Meditation
  • Dome 2: On Establishing a Facilitation Vector
  • On Avoiding Lower Triangle Hookups During Group Meditation
  • Dome 4. Formation of a Collective Unconscious Astral Cord
  • Dome 5: Facilitator Shifts to Peripheral Vector
  • Dome 6: Clockwise Spiral Energy Flow Established
  • An Analogy of Peripheral Vector Spinning to the Childhood Game of Sticks and Hoops

The event described below took place on 10 June 2016, about one week prior to Summer Solstice.

Dear Ones,

Here are some visuals showing my recent experience with facilitating a group circle meditation in a domed room. The intention is to facilitate the influx of Incoming Light, so that the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the world may be cleared through Divine grace.

Domed rooms are a little tricky, as they can increase the clockwise circular flow of energy, creating a whirlwind effect. Domes also can consolidate the group energy in a dome shaped configuration. However, the visual effect of the dome can restrict the height of the group energy to the height of the dome. Group meditations held outdoors are less height-restrictive, but the energy of the outdoor group is less condensed and also, not packed with spiral energy.

DOME 1: SEATING CHART FOR THE DOMED CIRCLE MEDITATION. Here’s a diagram of the seating in the domed circle meditation I attended. The big dark circle represents the outer edge of the seating area. The seating area was in the center of the domed structure, the floor of which was twice as wide as the seating area.

image by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0

  • Small circles = chairs, facing the center of the circle.
  • Small circles that are empty represent empty chairs.
  • Small circles with the female sign had women sitting in them.
  • Small circles with the male sign had men sitting in them.
  • The bright yellow circle was the seat of the meditation leader; beside him, in the pink circle, sat his wife. Around them was a golden tantric force field.
  • The dark orange circle was the seat of a good looking young man with a spiritual demeanor; beside him, in the light orange circle, sat the equally good looking young woman who was with him. Around them was a golden tantric force field. The couple was maybe half the age of the other meditators.
  • The green circle was where I sat as facilitator.

DOME 2: ON ESTABLISHING A FACILITATION VECTOR. When facilitating a group circle meditation in a domed structure, I never sit opposite anyone. An empty chair across the circle from me is fine. In the case of this event, though, the best seat I could find was across from the meditation leader and his wife. I moved my chair as far as possible to the left so that my midline, my hara line (1), was opposite the space between the two of them.  For the alignment of the vector, see the arrow in the diagram below:

image by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0


My purpose in so sitting was to avoid a lower triangle hookup between me and another member of the circle. Lower triangle hookups occur when I sit directly facing someone else, unless they have a strong sense of their own EMF field.

To get a strong sense of one’s own EMF field, one must align one’s awareness with God rather than with the phenomenal world (2); in this way one begins to see the shallowness of the causal view of reality. Thus one escapes from the chains of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World (called by some the Collective Unconscious), which flow through the lower triangle of every human being, and causes astral bonding during group meditations.

Formation of unconscious astral bonds detracts from the buildup of God-awareness in a meditator, as it distorts and confounds the energy of the personal EMF. Thus, experienced meditators avoid these bonds.

DOME 3: CENTRAL KARMIC KNOT. Immediately as the meditation started, the energy of the meditation leader (bright yellow circle next to the pink circle) set the tenor and the rhythm. Very soon, there was a ramping up of negative energies of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World, which I experienced as clair hearing regarding what seemed like societal expectations regarding suppression of the sex drive and the drive to aggression.

It appeared to me that the lower triangle energies of the meditators were meeting in the center of the circle and forming a writhing karmic knot; the energy configuration, which looked like this (3):

dome-3image partly by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0 … see also footnote (3)

DOME 4. FORMATION OF A COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS ASTRAL CORD. Then the energy of the group members’ Lower Triangles … which had been expressing as the writhing karmic knot in the center of the circle … was flooded with sexual energy from the lower triangle of the young, good looking man (dark orange circle, next to light orange circle).

Because he was sitting directly opposite a woman, and his hara line was directly aligned with hers, his lower triangle energy channeled the sexual energy of all the meditators into her lower triangle. The resultant collective unconscious astral bond that formed looked like this:

image partly by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0 … see also footnote (3)

DOME 5. FACILITATOR SHIFTS TO PERIPHERAL VECTOR. Seeing that the current orientation of my hara line was insufficient to start the spiral energy (vortical energy) that could sweep away this collective lower triangle astral bond, I shifted my sitting position so that my knees faced an empty chair to my left.

The arrow next to the green circle below shows the direction in which my knees were pointing. See how that arrow is parallel to the big arrow in the center of the circle? Thus the energy of my vector (the small arrow next to the green circle) flowed in the same direction as that of the meditator in the dark orange chair.

  • For this reason, I wasn’t engaged in a struggle with the energy flow of the group.
  • Because my vector (my arrow) was more on the periphery of the seating area, I hoped to ‘push’ the group energy in the direction of the typical vortical clockwise spiral that aids the clearing of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World as the Incoming Light slowly ramps up and offers humankind the opportunity to Awaken.

image partly by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0 … see also footnote (3)

DOME 6. CLOCKWISE SPIRAL ENERGY FLOW ESTABLISHED. Luckily, the hoped-for clockwise spiral energy began to take place, the astral cord dissolved, the karmic knot in the center of the meditation area disbursed, and the energy of the group became more synchronous, more golden, and more uplifted or conscious. However, because of the unruly nature of the astral matter that evening (and in fact, all that week), my EMF, and perhaps those of the other meditators, remained somewhat unstable for the duration of the evening. (4)

image partly by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0 … see also footnote (4)

AN ANALOGY OF PERIPHERAL VECTOR SPINNING TO THE CHILDHOOD GAME OF STICKS AND HOOPS. This sitting sideways, and facing in the direction of clockwise energy flow for a circle meditation is like the old-fashioned childhood game of sticks and hoops (“rolling hoops”). The children used to strike a hoop with a sideways blow of the stick, causing it to rotate. Because the hoop wasn’t fixed in place, it would move forward, and they would run to keep up.

“Boys playing hoops in an 1842 woodcut,” by Merry’s Museum, 1842 … see footnote (5)

Of course, during a domed circle meditation, the ‘hoop’ is the astral air inside the dome, the center of which is the center of the dome. This air has nowhere to go but round and round the fixed center of the meditation room, as the ‘striking stick’ of the facilitator’s vector (the arrow in the illustration ‘Dome 5’) adds spin to the astral air.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


See also “Dynamics of Group Meditation,” by Alice,


(1) Here is a picture of a hara line:

by Alice B. Clagett, CC4.0

Adaptation of “Standing man, thin, facing forward,” by Madeleine Price Ball , Wikipedia … from … Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

(2) See “The Great Invocation, by Djwhal Khul,” read by Alice,

(3) The image of the celtic knot is from Pixabay … … CC0 Public Domain

(4) The spiral in the image is “Three 360° turns of a one-arm Archimedean spiral. The spiral is drawn as a series of minimum-error Bézier segments, one for each 45° section of the spiral (24 segments in all),” by AdiJapan (talk) … from Wikipedia, … Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

(5) The engraving above is “Boys playing hoops in an 1842 woodcut,” by Merry’s Museum, 1842 ( … from Wikimedia, … public domain.

See also this video, where some children are just learning to play with sticks and hoops:

At the time of sharing on this blog, this video had a Standard Youtube license. See .


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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