Suppression of 2014 Data on the US HIV / AIDS Pandemic… by Alice B. Clagett

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  • Statistics: Suppression of HIV Data
  • The Situation in Other Countries
  • Clair Intel on Underreported Populations
    • Women and Children
    • Sex Workers
  • Clair Intel on HIV Infants
  • Clair Intel on Prisoners in Penal Institutions
  • Over-the-Counter HIV Tests
  • A Word of Encouragement

Dear Ones,

I’ve done some research because of the conflict between my clair intel on HIV/AIDS incidence and the US government and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) statistics, and have come up with some concerning results.


At the CDC Atlas I went to HIV diagnoses in the United States, at

I clicked on the “View Counties” button. I noticed in the key at the top right that a white background with horizontal marks across it indicates counties where Data Are Suppressed (1) :

HIV data suppressed

These areas appear as white on the map (1) :

HIV diagnoses-US

Thus it appears that data have been suppressed in almost all counties in the US States with the exception of about 2/3 of California and about 4/5 of Arizona. There is also a smattering of reporting along the Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast.

In Alaska and the US Territories data have been suppressed. Hawaii is reporting.

Thus the reason for the optimistic outlook regarding HIV/AIDS in the United States … see … most likely has to do with suppression of data on a broad scale.


My intuitive feeling is that the situation may be more grave in most other countries, with the exception of the developed countries, which most likely have more funding for health education and health care than do the less developed countries. However, I haven’t yet done the research on the global situation.


Women and Children. HIV infection of United States women is underreported (2) , apparently because US Medical Institutions don’t consider women who are straight and in relationships with men to be at risk, and consequently don’t provide testing.

There is an issue with social stigma for women and men who are primarily straight, where the men may be engaging in MSM (male sex with men) casual sex as well. This would be a social stigma for both the man and woman in the primarily straight relationship.

  • Thus the man in such a straight relationship may have HIV, and also possibly hepatitis, but be unwilling to tell his wife about it.
  • If true, this would result in danger of infecting the children in a primarily straight relationship as well.
  • On the clair plane, I’ve even heard of instances of HIV testers at Medical Facilities being offered bribes to change a wife’s HIV test to negative (no HIV).
  • On the clair plane, I’ve also heard that wealth and power can sometimes buy indigent parents’ assent to sexual abuse of children, both young boys and young girls, for a pittance. If true, this would put such children at risk for HIV infection.

Sex Workers

  • I have clair intel regarding sex workers bribing HIV testers at Medical Facilities to return negative (no HIV) results.


  • I have clair intel regarding HIV-positive infants at Medical Facilities being unadoptable, being euthanized, and further clair intel that I find disturbing, to the effect there may be a market for these infants’ HIV-infected organs.
  • I’d like to make it clear that, in a slow-moving epidemic such as the current global HIV/AIDS epidemic, it is the HIV-positive infants that offer the most hope for the future of humankind, as there will be some among them who are resistant to HIV. As with the flu epidemic in the early 1900s, the resistant population will be the basis of the future world community. So for the sake of the world, I beg our peoples to care for and nurture these infants with HIV.


  • Regarding penal institutions, on the clair plane my intel is that incarceration carries a high risk of contracting HIV through rape by inmates. The jails are too overcrowded, I hear, to allow a person a cell by himself, and so the threat of rape by fellow prisoners is quite clear.
  • I have more to say about incarceration: I feel that a minor infraction, such as a DUI speeding ticket that results in incarceration, ought not to be a ticket to contracting HIV. The penalty, I feel, is too steep for the infraction. So I ask that we all put our heads together and think what might be done about this. Having HIV makes it harder to find work, and also harder to excel at a job because of health challenges.
  • On the clair plane I’ve also heard prisoners’ fears that, if they ask for a private cell, they run the risk of being raped by law enforcement. If true … and I’m sure such instances would be rare, considering the fine quality of our law enforcement officers … then in such an instance the officer and his family would also be at higher risk, and might wish to seek HIV testing. (3)


I notice that Ora-Quick offers a $40 in-home HIV tests that is sold through major drug stores. This is touted as being as accurate as Medical Facility Tests. If true, this would be a way for women and children to ‘bridge the gap’ between the tests now provided through Medical Facilities and the reality of the situation at hand.


For those who are now diagnosed HIV-positive: Know that you are not alone. There are many, many who are diagnosed the same. It’s just that the figures are not out there; they are suppressed.

And too, those who have HIV are laboring under more than the effects of this disease; an even greater burden is the negative opinion our friends and family may have of us if they find out, and the way people treat us when we apply for work.

Dear Ones, knowledge is power. If we know and understand what we’re up against as a nation, we will find the courage and hope to stand together in community and see this great nation through the coming difficult times.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“Overview of the HIV Pandemic, and of Data Suppression by the Centers for Disease Control,” by Alice B. Clagett *, 7/10/2016, .. 

“Overview of Surgical Risk, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, and Hard Drugs,” by Alice B. Clagett *, 17 October 2016, ..


(1) For the image that follows this footnote reference, since the webpage states “U.S. Gov,” I’m assuming that this applies, although it’s not expressly stated on the webpage: “A work of the United States government, as defined by the United States copyright law, is ‘a work prepared by an officer or employee” of the federal government“as part of that person’s official duties.’[1] In general, under section 105 of the Copyright Act,[2] such works are not entitled to domestic copyright protection under U.S. law and are therefore in the public domain.” –from “Copyright Status of Work by the U.S. Government,” Wikipedia, … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

(2) See “The Underreported Epidemic of HIV Among US Women,” by Jamie Reno, 11 February 2016,

(3) On the Drug War and Prison Overcrowding. Our law enforcement officers are, I feel, doing their very best to deal with a very difficult situation, considering the drug war and overcrowding in the penal facilities.

In the longer run, I feel our nation will turn to making drugs legal, so that the tax on drug sales can be used for drug use education and rehabilitation. If the sale of drugs were legal, there would be less violence around this sector of the economy … as is the case with the sale of cigarettes and liquor. Thus the job of law enforcement would be less dangerous. It could also be that law enforcement might have an opportunity to assist with drug use education and rehabilitation.

Penal facilities have already turned to Work Parole and similar programs, and that is a good step; education and rehabilitation by law enforcement for those in Work Parole programs might also be helpful. In short, in the coming years, I see the role of law enforcement turning, overall, to education and rehabilitation programs.


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