Attaining Liberation: Overcoming the Pitfall of Yogic Superpowers … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Thoughts on Ways to Attain Liberation
  • The Trouble with the Yogic Superpowers
  • On Using Drugs to Attain Yogic Superpowers
  • Optimizing Timelines to Avoid Using Yogic Superpowers for Worldly Gain

Dear Ones,

In this video are thoughts on how to attain God consciousness, based on “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” with commentary by Swami Prabhavananda, translated by Christopher Isherwood.



  • bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion … playing kirtan, feeling one’s heart
  • jnana yoga … attainment of knowledge or wisdom. Perhaps Theosophy and the writings of Arthur E. Powell fall into this category?
  • concentration on an object
  • concentration on nothingness, or ‘no object’ (the path of advaita)
  • chanting God’s name: Hara Hara Hara Hara Hara Hara Haree … a chant for abundance


  • Patanjali offers ways to attain over 100 yogic superpowers.
  • In the fine print, we learn that, if we attain the yogic superpowers and then don’t go on to total alignment with God consciousness, then some really gruesome things will happen to us.
  • Once a person gets yogic superpowers, he must figure out how to give them back to God somehow.
  • The theory I learned (not from Patanjali, though) is that the yogic superpowers are just paving stones on the way to God consciousness, God awareness, Awakening … what we’re doing now.
  • So we have to know the warning signs of having the yogic superpowers, and then we have to humbly offer them in service to God. That’s the important thing.


  • The first thing on Patanjali’s list, as a way to develop yogic superpowers, is drugs.
  • Hallucinogenics were used in ancient rituals to usher in rites of passage … for manhood, womanhood, and so on.
  • For the person training to be a Spiritual Adept, I feel the use of drugs is not indicated, even though there are documented cases where use of such a drug opens a person up to a first mystical experience.
  • The problem with drugs is that they offer yogic superpowers before a person is spiritually developed enough to deal with them. When this happens, mistakes can be made. For instance, a person may use their yogic superpowers because of sensory attraction … such as the desire for money, the desire for many sexual partners, or the desire for power over lots of people. These are temptations that will lead the aspiring yogi into the realm of karmic problems, from which it can take lifetimes to escape.
  • One good example is the use of drugs that allow a person to develop yogic superpowers to kill other people and go undetected.
  • Story of the thuggee cult in Ancient India. When they passed on, they would attempt to ‘walk in’ to other people’s drugged bodies. This is called the ‘walk in’ phenomenon, and is accepted as a true yogic superpower in India.
  • My feeling is, thuggees were not able to ‘walk in’. Instead, because of the predatory nature of their lives, their samskaras would be so heavy that their desire elementals would be transformed to the fearsome kama rupa. This is a desire elemental of great cunning and animal ferocity, but which lacks even the rudiments of human conscience.
  • My feeling is that, when the followers of a dead thuggee guru drug a victim and try to induce the dead guru’s spirit to ‘walk in’ to the drugged man, what actually walks in is the kama rupa of the dead man, and not his spirit at all. In other words, it is the worst, most animal qualities of a person who walked sideways of the law for his entire life that they call into the drugged victim, and worship as if it were his spirit.
  • Meantime, I feel, the subtle bodies of the thuggee go on to afterlife Soul learning, and then to a new incarnation, in which he will have the opportunity to retrace his steps towards greater Soul awareness.
  •  Since the 2012 Shift, thuggees aren’t finding suitable lack of Light Quotient among prospective pregnant mothers on Earth. Thus thuggees who have passed on, and who would like to reincarnate, are instead confined to the astral plane, and roil around there, looking for people in form who manifest a yearning that’s similar to their own inclinations. On these they descend in furious hunger, though only on the astral plane, and only for a moment. In such moments, it’s important for people not to go out on the astral plane, as these sorts of entities are waiting there, in the negative transpersonal dimensions(located physically above the crown chakra, for those in form).


  • If you’ve been temporarily sidetracked by using drugs to attain yogic superpowers for worldly gain, then this timeline optimization will allow you to move to the most efficient path of Awakening: Spirit to Team! Optimize Timelines! For the All, through Free Will!
  • If you’ve been using yogic superpowers to put your group or your person or your family first, as has been done for long ages in the past, the thing to also consider is that this is the time of the All, the time that we join in harmony and unity with all beings everywhere in the upliftment of this Universe. And so, what worked in the past, what served in the past, in the near future won’t be working and won’t be serving. It’s just something to think about as we continue on with what we’re doing … to think about how things might change, and how all beings might benefit, and how there might be plenty for everybody too.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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