Message to the Starseeds

Michael Isherwood Illuminations Now Shortlink: Message to the Starseeds The term Starseed refers to the first group of Lightworkers who incarnated on Earth in answer to a request from Gaia the Eart…

Source: Message to the Starseeds


Dear Ones, The above is a referral from WordPress to a WordPress article I found interesting.
In love, light and joy,

One thought on “Message to the Starseeds

  1. Alice Clagett Post author

    Dear Ones, From my own perspective, it’s not so much about getting into a space of preparedness to go home … as if it were a difficult chore, you know? It’s more like OMG this is 3D! How it hurts my heart to be here! … And then, o wow! How great it was back home! how nice to it would be to be back with my friends!
    In love, light and joy,
    I Am of the Stars



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