The Child Who Thought She Could Fly … by Alice ..

16 August 2015

  • How, When I Was Little, I Thought I Could Fly
  • I’m from Elsewhere, and I Intend to End Up There?
  • Starseed Mental Filter

Jumping off the playground swing, photographer unknown: 

Dear Ones,


I remember when I was little, I always thought I ought to be able to fly. Why couldn’t I fly? What was up with this? I remember testing this out in early childhood, over and over. Once I climbed up on the roof of our house, and jumped off onto the concrete kitchen porch. Ouch! Big ouch! I hurt the instep of my left foot.

So I went inside and told my mom my foot hurt. She was pretty busy with cooking and like that, and the distracting demands of my younger siblings. I told her my foot hurt. She said, Why is that? On receiving the explanation, she said, it serves you right! Maybe you’ll stop trying this silly stunt now!

I can remember limping for years. I figure, in the deepest sense, this was God telling me to pay attention to the Earth rules, and take good care of my body. No matter how odd, how limiting, how frustrating, the grounded experience might be.


Years ago, I went to a kirtan, and there was a grab-basket of spiritual quotes that were passed around. The quote I got was from the Sufi mystical poet Rumi, who said, to paraphrase, that his Soul was from somewhere else, and that was where he would end up as well.

My gut reaction was: No! Not me!

Consequent to which, I’ve spent plenty of time visualizing grounding to Earth, tending to my physical and emotional balance and nourishment, reaching out to communicate with other people, and like that.

I don’t want to be ending up elsewhere! At least, not now. I want to participate as much as possible in this unique Earthly experience. Though it does seem foreign to me.

I’ve done some research on Starseed characteristics. There are loads of posts about this, and they are very varied. Here is one I really resonated with, straight down the line:



Today I figured out that we Starseeds have a mental filter. For the sake of being transparent, I’ll just call it the Starseed mental filter. I also realized this morning that we’re going to have to fight to lift it off.

There are plenty of perks of being a Starseed; these have to do with the paranormal abilities that ‘come with the terrain’. Something we often overlook, being special and all, is the importance of honoring our bodies and the grounded experience.

And so, dear ones, let us Be Here Now. Keeping in mind, we won the lottery. Loads of beings want to be on Earth. While they are graciously and lovingly overseeing our Earth experience, if they haven’t been here in physical form yet … and the likelihood is they have not … then they can’t possibly know, unless we tell them, the difficulties we’re encountering in human form.

So, I’ve learned, I have to be very specific with my Team. If my left instep aches from time to time, I have to let them know, so they can help resolve this wounded memory.

I am also thinking, to reach out more often, on the physical plane, for spiritual cameraderie with other star beings, Start a program of physical fitness and endocrine gland rebalancing….

These are my personal goals, my intention being to alleviate the drawbacks of the Starseed mental filter. As a Star Being, I’m quite certain that, if you like this notion, you will want to develop your own to-do list… That’s just the way we are!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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