Shyness, Repression of Emotion, and Psychic Superpowers … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

This video is about extreme shyness (sometimes termed ‘social anxiety disorder’), which affects about 15 million Americans.

Topics: extreme shyness, repression of emotions due to social anxiety, psychic superpowers, psychic mischief, and ways to ameliorate extreme shyness and balance out psychic superpowers. Also:

  • The ethics of acquiring wealth through psychic abilities, and
  • The possible building blocks of personality …


The summary below contains points not in the video.

  • Repression of Soul desires and Soul purpose so as to avoid social criticism
  • Desire to hide from other people creates welter of negative emotions
  • Acting out of repressed emotions on astral plane
    • Repressed desire for control, expressed as obsessing (temporary ‘possession’) of another person by temporarily overwhelming their personality and acting out repressed emotions through the other person on the physical plane
    • Repressed desire for sex, expressed as astral rape, or as acting out rape on the physical plane through temporarily obsessing another person
    • Repressed anger and desire for killing out of repressed anger, expressed as psychic torture and psychic murder, or as acting out of torture and murder on the physical plane through temporarily obsessing another person
    • This might be done by the very shy person in a dissociative state, so that they retain no memory of obsessing and causing another person to act out. During this time of Awakening, it’s more likely that the obsessed persons will first gain Awareness of having been obsessed, and with supreme exercise of will power, overcome the tendency to be obsessed.
  • I note that the difficulty in overcoming the tendency to be obsessed occurs because societal expectations with regard to the feral drives cause a veil of unconsciousness to be pulled over these drives. When the shy obsessor exercises ‘mind control’ to obsess another person, he or she is helped in this by what has been till recent years the overwhelming weight of unconscious noospheric energies constituting the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World.
  • I propose chakric balancing techniques be used to bring the 6th chakra, the third eyepoint and seat of psychic superpowers, of the very shy person into alignment with his or her other chakras.
  • The 6th chakra is physically very far from the lower triangle (the gut brain), and so it’s not surprising that the sexual chakra may suffer when the third eyepoint is overly strong. I feel this may be why extreme shyness usually manifests at the age of puberty. The amelioration technique would be to place special emphasis on rebalancing of the second chakra (the seat of sexuality). My thought is that the first and third chakras (which are also at a far distance, physically, from the third eyepoint) might also require special attention with regard to chakric rebalancing.
  • I also propose behavioral therapy and group therapy in a physical setting to ameliorate social anxiety in the very shy person.

The postscripts to the video make these points:

  • PS 1:  Addressing shyness through behavioral therapy or group therapy on the physical plane.
  • PS 2: Could the very shy person be lacking in egoic identification (because of concern regarding societal expectations)? Might this lack be what causes the very shy person to ‘step into’ one or many other people on the psychic plane, sequentially, without awareness that an egoic boundary held by others to be sacrosanct has been crossed?
  • PS 3: This same lack of egoic identification might cause the very shy person to overcompensate by attempting to mind control other people … so that their minds are blank, and the shy person’s mind is free to express itself without concern for their opinions and expectations.
  • PS 4: Interrelationship of the qualities of extreme shyness and the development of great psychic powers.
  • PS 5: Might paired opposing energies … such as in this case, great power and great fear … be building blocks of personality? Might they be the kinks in the armor of our human EMF which constitute ‘Soul wounding’?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“Shyness … or Social Anxiety Disorder?” by the Social Anxiety Institute,


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


shyness, societal expectations, social anxiety, psychic superpowers, repressed emotions, clair hearing, following the heart, social skills, diplomacy, Benjamin Franklin, peer pressure, building blocks of personality, soul wounding, human EMF, mind control, obsession, possession, psychic rape, psychic murder, Thuggees, Riddhi, Siddhi, ethics of psychic powers, building blocks of personality,

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