Subconscious Symbolism: Cutting Someone Down to Size … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Video on Unconscious Symbolism
  • Summary of Video
  • How Soul Wounding Can Snowball
  • Keeping Physically Safe During Ascension

Dear Ones,


As it turns out, my blogs on Unconscious Symbolism are getting to be more numerous, so I’ve added that topic to the Category list on my blog… in case you want to check back to previous blogs on that topic. This current blog has to do with the same topic …


The video starts with a brief review on the unconscious mind:

  • how it represents metaphors, that is, common ‘figures of speech’, as physical actions in the world
  • how this can trigger ‘acting out’ during the ascension process.

Then it proceeds to a new instance of unconscious symbolism as expressed through the metaphor ‘cutting someone down to size … unconsciously visualized by a man as genital mutilation or emasculation of another man

  • this is ‘acting out’ of the feral drive of male dominance, which has been repressed by societal expectations as humankind became more civilized
  • ‘acting out’ during Ascension process may result in group leaders turning against their male group members in this way. If you clair sense this notion welling up in a group leader, it would be best not to be near them physically in ones or twos until the leader has cleared through the feral insincts. Such clearing is an inevitable part of the Ascension process, as when we atune to the Fifth Dimension, or Christ Consciousness level of awareness, we become sensitive to the injury inflicted on humankind by acting out of feral drives; thus, though we may sense these instincts when we place our awareness on the Third Dimension, through the blessing of Christ Consciousness we are unlikely to act upon them.
  • During these times of mental turmoil, as the soul wounding of humankind and Gaia’s noosphere are quickly and efficiently being cleared by our Spiritual Teams and Higher Selves, it is possible that a group leader might propose a Rite of Manhood in which a male initiate might be emasculated. Quite clearly, the unconscious intent of this would be performed to increase the manhood or ‘macho standing’ of the leader. Not in the least would it be performed to prove the manhood of the young man who might putatively undergo genital wounding.
  • Further, these spurious rites of ‘manhood’ can be envisioned, on the clair plane, as the leader of a group cutting off the tip of a young man’s penis and eating it. Very clearly, this has to do with the consumption of animal genitalia in some countries … such as the promotion of eating a tiger penis as an aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine. Modern medicine most likely has no way to disprove this, but I’m here to say, from an intuitive perspective, that there is no truth whatsoever in this.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a frequent feature of the Ascension process, as apparently are marital separation and other marital difficulties. Please be patient, and trust in the process. Know that the creative ability unfolding within you far exceeds what you’ve experienced in this lifetime. Look for the new skills that you’ve received, the new possibilities before you. 
  • Clair denouement of this astral dream: The young man who has been genitally mutilated by having the tip of his penis removed unconsciously envisions his penis as a ‘needle‘ … This may be the cause of the malware phrase “I will stick a needle in her,” which is going round on the clair plane right now. There are two possible ‘acting out’ consequences of this malware
    • When the injured man sees his penis, he is reminded of intravenous drugs, and so this form of physical wounding can trigger him to intravenous drug use (IDU).
    • Or, when he sees his penis, he might be triggered to drug a woman by ‘sticking a needle in her” and then raping her.
    • In either case, reconstructive surgery might be helpful.


This series of malware events: ‘cutting someone down to size’ … acted out … followed by ‘stick a needle in her’ … acted out, is a good example of how soul wounding can snowball, creating denseness in the noosphere and putatively, community health issues.


What I’m really trying to say here is: Young men of Earth, please don’t fall for this unconscious ‘acting out’. After all, your moms spent nine months making sure you would be born into this incarnation as perfectly as possible. When your bodies are wounded, every mom is wounded too.

Men do tend to place more emphasis on the physical than do women. One thing to keep in mind is that there are many dimensions to be discovered … 72 dimensions, some say … during our Awakening on Earth. Your physical body is just one of these … the third dimension. Please take good care of your bodies as you step into New Life on New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

PS: Blue font above indicates ideas not expressed in the video.


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