Thoughts on Curing AIDS, and on Modern Medical Healing … by Alice ..

  • On the Nature of AIDS
  • Photonic Light, Timeline Merges, Acting Out, and STDs
  • Chakric Rebalancing
  • How the Shadow Side Influences Spontaneous Cure
    • Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind
    • Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind
  • The Payment Model for the Modern Medical Profession

Dear Ones,


I had an insight into the nature of AIDS the other day. On the astral plane, I feel that the AIDS thought form is created through negatively aspected second chakra astral matter. Specifically, the emotional energies of hatred, fear, anger, or despair become attached to thought forms related to the second, or sexual, chakra.

Very strong negative energies attached to sexual thought forms are a form of kama-manas (desire-mind) that, after gathering sufficient density, can distill from the astral plane into the physical plan as sexual diseases such as AIDS.


Today, in this new Age of Light, as the beautiful light of Alcyone’s photon belt once more touches and transforms Earth and all her beings, the clearing of samskaric tendencies from past and present lifetimes on Earth is proceeding apace.

Welling up into our consciousness are all the instances of negatively aspected sexual thought forms from the many lifetimes we experienced in the recent 10,000-year Age of Darkness. As our personal timelines continue to merge, and our dimensional awareness continues to expand, we may experience upsurges of negative sexual feelings.

On the physical plane, these upsurges can lead to ‘acting out’, which can give rise to the spread of STDs. Which is why, intuitively speaking, I notice much turmoil on the clair plane regarding discovery and resolution of issues around STDs. Intuitively speaking, it seems to me that this applies to all countries, all cultures, and all age brackets, worldwide.


The solution to this upwelling and manifestation on the physical plane, is to rebalance, harmonize and perfect the functioning of the second chakra. Chakric rebalancing methods are available online and also in person, through many wonderful healers.

When the chakras are in perfect alignment, physical diseases will disappear and the body will come into perfect physical health. This applies even to diseases such as AIDS, which hold such a load of despair and sadness.


We may be perfectly cured through chakric healing, yet if we were previously diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ physical disease, after the cure we may experience  ‘popping up’ of samskaras, or misaligned thought forms, which are distortions of our own subtle bodies, to do with past learning about the inevitability of disease and death.

It’s important to clear through these negative thought forms; positive affirmations may be helpful, or laughter as a healing technique, or one may continue to work with alternative healing, such as clearing through the sacred languages of light and sound.

Family and Friends and the Shadow Mind

After a spontaneous cure, family and friends will most likely continue to believe that we are incurably ill. And their thought forms, sent to us through the ‘astral air’, may negatively impact our health. This is a difficult question, which must be addressed on a case by case basis, through their education on the true nature of disease. It may be helpful to absent oneself physically from family and friends, and curtail communication with them, for a while after the spontaneous cure, as the notion that this miracle has in fact manifested is accepted by their minds and hearts.

Medical Doctors and the Shadow Mind

Our doctors, the Shadow of whose minds depend on income from illness for their own financial wellbeing, may also refuse to accept that our bodies are back in balance and no longer manifest these diseases.

Everybody knows that even such serious diseases as AIDS can go into remission. Even a diagnosis of liver cancer can inexplicably go into ‘remission’. The facts of remission, I feel, are ignored by the medical profession because they conflict with their beliefs on the nature of disease and healing. Yet in instance after instance, such spontaneous cures take place. The answer, I feel, will be an upgrading of the modern medical mental filters, so that the facts of remission will better fit into the modern medical Weltanshauung.


Long years ago, I heard of the barefoot doctors of China, who accepted payment only for the physical health of their patients … as I recall, in the form of eggs or vegetables from the people of the villages where they offered medical care. The villagers wouldn’t pay them if they fell ill, yet they expected medical attention then, with the notion that the doctors had momentarily failed in their mission of maintaining a villager’s health and wellbeing.

This notion makes perfect sense to me, as, in my thinking, what villager could afford to give away eggs and vegetables while he or she lay ill? Yet the healthy person could easily offer sustenance to the travelling barefoot doctor.

I ask, for the sake of your consideration, would this not be a better model of payment for the modern medical community? Great ills, such as a specialist’s misdiagnosis of disease for the sake of remuneration entailed by an operation, or the specialist’s Shadow side wishful thinking that a person be subject to the specialist’s illness (which wishful thinking, in aggregate, can distill down into the physical reality), might be avoided by simply changing the payment model for the modern medical profession.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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