More on the V___ D___ Energy Leaving: Alternate World and Timeline Merge Hypothesis … by Alice B. Clagett

photo by Alice B. Clagett, 2016

Dear Ones,

Here is another idea about the V___ D___ energy that just left Earth. This is a followup on the post “Male Group Energies Clearing: STDs and Domination / Submission,” by Alice, .

Previously discussed: Hellworld transit, Soul devolution, reading of rights and wormhole exits to other constellations.

In this post: alternate world and timeline merge hypothesis.


In “The Law of One,” Chapter 11, Ra speaks of what happens to entities intent on Service to Self, when they exit physical form.

The Questioner asked whether, [at times like the present], when 3D is ending, there are entities who go off to 4D negative planets to perfect the path of Service to Self.  Ra indicates that the present Harvest may include a small number of entities of this type.

Then the Questioner asked what had become of Adolf Hitler. Ra replied that Hitler was very confused on exiting physical form, and is now undergoing a healing process in the middle astral planes of Earth.

Next the Questioner asked if there was or will be anyone from Earth who went on to a fourth density negative (ie, service to self) planet. Ra replied that there are only a few who are Harvested in this manner.  That entities must penetrate the 8th level, the intelligent infinity (1) level, to be Harvested in this manner.[The 8th level is the ‘8th chakra bowtie’ level … see that category in my blog. My suggestion regarding the 8th level, is to create positive rather than negative energy there, so as to manifest the possibility of Harvest to an astral (or higher) world rather than an astral negative world. –Alice] When an entity has penetrated the 8th level, it may be Havested at any time or space [not just at the end of a cycle]

The Questioner asked for the names of some people who have been Harvested like this, to astral negative worlds. Ra cites Taras Bulba, Genghis Khan, and Rasputin. Each of these has Atlantean memories regarding intelligent infinity (1). The first two were wholly dedicated to the path of Service to Self. Rasputin was a spiritual adept well versed in black magic.

The Questioner asked what became of these people. Ra said they were all in 4D, the astral realm, on other planets dedicated to Service to Self. One was in the Orion group, one in Cassiopeia, and one in the Southern Cross.

According to Ra, it is Genghis Khan who moved to physical body of light in the Orion group. There he participates in dissemination of thought control ‘malware’ to the Orion crusaders. With gentle humor, Ra terms this entity a ‘shipping clerk’. [In my video above, where I mentioned Adolf Hitler, I should have said ‘Genghis Khan’ instead. Please excuse this mistake. –Alice]

Ra further explains that the mission of the Orion crusaders is to conquer planets, and all their mind/body/spirit social complexes, before they have reached the stage of one seeking, one orientation.

[Thus the ability of a planet’s entities to regain their group memories, to become a ‘social memory complex’, may be delayed. This being, I presume, the intention of the Orion crusaders, whose acquisition motives remind me of the Ferengi, or possibly the Borg, of Star Trek fame. The resonance of the harmonic dissonance of the Orion crusader energy strand with that of Capitalist ethics is quite startling to me. –Alice] (2)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Ra is most eloquent in describing intelligent infinity: It is like the beating of a great heart, this tide flowing outward from the Central Sun without polarity, vast and silent it flows, outward till it reaches completion, then inward, inward to coalesce. This is the rhythm of that which we term ‘real’. See “The Law of One,” Chapter 27.6,

(2) The above information, aside from the comments in blue, is adapted from “The Law of One” by Ra, Chapter 11,,


The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

The Borg


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