Energetic Perimeter of Ley Line Intersections … by Alice B. Clagett

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Signs in the Clouds
    • 4D – 3D Signs
    • Forboding, Negative Clair Chatter
    • Clearing: Human Axiatonal Lines and Earth’s Ley Lines
    • Energetic Variations at Vortices and Vortex ‘Wander’

Dear Ones,


This is about some energies I found near the outer edge of the big ley line intersection that, at the time of my visit, was near Why and Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona. Keep in mind that this Balanced Vortex is quite large … more than 200 miles in radius. Unusual energy phenomena might be found anywhere along the perimeter (the fluctuating outside edge of the vortex), both in Arizona and in Mexico.

The perimeter area I was passing through was in an economically depressed zone. Here are some of the phenomena I sensed there:



Signs in the clouds I first saw there included: a small demon feeding on something, a wormy contrail, a vulture’s head, and chaotic lack of form.


In 4D, I sensed an astral entity promoting a land sale sign. And so here we have, I feel, death of dreams. Apparently the owner of the land had passed on, and so here there was a ghos of a person who had wanted to sell his land, but had passed on before that could be done, and who was persisting in and promoting his dream after passing on.

In 3D, there was a mural, black images on a red brick wall, that bore a feeling of ancient black magic.

Also in 3D, there was a man at a gas station chasing a truck that was leaving the lot. The truck didn’t stop … a sign that the chaser believed his dreams would not come true. Then the chaser began to ask me for a dole; intuition told me to let him down easy.

His wife and vehicle were there at the gas station. It seemed to me to be a tense situation for him, as he was an older African American soliciting from a demographic of Caucasians not too friendly toward diversity. And so here we have, I feel, a feeling lack of abundance and love; that people feel hostile to him. A feeling that dreams will not be fulfilled.

Also in 3D, a one way road sandwiched between a freeway and a railroad track … no place to turn off the road for many miles. And so here, we have, I would say, inability to exercise free will.


My own feeling was one of forboding. Lots of negative astral chatter. I feel these phenomena are typical of the perimeter of a balanced vortex, possibly because the center of the vortex creates much change in the human energy bodies, and that for the better.

So the feeling of forboding may be that which deters those not of strong will from experiencing change for the better.

Negative astral chatter … the activation of our samskaras … tends to come up just before or during energy events, because it is the samskarically impaired axiatonal lines … our lines of light that are slightly damaged … that are about to be cleared, or in the process of being cleared and ‘plumped up’ by the energy event.


This feeling of personal axiatonal lines clearing agrees with my intuitive interpretation that the darker ley line energies of Earth herself are also being pulled in and balanced at the perimeter of ley line intersections.

The last cloud reading … Willingness to move forward … indicated to me that I had gotten out of that energetic zone, and was moving closer to the center of the Balanced Vortex.


My feeling is that the energies of an Earth vortex as well as the energies of the vortex perimeter may vary depending on Solar Events, astrological phenomena, seasons, weather, and noospheric shifts.

I also feel that Earth’s vortices may shift around or ‘wander’ some. Here is one ley-line map … the center of the lower-left vortex, at the time I visited there, seemed to be shifted more to the right, below Tucson, and near the international border: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/4e/c1/bf/4ec1bf9303734c3c284c8a9cdcdb1d30.gif

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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