Earth Ley Line Intersections … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 January 2016

  • Video by Alice: Ley-Line Intersections on Earth
  • Gaiagraphy: North American Ley Lines
  • Becker-Hagens and the ‘Vile Vortices’ … Yin Energy
  • Lord Shiva and Mental Filters
  • Co-Creation of Reality vs Astral Stories
  • The Ley Line Intersection in My Video … Balanced Energy
  • Toroidal Energies

Dear Ones,


Here’s an adventure with ley-line intersections on Earth.


Here’s a high resolution map of the North American ley lines by Gaiagraphy: ..

–from ..


In this Becker-Hagens (1) Planetary Grid drawing … … the big black dots are what is known as the ‘vile vortices’. In the drawing, they are characterized as ‘yin’ or ‘cool’ spots.

Here is another depiction of their location: ..

Hawaii is at one of the ‘vile vortices’. From my observation, Hawaii is a very healing location, with very lively nature spirits. It is also the location of many volcanoes. So in Hawaii the vortex action creates a spewing upward of Earth matter, from deep in the Earth, up into the atmosphere.

The Formosa (Taiwan) Triangle is another location for volcanoes … in this case they are underwater, and their eruption may account for some ships and small islands sinking in that area. (2)

The Bermuda Triangle is another of the vile vortices. As you may recall, there are stories about space-time warps at the Bermuda Triangle. Airplane pilot Bruce Gernon’s story is one such:

Video: “Pilot Flies Into Time Warp, Bruce Gernon’s Amazing Bermuda Triangle Story,” by TheLifebeyondearth, 11 January 2014, ..

To me, he seems to be describing his experience of a space-time configuration like a whirling ‘plughole funnel’ (the ‘plugs’ being like the big dots on the Becker-Hagens drawing).

Vortex in a draining bottle of water, by Robert D Anderson (3)

However, and this is very odd … the volcanic action at these spots indicates an upward motion of energy, wouldn’t you say?

Wouldn’t the energy in a plughole funnel be a downward motion of air into the bottle of water? In which case, which would be the motion of light and energy … and consequently of matter, whether it be solid, liquid or gaseous, at the ‘vile vortices’ … would it be upward or downward?

Could it be a simultaneous ‘upward and downward’ movement, as in the EMF torus (donut shaped energy body) of the human? And might not this torus be termed our human mini plane-of-EMF-forces, in much the same way that the human mind field is our mini-noosphere?


This would agree with the sense I get at ley-line intersections, to the effect that my cognition is being disorganized and then reorganized, over and over again. It’s like repetitive rearrangement of cognition.

As discussed previously, cognition (our mini-noosphere) is but the glaze, the sugar coating on the donut that is the torus of our many energy fields. Nevertheless, this ongoing cognitive rearrangement might be termed the work of Lord Shiva, who is the aspect of Creator that destroys and transforms.

This is the destruction and transformation that takes place in the fabric of the Veil of Illusion, the space-time continuum, which is manipulated through the human noosphere in the field of play known as our Solar System.

In the current Ascension context, the work of Shiva is taking place at an ever accelerating rate, as humankind discards mental filter after mental filter, and the noosphere, along with all Earth’s energy fields, becomes moment by moment purer and truer through the purifying Incoming Photonic Light.

For more on toruses, see the heading ‘Torus’ below.


To return to Bruce Gernon’s story, my thought is that he may have gotten out the side of the time-space tunnel at the Bermuda Triangle through a process sometimes termed ‘co-creation of reality’. Co-creation of reality is a conscious, positively aspected process, such as the affirmation by which we can optimize out timelines and ‘timeline jump’ … oft-mentioned in my prior blogs.

On the other hand, the astral stories circulating round in the 4th dimension since 2012 (and prior) are examples of the co-creative process that are negatively aspected because of their connection to the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World … what some call the Dark Network. To be caught in an astral story is to be trapped in the causal realm; in which we imagine we have no choice about optimizing timelines or dimensions. We imagine ourselves to be boxed in by personality and the Law of Karma. Whereas, in reality, we are far greater than our personalities. We do have free will. We are multidimensional masters of hundreds of thousands of timelines. And presently, we are capable of experiencing 72 different dimensions.


The instance I was exploring isn’t a vile vortex; quite the opposite, in fact. In the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid drawing, it is at one of the white squares where the grid lines eminating from two vile vortices meet. I’ll duplicate the link here, for convenience: ..

Land-based examples of such white square spots are numbers 17, 36, and 40 on the above drawing, which characterizes these spots as ‘balanced’.

I consider these spots to be locations of healing energies in the time-space template of Earth. My thought is that it might be nice to have places to camp, maybe with little cabins on them, set up to take advantage of the healing EMF lines in these places. Through clair perception, I found that the location I visited is at least 200 miles in radius, so the area is over 125,000 square miles. Plenty of room to roam.


This video suggests the ‘upward and downward’ movement that takes place in the central column of a torus:

Video: “Torus Fun (Sacred Geometry by ieoie),” by ieoie, 5 April 2010, ..

This video speaks of the importance of intersecting toroids and their energy exchange among human beings:

Video: “Spirit Science 21 ~ Toroidal Flow,” by Spirit Science, 6 November 2012, ..

Of equal importance is the energy exchange between our human EMF and that of Earth. For instance, if we stand on, or use our imaginations to bilocate to, the square spots on the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid, we can experience an energy exchange with the EMF of Earth.

I posit that Earth’s body of light … which is to say, her 5D, Christ consciousness aspect …  has ley-line intersections that contain time-space anomalies most likely characteristic of torus fields. (I similarly posit that acupressure meridian intersections on the human forms have torus field characteristics, as do the human chakras.)

To reiterate, I feel we can enhance our natural healing and time-and-space transcending abilities by visiting Earth’s sites of ley line intersection …  if even for an hour or so, I feel it will be beneficial.

Those of us who are healers and transformers of energy can there bring in the misaligned energies of Earth resultant from the Age of Darkness that has just now ended. We can take these energies into our hearts, which are the centers of our personal toroidal fields. There, we can transform them by accepting all these energies with a feeling of loving kindness.

In the same way, those of us who would like to experience energetic healing can stand on, or bilocate to, the spots on the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid that will help us heal. Do we need yin or cooling energy, yang or hot energy, or balanced energy in order to heal? We can find out by testing the black-dot, white-dot, and white-square locations on the Planetary Grid.

There are many more ley line intersections on Earth, aside from those shown on the Planetary Grid. My feeling is, there is also plenty of room for clair exploring the properties of all the ley line intersections on Earth, as time goes on. Who knows what benefits they may hold for humankind?

Earth is a living being, and she offers us humans an abundance of healing spots; not just in a geometric grid array, but also in her little nooks and crannies, in hidden wilderness fastnesses, in her beautiful deserts, by still mountain lakes … in many, many different places.

For every human being, she offers a chance to heal by relating to her vast EMF. We are, after all, her children. We can find her love for us deep within our own heart. Our own heart is the great, compassionately caring heart of Gaia.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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