How the Incoming Light from the Great Central Sun Is Affecting Earth … by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 12 December 2015


Here’s a beautiful piece of artwork depicting the photon belt: .

On the blog “The Photon Belt, 2012, and the Wave of Love,”  you will find an excellent schematic entitled “Solar System – 26,000 Year Cycle: Orbiting Alcyone & Transiting Photo[n] Belt”.  That illustration shows the Great Central Sun Alcyone, the Photon Belt, and how our Solar System interacts with the Photon Belt in 11,000 and 2,000 year cycles: .

To continue with information from the above-referenced blog:

The Photon Belt is a toroidal shaped energy field the emanates from the Great Central Sun Alcyone, in the Pleiades. Our Solar System moves into this field every 11,000 years. For 2,000 years it’s bathed in this Light. Then it spends 11,000 years in Darkness. This cycle happens over and over again. (1)

Our Solar System’s full revolution around Alcyone is 26,000 years. That is 10,000 plus 2,000 plus 10,000 plus 2,000. During this time, Earth spends a total of 4,000 years in Light. These are the two Ages of Light. Earth also spends a total of 20,000 years in the Dark. These are the two Ages of Darkness. (1)

Once every 13,000 years our Solar System is at the peak of the photon belt light. That is, twice in every 26,000 year revolution around Alcyone. (1)

This next is just a guess of mine: In ages past, humankind knew about this 26,000 year cycle. We found out about it by keeping records of the movement that the stars seemed to be making as we stood on Earth, watching the night sky. Before ever the ‘greater picture’ of Earth’s place in the Universe became known, this 26,000 year cycle began to be called the “Precession of the Equinoxes.”

NASA attributes this precession to tidal forces raised on Earth by the activity of the Moon and Sun. I really don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that this must mean tidal forces of Earth are raised not only by the activity of the Moon and Sun, but also by the lines of light and force that connect Earth with all of our Star Supercluster Laniakea. (2)

Click here for 26,000-year cycle of precession animated gif: (3)

It is said that our Solar System was last bathed in the peak of Photon Belt light in the Age of Leo, which saw the downfall of Atlantis. Beginning near the end of the year 2012, our Solar System is once again moving into the Photon Belt. This is January 2016, so we have before us 1996 more years of light. During this time we will experience a ‘leveling up’ to Christ Consciousness as a result of the ‘incoming light. (1)

In the blog “The ‘Overlooked’ Van Allen Belt & Its Relationship to the Photon Band,” there’s an illustration of the spirals of our Sun through the Photon Band: … here is the illustration .

The illustration, which looks a little like a stylized Christmas tree drawing, also shows the ‘outer fringes” of Galactic Night, during which we humankind have the opportunity to experience, in sharp relief, the contrasts of light and dark characteristic of the Duality Experiment.

When our Sun, and her planets, are bathed in the light of the Photon Belt, all her beings, and we as well, experience Christ consciousness. this is the energy of unconditional love that Christ brought to Earth 2,000 years ago, as a grand preview ow what we are now beginning to experience.

Because our Solar System is located far from the Great Central Sun, Earth experiences longer ages of darkness than do the sun systems closer to Alcyone. Thus our Solar System’s method of soul evolution is known as the Duality Experiment.

We souls who have volunteered for this experiment are anticipated to more quickly gain Soul Wisdom because of the many choices of darkness and light available to us. During the Times of Darkness we have the choice of two kinds of guides … those of the Demon Realm, and those of the Angelic Realm.

We are now emerging from an Age of Darkness; the Demon Realm no longer has power on Earth, and all that is left to be done is for us humans to welcome the Divine Light and allow it to erase the memories of the Dark Times. The sooner we allow God’s grace in, the sooner we will experience His love, light, peace and joy. Which is, in fact, already the state of our own Souls, of Earth and all the planets, of our Solar systems and all the sun systems of this Universe.

Earth will be bathed in the light of the Photon Belt for about 2000 years. We humans have, during this interval, the right and ability to opt out of the ongoing cycles of Duality and return back to one of the more Harmonious star systems from which our soul proceeded since its birth … for example, the Pleiades, Sirius, or Lyra. (4)

Or, we may choose, as many have in past Great Cycles, to remain on Earth, anchoring Light here for many souls who have already chosen to participate in the next cycle of darkness.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) adapted from

(2) For more on this, see “Axial Precession,” Wikipedia,

(3) “Animation of the cycle of precession of Earth’s axis, depicting the orientation of the axis in relation to the North Ecliptic Pole,” from Wikipedia. … public domain.

(4) For more on our star system choices, you can purchase Judy Satori’s wonderful book “Sunshine before the Dawn” at ..


“The Photon Band and the Process of Transmutation,” ..

The blog “From Barbara Hand Clow Writings,” mentions how valuable is the experience of moving between the dimensions, as we enter and exit the photon belt. I guess the waiting list of our star brothers and sisters who would like to try out the duality experiment is pretty long.

[I myself remember how, at the time of the Turning, December 2015, so many of my star brethren came and asked me for a chance to experience form in my body, even for a moment or two. –Alice]

Barbara Clow also mentions that the walls between the dimensions [the Veils] become thin while we humankind are in the Photon Belt. Many of us are finding, today, that we must learn or relearn mastery of the 4th dimension, to Land of Dreams. We can also expect earth changes and radical weather.

According to Barbara Clow, it will be completely up to us what 4th dimensional elements we will attract … see or hear, on the astral plane. Whether it will be angels or devils is completely up to us.

For more on this, see “Barbara Hand Clow Writings,”


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