Physically Painful Astral Attacks, Thuggees, Elementaries, and Artificial Elementals … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 10 December 2015

  • Introduction
  • The ‘Evil Inspiration’
  • The Faith ‘Murder Glom’
  • The 8th Chakra Knot or ‘Bow Tie’
  • EMF Healing
  • Insights Regarding Astral Attackers
  • Thuggee Involvement in This Mischief
  • What to Do If Your Spiritual Group Is Aligned with the Thuggees
  • Current Situation of Thuggee Souls
  • For Those Who Are Being Attacked
  • For Those Who Find That They Are Attacking
  • Training Our Desire Elementals

Dear Ones,


Starting a couple of days ago, I’ve clair heard of two cases of astral attack on the physical form; these are described below. Also discussed: a third instance of astral attack ongoing for some time now, and the astral influence of the Thuggees and other ‘elementaries’. Possible positive solutions and outcomes for attackers and for those attacked.


One case had to do with a being that was attached (as ‘evil inspiration’, you might say) to a man who often drank hard liquor (1), and attempted to jump to a woman sitting nearby and blind her right eye, when she rebuffed the man’s astral sexual advance during a church service.

This caused acute pain in the right eye. The entity persisted in this attempt for some time, during which she called in the angelic realm, with only partial success. The (temporary) damage to her axiatonal lines around her right eye threw the body elemental in charge of her vision into an upset.

The solution was to walk away from the obsessed person, and allow the body elemental to slowly regenerate the axiatonal features around the eye. The likelihood is that this very gnarly, and not so small, astral being was a ‘familiar’ to the man involved, and was implementing prenatal tendencies to maim and murder.


In another instance, yesterday a person became angry over a clair slur to the reputation of the spiritual leader of his faith. He then ‘thought’ the notions of slicing the neck, and of a gouge wound on the right side of the neck. This left an immediate, direct impression of painful injury on the astral body of all the people clair listening to the exchange.

My impression of this event was that the people of his faith had taught their children to slice the neck of anyone making such slurs. And so, the ‘oomph’ of the psychic injury had to do with a group thought form or, what you might call a faith ‘murder glom’. Such group thought forms are vividly described in the Theosophical Society teachings. (2)


In a third instance, ongoing for some time, and pertinent to me personally, I’ve noticed a congestion in my 8th chakra (corresponding to the 8th dimension). This constriction or congestion of the EMF just above the head has been accompanied by clair telepathic control chatter apparently from other human beings.

And so, the clair perception of this 8D EMF ‘knot’ has been for me that other human personalities are ratcheting up prenatal tendencies toward dark thoughts by manipulating the mental field at a point just above the head.


There is also the EMF perception of this ‘knotting’ event, which I feel to be more valid than the clair perception, and more useful in healing and clearing the knotted energy. This I concentrated on last night, with very good results. And so, from my own personal experience, I recommend using this technique of clearing the aura …

In other words, it’s best not to take sides for or against astral entities, for or against group thought forms, for or against other human personalities who project astral harm. Rather, we can work with our own energy field, and perfect it through God’s grace. In this way, through neutral mind and faith in God, the noosphere of Earth is transformed from dark to light. And our own bodies are healed as well.


Review of the attackers’ current lifetimes would most likely come upon instances of

  • blinding, say, woman acquaintances (in the first instance) or
  • cutting people’s throats, say, in a fit of anger (in the second instance), or
  • using mind control of others for personal profit, perhaps with instances of violence


It is possible, in each of these instances, that for both the telepathic ‘attackers’ and the attacked person, there have been incarnational run-ins with the Thuggee Cult of India. (3)

Interestingly, today I found an artist’s depiction of the Thuggees in which two persons were being stabbed in the right eye (similar to the instance of the attack in the church, described above). Go figure! …

“Thugs Blinding and Mutilating Traveler” (4)


If you perceive your spiritual group as acting on the principles of the Thuggees … which would be the use of psychic powers to do harm to others for personal gain, or for the gain of your group … then may I suggest realigning the 3D and 4D activities of your group so that Thuggee principles are not implemented? Keeping in mind that the ‘guru’ of the Thuggee cult ended up in prison in India:

Guru Multhoo Byragee Jogee, Thug Convict, Native of Ajmere, aged 90, in jail (1840) (5)

If your feeling is that your spiritual group will continue to align with Thuggee principles, then my advice is, to distance yourself from that group.

For those that perceive their groups will continue to align with Thuggee principles, and who prefer not to leave, then my perception is that the Divine will accommodate your wishes by creating for you an alternate world, or a hellworld in another galaxy, in which you can act out this illusion. So in this way … not as punishment … but rather as fulfillment of your own free will intention … the future of your Soul will be laid out.

For those concerned about the current clearing, my perception is that all spiritual groups are clearing through threads of energy to which the Thuggees are attracted right now, so if you’re experiencing this phenomenon, you’re in the majority rather than the exception to the rule. Simply put: This is the energy that’s clearing from Earth right now.


My perception is that many souls of Thuggees are now hanging out on the astral plane, and unable to find physical incarnation because the state of the Light on ascended Earth doesn’t allow them to find suitable physical bodies. Therefore, there is a horde of them hanging out in the Hellworlds (that is, 4D Negative), deprived of the ability to reincarnate, and ready to swarm ’round the astral body of anyone … or especially, any spiritual group … that aligns in physical reality with their Thuggee principles. These Thuggees may have degenerated to a state termed by the Theosophical Society teachings as terrible ‘elementaries’. (6)

My feeling is, they’re only too delighted to ratchet up on astral mischief. So, please, beware of the current issue. My suggestion: participate in the clearing and transformation of these energies. As the astral energies clear, deportations of Thuggees persisting on Earth’s astral planes will take place. There is always a place in God’s creation for all Souls, no matter what their free will choices. Though the good place for the Thuggee Souls, by my lights, will not be Planet Earth.


My feeling is, that for persons so attacked, distance yourself physically from the person associated with the ‘familiar’. Then turn to the methods advocated by your faith, or research the category ‘Protection’ on my blog.

We can also ‘reconceive’ such attacks as healings of our own experiences of such physical injury in past lifetimes. We can conceive that our experience of painful astral wounding is really God’s grace coming into our lives to transform and integrate past incarnational soul wounding in the Eternal Now.

By such visualizations, we ‘dime up’ from the causal realm, 3D and 4D, into the synchronous reality of the Kingdom of God, known in ascension terms as the fifth dimension.


If you perceive that you have a ‘familiar’ such as the one described in the first instance above, or if you have a history of violent acts, it would be good to seek counselling … be that group, spiritual, or psychological counselling. Violence has no place on New Earth, so the best thing to do is to clear the EMF, by whatever means seem most likely to remove the imprint of violence from the EMF and from the Soul memory.


It will also help to carefully train your desire elemental. For that, see the category ‘Desire Elemental’ on my blog. Remember that your desire elemental is like a little child, and must be treated very gently. You must shower it with love, and then let it know how you would like it to act.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Meat, Alcohol, and Tobacco … Elementaries and Artificial Elementals,” by Alice,

(2) See “Group Thought Forms and the Glom Effect,” by Alice,

(3) Search ‘Thuggees’ on my blog. –Alice

(4) Scanned from plate between pages 80 and 81 of Peers, Douglas M. (2006). India under colonial rule: 1700-1885. Pearson Education. ISBN 978-0-582-31738-3 … from … public domain

(5) Image extracted from page 099 of “A series of miscellaneous rough sketches of Oriental heads. [Published by Colesworthey Grant.]” Original held and digitised by the British Library. Copied from Flickr  …,_Native_of_Ajmere,_aged_90.jpg … public domain

(6) See “Elementaries, Thuggees, Loss of the Soul, and the Vitalized Shell,” by Alice,


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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