Social Contracts and Black Magic: Incantation to Dispel Patriarchal Domination … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 2 December 2015

Dear Ones,

I was listening on the astral plane last night, to the deep under-rumblings of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. There I at long last discovered the power over charm that has for so many aeons enslaved the humans of our beautiful planet Gaia. It sounds like this:

“May I rise above you.”

If you are EMF-sensitive, you may have felt this spell as a weight on top of your head, perhaps with clair rumblings emanating from there. You might especially sense this during solar events, and you might feel as if the incoming light is partially blocked by the power over spell. In a way this is true, since this ‘binding’ is an EMF tangle in your hologram.

You might also feel, off and on during the day, a distortion of the front funnels of various chakras, resulting from auric impingement by those using this spell. This is partly true as well, since this ‘binding’ interferes with the free flow of the EMF through the chakras.

So now to the solution, which is pretty easy, and easily fractalized by others should they so wish. Whenever, and however, you sense this spell at work, say this:

“May his (or her) consciousness sink down.
“May mine rise up.”

This may seem heartless and cruel, but in fact it is not. It’s no good, in a heart-centered reality, for one person’s consciousness to be ‘above’ another person’s consciousness … for instance, for a group of people to be sending mind control commands from their third-eye point, to another group’s ‘gut brain’.

The result will be imbalance in Gaia. Or rather, since the two energies, in a way, balance each other out, it will result in a balanced, but weakened, Gaia. In other words, there will be impedance to the heart of Gaia.

What happens when we use this spell? You could think of it as optimizing your timeline, sending the ‘power over’ crowd to their own timeline, to work out their own issues through a perceived longer duality experience. Though in truth, your timeline will mesh with theirs at important perceived intervals…

Or, you can think of this un-charm as visualizing the mind control crowd’s awareness sinking down from their third-eye point to their hearts, and the mind controlled crowd’s awareness rising up from their gut brain to their heart. Either way works fine.

There is another way of looking at this counter-incantation thing … In social psychology, it represents a ‘social contract’ … which is to say, a social assumption, buried so deep in the underpinnings of a culture that it takes quite some delving to get to the ‘words that bind’ the culture to the concept, and to undo them through fractal dispersal.

In this case, in the United States, there is an assumption that a white male ruling elite will control the consciousness of a ‘powerless’ group…. The ‘powerless’ here in the United States are perceived to be women, children, the elderly, those with low socioeconomic status, those who are non-Caucasian, those from non-European cultures, and people with alternative lifestyles. In other words, everyone who is not a male Caucasian breadwinner.

Despite Constitutional amendments that contradict this ‘power over’ social contract, the rising to consciousness, in the deep unconscious minds of the American people, of the inequity of ‘power over’ has been slow and stumbling.  We can help uplift the social consciousness by visualizing heart-centric communities world-wide.

For those who are wondering about the interface of the two concepts, ‘black magic’ and ‘social contracts’, I have this to offer: In my clair work with the deep subconscious mind, I have found that social contracts are dispersed through ‘black magic’ spells or incantations.

These always begin with the word “May…”

The other person is always referred to as “he” or “she” rather than by name (This entrains the other person’s ‘gut brain’ … ie, unconscious mind).

For instance,

  • “May she get a cold sore on her lip.”
  • “May he die of cancer” (along with a visualization of the cancer in the other person’s body)
  • “May she [clair] hear [him, or her, or them] instead of me (along with a visualization of the other person or persons. This causes the glom effect. It’s initiated through the subconscious motive to hide one’s identity or motives or actions in the physical world from the other person. In another blog I’ve referred to it as the ‘Redirect’.)

I know psychologists and scientists have difficulty with the concept of the demon world. But why not set preconceptions aside for a moment, and ask this question:

Why is it that all the major religions describe the demon world in such vivid detail? Could it be that the religions were formed when humankind was more in touch with the astral plane? When science had not occluded ‘second sight’? When people acted more on their subconscious minds, and less on the logical mind? If so, would they not then have been more in touch with the subconscious than psychology and science are today?

It’s true, we have no instruments to measure the astral plane. At least, not that I know of, aside from Kirlian photography. Does that mean we should disregard the Unknown? Or does it mean we should develop better scientific intruments? Is it not true that the greatest scientists, such as Einstein, were mystics? That from the Great Unknown, by honing their intuition, they brought to humankind the great discoveries of this century?

My own intuitive understanding is this: When Earth was formed, the demon realm was settled here along with humankind. It is they who made the Duality Experiment possible. It is they who set the spells and incantations … what Ascension oriented teachers call malware, malspeak, morphogenetic field distortions, and karmic miasmic distortion … what the ancient Hindus called samskaras (that follow us through our incarnations) … what modern psychology calls ‘the lost children of the soul’ … what the Old Testament calls our ‘tangles’, that only God can untie, or ‘original sin’ … and so on.

Check out Google under ‘demons’. There you will find that the popular literature is rife, utterly congested, with artistic depictions of what psychology calls nonexistent figments of the imagination. Why is this?

A psychologist will say these are ‘archetypal images’ … in other words, cultural inventions. I say, they are physical truths, only we haven’t developed the instruments to measure them.

I say, these social contracts, now being uncovered in the deep unconscious mind of all humanity, were set in place by the demon races inhabiting the astral plane. There, these contracts are cultivated and strengthened, so as to provide imbalances in the human EMF. So that the noosphere, the mental realm of humans, will experience the energetic distortions so enthusiastically imaged by the modern mass media.

It is that imbalance, both noospheric and more generally energetic, that is now shifting on Gaia. As the great unveiling becomes more evident to humankind, the energies of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which have been the main field of energetic distortion employed by the demon world (see “The Law of One” for more information on this), will return to balance.

How is the rebalancing to take place? By uncovering the deep underpinnings of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. By a ‘return to Grace’ brought in by the Incoming Light. By an unclouding of the social contracts that have bound us down to suffering and disfunctional social dynamics.

And so it is. And so it shall be.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “A prayer ….” by Masha. S, 24 August 2012, … This is the prayer Ana-BeKoach asking that one’s tangles be untied.


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