Forbearance … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 December 2015

  • On Blessing and Releasing Sad Realities
  • The Mind Control Game, Worldwide Telepathy, and Sin
  • Mind Control Doesn’t Work
  • The Advertising Media’s Attempts at Mind Control
  • Lobbying the President as a Form of Mind Control
  • Alternatives to Lobbying Against the Military
  • Karmic Debt Incurred by Those Who Devise Genocide Masterplans
  • Another Master Plan: Elimination of Heterosexuality … Forced Breeding of Women
  • Astral Stories Expressing How Women Have Been Dehumanized
  • Nonjudgment … Nonalignment with Sad Stories … Neutral Mind … Personal Power

Dear Ones,


I got some great advice from Peggy Black at her free World Class WIN (Wisdom and Intuition Network) webinar yesterday…. She said, when sad realities come up on the clair plane, it’s fine to just bless them and let them go. She said also, if I feel upset over them, I can just ask my Higher Guidance to let them go … I can ask never to be bothered by that type of energy again.


Early this morning I woke up with a notion that that old, sad song, the mind control game, was once more afoot somewhere on Planet Earth. o sigh… My thoughts on this:

It’s true, the world is becoming telepathic. More and more people are beginning to hear things on the clair plane. All kinds of misaligned energies exist on Earth today. Interestingly, these are like what the religions call ‘sins’ … lust, anger, greed, pride, attachment, sloth, envy, and so on. All this energy is clearing from Earth right now, but in most of us there is still a little of this energy tangled up here or there in our electromagnetic field (EMF).

As the incoming light ‘strums’ our EMF banjos, the discordant energies become louder and louder, until they reach a crescendo and get just the right ‘key of light’ to allow them to be retuned to our Soul’s ideal harmonic.


In the meantime though, as our personal crescendos take place, it can be very tempting to act on our misaligned energies that are sounding so loudly in our ears. Especially since we can hear other people’s thoughts and subconscious urges. The question becomes: How can we mind control their reality so as to satisfy our own misaligned energies.

Karmically speaking, this is an attempt to misalign other people’s harmonics; the result being an increase in the volume of our own misaligned energies, and an increased tendency to act these out in 3D. Further, the attempt is bound to fail. Let me give an example similar to what happened this morning:

When group attempting to create a mind controlled reality gets together … some aiming thoughts at a person’s head, and some attempting to reinforce these thoughts with sexual suggestions to the lower triangle (the gut brain … search the blog for more info) … and these thoughts and primal feelings are not native to the person, then what happens?

When the person wakes up, their own heart takes over and jettisons the foreign thought forms. Why? Because the heart is the great motivator of life on Earth. What our own heart feels, what our own Soul longs for, this inspires the tenor of our lives. And so, attempts at mind control are doomed.


Let me give an example: the Advertising Media attempt mind control with mass media content, television advertising, billboards, email spam, and so on. What do people do about this? If they don’t like ‘push’ technology, they push back. They turn off the TV, don’t look at the billboards, filter the spam, and so on. People have hearts of their own. They don’t like being pushed around by other people’s minds. No matter how compelling the message may seem to the person’ who’s doing the advertising.


How about lobbying the president of the United States, and lobbying members of Congress … what are the ethics of besieging our nation’s leaders with our personal advertising campaign, which may well be to the disadvantage of the nation as a whole? If we object to this stress on our national leaders, we can make a daily practice of praying for them, sending them a little blessing. That will help balance out the lobbying energy with the highest energy of goodwill.


What about the military effort for all nations?

Every nation wants to keep its borders safe, to preserve the safety of its people. Every nation hates the stress that war places on its service members and their families.

Rather than lobbying pro or con, pro military or vs military … for each of these is a  mind control venue … I feel that the HeartMath military initiative, working as it does with heartfelt feeling and excellent technological tools, offers a very positive co-creative models. It works with the reality of today in a deeply compassionate way. It doesn’t take sides. It does what it can in loving service to humanity.


Now back to the vision I had this morning of an attempt to create a sad reality on Earth. This reminds me a little of Hitler and his unusual idea about offing ‘inferior’ human beings so that the perfect social order could be established on Earth. The mind is capable of these kinds of fantasies, and they can be very compelling. It seems so neat and tidy … an end to suffering on Earth. And who cares about the suffering of the folks to be sacrificed to this end, anyway?

How the mind manages this sort of unusual logic is beyond me. What about the karmic load on Mother Earth that takes place during genocide? Surely this is shared by all humanity. And not just those in human form, but also those who have been summarily thrust out of their bodies and back onto the astral plane. Surely these Souls, carrying the karma of violent death, will soon reincarnate, and their Soul memories will need healing. As will the Soul memories of the genocidal masterminds who reincarnate on Earth. So ’twill soon come round again, all such karma, all such ‘any means to my end’ thinking. My goodness!

It takes the Heart of Earth, and the Heart of Humankind, and the beauty of the Incoming Light, to balance and transform all this karma.


And now to the masterplan of last night (at least, so the mental story goes… most likely it’s only another astral story, representing the current magnificent clearing of the Soul wounding of humankind).

The folks involved have chosen an unusual religious lifestyle. The men are homosexual but married to women. They are a polyamorous group; man-woman couples are married, but the men can have any sexual partners they want, among their group. The women may have children only by the cryogenically frozen sperm of the group leader … who, from my Wikipedia research, seemed to have been suffering from ‘antisocial personality disorder’ (searchable on my blog).

The men are primarily homosexual, secondarily female raping, in their sexual response. There is an issue of the men mind controlling the women and suppressing their memories of repression of personal liberties and free speech; this resembles the Stepford Wives story line:

The women, compelled by their faith to allow rape by any man in the groups, and to abort the resultant pregnancies, have turned away from the increasingly more cruel energy of the men to sexual love of other women in the group.

There is a further notion that these people are the Elite of the world; this resembles the Hitler masterplan scenario. Pursuant to that, their new masterplan is to subjugate the world population with mind control, force men and women into separate, dormatoried work camps, where sexual expression will perforce be homosexual. And so, the world population will be controlled and the overpopulation problem solved. Also, there will be plenty of workers for the corporations.


Good grief, Charlie Brown! The plans laid by the mental mind do look very neat and tidy, but will the human heart forbear? The answer came in an astral story that went round yesterday evening. It seems to me that this story is purely a ‘floating up’ and symbolic expression of deep subconscious feelings regarding the lifestyle described above. The story went like this:

A man in this alternative lifestyle group discovered that one of the wives had had her tongue cut out (this is symbolic of lack of freedom of speech for women).  The man took her to a motel, with the intention of getting her intervention treatment. But because of the strengthening of his tendency toward cruelty resultant on the lifestyle, he raped and killed her there.

Her last few words: “I really don’t mind. You’re not as bad as my husband.” … then some mind control meanderings from the man, regarding her never telling anyone about the incident … and then she said, “Promise me you won’t do this again.” … to which he made no reply. My own response: Acting on the advice I had received just that morning, I blessed everyone involved in this sad skit. I do have the power to bless and release this energy.

In one version of the ending to this astral story that was going round, the murderer spoke with his friend the husband, offhandedly and with light sarcasm, about what had taken place, as if it were unimportant. This has to do with the old energy of dehumanization of women, children, and the elderly, which is clearing from Earth today.

In another, later version of the ending, the woman was injured but still alive, and the rapist was attempting to repair the damage done to the woman’s sexual organs with a needle and thread … he said doctors were too expensive … This segue I took to be pretty sad too… In retrospect, that would have been a good time to bless everyone again…

And then one of the astral listeners to the story (there are many, many silent listeners, I’ve found) dreamed that they were phoning in a tip to law enforcement, and, that the murderer was caught in the motel room. I liked that ending, and blessed the folks who co-created it, and got a good night’s sleep after that.

I think the thing to remember about humankind’s many attempts to co-create reality, are that there is bound to be some sadness in the attempts right now, as the misaligned energies continue to clear. Bless and release! Remembering that these are only other people’s co-creative attempts, and not notions that we need to buy into. They’re in a whole other timeline entirely.


So, nonjudgment of others, nonalignment with sad astral stories, and neutral mind will serve us well right now … and forbearance! For more on this, see “Forbearance – A Tao Meditation by Deng Ming-Dao,  …

And also, knowing that we have the power to co-create whatever we want for New Earth, in purest love and light and joy. Our co-creation need not align with those sad stories. Not at all!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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