CME for Today: ‘Glancing Blow’? … by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

The Kp index (1) has been moderately high in recent days …

2015-11-11 planetary-k-index
Image: Kp Index for 9-11 November 2015, showing 5 red bars, 11 yellow bars, and 3 green bars (2)

Spaceweather is predicting a CME later today, 11/11/2015, which would mean more, presumably moderate, geostorms:

To paraphrase, they expected a ‘glancing-blow CME’ later in the day. The cause was sunspot AR2449, which took place on 9 November 2015. NOAA extimated a 60% likelihood of geomagnetic storms when the CME event impacted Earth’s EMF. (3)

You’ll notice in the description above the reappearance of the phrase ‘glancing blow’ … ever present phrase in CME predictions, I should say…. I’ve mulled this over to some considerable extent. Why are the ‘blows’ always expected to be ‘glancing’ ? My most recent insight (see the illustration below) is that scientists visualize CME’s as never directly impact Earth … by which might be taken the dirt and oceans of Earth … but rather as impacting Earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF) as they flow around Earth and onward…

Magnetosphere_renditionImage: Artist’s rendition of Earth’s magnetosphere (on the right) and sun (on the left) (4)

My personal thought on this is that ‘Earth’ includes both the physical planet AND her EMF. Just as we humans consist of both physical bodies, and our EMF (which permeates the physical body and extends beyond it)…. And then there are our subtler bodies, consisting of energies as yet undetectable by science, since instruments have not yet been developed to test these subtle energies:

Image: Seven planes of nature: Physical, astral, buddhic, nirvanic, paranirvanic, and manaparanirvanic, by C. W. Leadbeater, from “Man Visible and Invisible,” 1902 (5)

See also the description of the subtle bodies, and illustration “The Chakras and the Subtle Bodies” on this page: “The Human Energy System: The Aura, Subtle Bodies, and Chakras,”

Illustration 6: Here’s an interesting picture of Earth’s EMF, showing the core energy (central vertical power current) as a factor that you might well imagine as impacting all physical Earth. Notice how the picture depicts a dynamic ‘EMF apple shape’…. (6)

So, for me, a wholistic approach to Earth science would not indicate the use of the term ‘glancing blow’ in describing the impact of CMEs. As with the human physical form, the physical form of Earth is permeated by Earth’s EMF. And so, when a CME hits Earth’s EMF, the ‘shock wave’ reverberates through the physical planet too. As well as all of us humans, and all the animals and trees and plants.

In fact, being as how I’m more EMF-sensitive than most folks, when a CME hits Earth, I can feel my own EMF changing and wavering around, just as this picture implies. An important takeaway, from my own viewpoint, is that the EMF and physical oddities we feel during a CME don’t indicate anything is ‘wrong’ with us. Earth is experiencing these same oddities, and we’re just going along for the ride. When I began to understand this … what a child of Earth I am  … in the most literal, ever-changing sense … I began to feel much more relaxed about my experience of sky events.

It became ok to sense an energetic ‘shield’ on top of my head, for instance. This is just my own experience of the golden-blue shield above Earth’s EMF during a CME (illustration 4 above).

In the same way, it became ok to sense a denseness in my head, maybe even a dull headache during a CME… You can imagine the golden-blue shield (illustration 4) as causing a denseness in the ‘top’ … the Sun-facing portion … of Earth’s EMF during a CME as well.

It also became ok to sense small fluctuations in my heart energy. These are like the shock waves coming into Earth’s core in illustration 6.

Then sometimes I feel a wobbling or wavering of the outer layer of my EMF. This wobbling or wavering is like the wobbling of the stylized EMF ‘apple’ shape off Earth, implied in illustration 6.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) The global geostorm index is known as the Kp-Index. This is based on the K-indices, which are quasi-logarithmic measurements taken every 3 hours. Baseline is a calm day curve at a specific location. –adapted from

(2) public domain. See

(3)  adapted from


(4) from NASA, see … public domain

The Earth’s EMF extends out into space by thousands of miles. The magnetism of Earth’s EMF affects weather patterns, animal migratory patterns, and global communications. –adapted from

The article implies that the Earth’s magnetosphere is collapsing. My own feeling is that it is constantly changing. Sometimes this feels dramatic, because humankind is beginning to sense the ever-changing shape of our own EMFs.


(5) from … public domain


(6) The impact of Earth’s EMF affect our daily life in many ways. This EMF hass several sources, but how is it generated? Why does it change? These questions are not yet answered. They are questions that ESA’s Swarm project will help answer. –adapted from

See also “Swarm Reveals Earth’s Changing Magnetism,”

Here is the more stylized EMF ‘apple’ shape for Earth:

And here’s the more stylized EMF ‘apple’ shape for both a human being and Earth:


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