Sex Workers, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis … by Alice B. Clagett

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  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Life Expectancy of Those Infected with HIV
      • Adults Who Become Infected
      • Children with HIV
      • Babies Born of HIV-Positive Women
    • Polyamorous Lifestyle, and Also Frequenting Sex Workers, Are Risk Factors for HIV
    • The Difficulties Faced by Sex Workers Who Have HIV
      • Decreased Income
      • Peril to Life and Limb
      • The Need for Expensive Medicines
      • The Legal Onus on the Sex Worker to Reveal HIV Status
      • Doctors Who Untruthfully Indicate a Clean Sex Worker Bill of Health
    • Spread of HIV in the United States
    • Possibility that the United States Might Develop Resistance to HIV, Similar to Hepatitis Resistance of South American Population
    • On Getting the Word Out to the Community
    • On My Meditative Lifestyle, and My Hopes for the World
  • General Information on HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, and Sex Work
  • Hepatitis Incidence
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C

Dear Ones,

These are my thoughts on sex workers, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, and at-risk sexual activities. I gather, from the clair plane, that these are issues that are important for community health. Hope this helps.

A Summary follows the video; text not in the video is in blue font.

I feel the Summary is better phrased than the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I thought I’d talk a little about a topic I’ve been hearing for years for years now on the psychic plane. I don’t have any personal experience of it, but I think it might be helpful for some readers to hear my thoughts on the topic; which, I think, are only part of a large number of points of view on this topic.

As I said in the last blog: What am I here for, on Earth, but to plant my feet on the ground; to be myself, and express myself … Especially here in America, where freedom of speech is the basis of this nation. So I feel comfortable to talk to you, and I understand completely that you may have a very different point of view.

Life Expectancy of Those Infected with HIV

The topic in this blog has to do with HIV, and being at risk for HIV. Because I keep hearing on the internet about this, I was doing some research with the Centers for Disease Control on the topic of HIV and longevity.

Adults Who Become Infected. I found out that people who have that virus … if they are treated for it with the most modern medical techniques, ongoing, that they have a life expectancy well into their seventies. See “HIV life expectancy ‘near normal’ thanks to new drugs,” by This applies to people who contract HIV in adulthood rather than childhood, as I understand it.

Children with HIV. Life expectancy for children born with HIV, and who receive antiretroviral treatment, is much less. The most recent article I could find on this (1) indicates children in the United States, who receive antiretroviral treatment, may live 10 years after they are diagnosed and a course of antiretroviral treatment is begun. See “Children and HIV,” by Chris Woolston, M.S., in “HealthDay: News for Healthier Living,” 

For children who don’t get antiretroviral treatment, perhaps one in ten survives to young adulthood. These children have health challenges that may make it difficult for them to bear babies. See “What is the life expectancy of an HIV positive child? by Angelina Namiba, 14 May 2012:

Babies Born of HIV-Positive Women. It’s possible for a woman with HIV to have a baby not infected with HIV. Apparently there’s at least a 50-50 chance of this, even without treatment during pregnancy. However, there are precautions to be observed after the child is born. See “Pregnancy and Birth” at “NAM AIDS Map,” .

The point that they made about this, at the CDC, is that treatment has advanced to such an extent, with regard to that virus, that people who pursue the recommended medical regimen carefully can expect to live very fruitful lives. And that’s a good thing, as I see it, especially since I was alive back in the 1980s when things were very difficult for people who contracted that virus. I remember those times, and the terrible tragedies of those times.

Polyamorous Lifestyle, and Also Frequenting Sex Workers, Are Risk Factors for HIV

But anyway, I thought I’d talk a little about HIV. You can look up the CDC, , to find out the risk factors for getting HIV. Most likely, if you pursue a polyamorous lifestyle … that means that you make love to many different sexual partners, or a number of them, or employ the services of sex workers … then that is one factor that places you at some risk for getting the HIV virus. And of course, there are other risk factors.

The Difficulties Faced by Sex Workers Who Have HIV

Decreased Income. I just wanted to point out what seems to be … from the stories on the astral plane … a difficulty for people that are sex workers; if that’s their career, they are at risk, I think, of getting HIV. And so the financial value of their services decreases dramatically … as I understand it from the astral plane stories … when they contract the HIV virus, if they let that be known to their potential customers.

So there is that economic factor with regard to sex workers revealing the possibility of their clients contracting this virus.

Peril to Life and Limb. Then in addition, the situation in which sex workers find themselves, it seems, quite often is one of drug use … quite frequently alcohol use … where the customer’s desire body is more active, and their logical thought processes are dumbed down, you might say, or anesthetized to the point where:

  • if the customer’s desire is aroused by the sex worker’s presence,
  • and if they ask the sex worker if he or she has the HIV virus,
  • if the sex worker were to say: Yes, I do, then their life might be threatened because of the inebriated condition of the potential customer.

So there are two very strong incentives for a sex worker not to admit that they have contracted HIV (or hepatitis, or any number of other sexually transmitted diseases) when asked by a customer: The first is economic, and the second is the threat to their own life.

The Need for Expensive Medicines. So I understand the difficulties here. And there are probably many other difficulties, such as the need for constant medical treatment for the sex worker, and so there might be a desperate need for money … although it could be that Obamacare would help with that; I don’t know.

The Legal Onus on the Sex Worker to Reveal HIV Status. So there is a situation where people who don’t have HIV engage in at-risk life activities, such as soliciting from sex workers, and like that, and then ask this question, and then unreasonably expect to get a straight answer about it. And yet, if the sex worker doesn’t answer clearly, then I think the legal issue is squarely on the side of the customer. 

Doctors Who Untruthfully Indicate a Clean Sex Worker Bill of Health. Now in this environment … at least from what I hear on the astral plane … there are doctors who understand the situation, or perhaps even are in the situation of being at risk for HIV in their own life practices, and who will issue a clean bill of health to sex workers. And it seems to me quite likely that sex workers would know who these doctors are, through word of mouth with others who are in the same occupation.

Spread of HIV in the United States

I just wanted to offer you all my take on what is happening with the spread of HIV; I think, 50,000 more cases every year in the United States, and the prospects for longevity, and to help everyone to understand why it is that,

You know, in South America, where, as I understand it, there’s not a lot of Western medical care, I think almost everyone has hepatitis in one form or another; there are 5 forms of hepatitis, and hepatitis is just as life-threatening as AIDS to people that haven’t built up an immunity to it as a culture.

Possibility that the United States Might Develop Resistance to HIV, Similar to Hepatitis Resistance of South American Population

I think in South America, because there’s not that much treatment, the people who have survived getting it are more resistant to dying from it than the people in the United States (that’s just a guess). If this is so, it might be a flag for the advancement of HIV in the United States: Perhaps, as with hepatitis in South America, our population will gradually become resistant to both HIV and hepatitis.

On Getting the Word Out to the Community

It’s a very complex issue, partly because soliciting the favors of the sex worker are socially censured. And partly because the onus of the legal issue falls on the sex worker. It seems that the potential customer always seems to get off scot free, you know? And yet, everyone should know that this behavior is risky. It’s risky in the world today.

So I’m just putting out a special plea for young people who may not know about this, who may not understand all this; and for young mothers; for pregnant women especially, who find themselves with a husband who sometimes prefers men and sometimes prefers women … a person of bi lifestyle … to understand the extent to which your children’s futures will be affected by your risk-taking behavior today … even if a sex worker tells you that they have a clean bill of health.

It’s a community issue. It’s an epidemic mitigation issue, I think. And it’s especially an issue for young people who may not have at hand all the biological facts; the facts about detection and medical treatment. You probably won’t hear from me on this topic again. I don’t have a lot of thoughts, but those are they.

On My Meditative Lifestyle, and My Hopes for the World

Of course, this blog and the next one, the blog on the article by Drs. Leonard Apt and Kevin M. Miller years ago … these blogs don’t really affect me, because I’ve been living a celibate lifestyle ... a meditative, what you might call ‘nunnish’ lifestyle for several decades now. But the funny thing about living a very meditative life … almost a Zen-like life of service to others, and introspection, and spiritual reading, and learning from spiritual counselling … that kind of lifestyle points out, in very bold relief, the suffering of other people; particularly people around me in my own community.

And so I thought it would be a good idea to do what I could to ameliorate that suffering, and to lift people up, through what I’ve found out,  on the astral plane, to be people’s concerns. That’s my intention: To uplift and heal humanity, especially spiritually, but also, of course, physically.

Who can deeply study the spiritual path, or deeply pursue it, unless their basic needs on Earth are met? They need to have plenty to eat; they need to have shelter, a good livelihood at work that they love, and physical health. These are all very important. They’re the foundation that must be in place before anyone can pursue a spiritual life, I feel.

So my hope is for greater community health, for the happiness of everyone in my community, and throughout the world. God bless you all!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars



Here’s a good source of information: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

This paper looked good, but I haven’t read all of it: “Toward a Legal Framework that Promotes and Protects Sex Workers’ Health and Human Rights,” by Cheryl Overs and Bebe Loff, published 6/2013,


Hepatitis is a worldwide health concern. Hardest hit are Africa, eastern Europe, South America, and Asia, except for Japan. Incidence is as follows:

Hepatitis A

  • new cases in the United States are about 150,000 yearly
  • around the world, there are about 10,000,000 new cases a year
  • there are about 100 United States deaths every year

Hepatitis B

  • new cases in the United States are about 140,000 yearly
  • around the world, there are about 300,000,000 chronic cases
  • there are about 1,000 United States deaths yearly from liver cancer related to HBV

Hepatitis C

  • new cases in the United States are about 35,000 yearly
  • in the United States, about 3.2 million people are chronically infected
  • there are about 9,000 United States deaths yearly from liver disease related to HCV a year in United States from HCV-related liver disease

For chronic hepatitis, the highest rates are among Latinos and African Americans. This is especially likely in cities because health care facility access may be limited. Also factors in city life are crowded housing and use of intravenous drugs.

–adapted from “Viral Hepatitis,” Remedy’s Health Communities,

For more on hepatitis, see Web MD,


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