The Half-Breath, The Pranic Column Breath … and the Fly Me to the Moon Mental Filter … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 August 2015; revised on 23 November 2018

    • Effects and Causes of the Half-Breath
    • Effects
    • Possible Causes
    • Moon Chain Races

Dear Ones,

This video is about the Half-Breath, a dysfunctional pranic column energy pattern that is widespread right now. Beneath the video is a Summary.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

Effects and Causes of the Half-Breath

I thought I would mention an incomplete energy pattern trend for the pranic tube, which is the central vertical power current of our hologram of our energy bodies. And this energy pattern is taking place quite a bit, and fractally multiplying in the world today. And it has to do with a couple of things, I think. First I will explain the pattern …

The Solar Energy goes in, through the top of the head, and goes down as far as the solar plexus, and then stops there, and bounces back up, into the sky.

The results of this pattern are that the will power is accentuated … The third chakra, the navel point energy, is accentuated. The navel point is also the center of Will, and so the will power is ratcheted up … which, in a way, is good; but there are ancillary issues regarding this.

The first is that, in the mental realm, it creates mental patterns regarding a master plan for controlling the world. That is what you might call a gestapo masterplan feeling.

It ratchets up the ego quite a bit. And so, particularly in men, I find that it is creating a very strong sense of  “I gotta be me, no matter how much I hurt other people. It doesn’t matter! I gotta be me.” … That kind of thing. It is very ratched up; whereas, in the well-rounded man, that ego is a necessary function, that helps integrate all the other chakras for action in the world. So … masterplan, and it creates superego notions.

Then as far as the lower chakras are concerned, it stops the energy from happening there. And so what I am finding is physical, genital mutilation. and also, inability to perform … as regards the genitals in both men and women who have this breathing pattern … this energy pattern: I am finding diseases of the genitals developing. So those are things to consider.

And also I am finding that, when you just go down to the navel point and back up again, with your breathing and with your visualization, with your technique, what this does is it throws the emotional body out onto the astral realm, and pulls it up … The astral body actually starts at right about the navel point, and goes up until it is out of the head … Up into the sky, and often, leaning forward a little bit, with a liaison feeling towards other members in a group, or people in a family, or like that. And what that does … when the astral form is partly stressed or distressed out of the body, is that it puts it in danger … especially in the large cities … as regards the Demon Realm; not to mention the Fallen Angels.

Everybody is working on cleaning all that up … It is a work in progress … But in the meantime, it is very important to keep the astral form firmly and steadily grounded in the same energy pattern as the physical body, and protected by the human aura.

So: masterplan, superego, in danger (astral body is constantly out there), easy to program (because it is not as protected as it would be if it were centered on the central vertical power current; the sushumna). And further: diseases of the genitals and sexual dysfunction; inability to participate in the sexual act, and actual genital mutilation, in some cases. So, a good thing to avoid, right?

And I would say the thing to do instead, is the thing that is emphasized by many ascension teachers: That is, feeling the whole energy of the pranic column: From the crown chakra (the top of the head) up to the sky, and all the way down through the entire body, and on down into the Halls of Amenti in the center of the Earth. And if that cannot be accomplished for any reason, at least start with the top of the head and go down to the feet, and back again, while visualizing the flow of energy through the whole body. I think that will take care of the whole thing, and smoothe all those energies out. And heal the genitals, which is very important. It will also heal the basal chakra, and smoothe out the energy … People are getting too much orange, you know? It is too much orange in the aura because of the third chakra.

And the last thing is, I would like to point out a couple human behaviors. The first thing is: The ascension is causing body cell anxiety; that is because the body cells are changing so fast. And when people feel anxious, in their emotional bodies, there is that tendency to rise up in feeling, and to begin at the navel point and try and control it, and to rise up in feeling like that (from the navel point on up) instead of grounding to Earth …

And especially to tighten up the shoulders; and that will do it too. So it is important to do shoulder rolls with rotation in both directions, and shoulder shrugs, and neck rolls, and neck figure-eights, and like that … all that yoga stuff, right now, so as to relax the energy down from the head and the chest, down into the rest of the body. So that is regarding anxiety.

And the very last thing has to do with the Internet and the handhelds, and those kinds of things: television, the electronic media, are taking people into a … the astral field is pulling out, through the eyes … You know how much energy there is, in the visual part of the brain, right now, right? But these handheld devices, and these screens that you watch on TV and on the internet … they are actually pulling the astral energy out of the body like this … [Shows hand, palm toward face, about a foot away from face.] .. So that is further enhancing this process of what I would call ‘ungrounding’ … and dividing the body into two parts … a part that we recognize (from the navel point up) … and a part that we just do not recognize (from the navel point down).

Further, as you all know, there is the ongoing issue of Puritanism and the Christian faith, and of the demonization of the sexual chakras … which are involved in all this. So, just to let you know, your whole body is a sacred temple of God … a sacred temple of the Divine. And it is dishonoring God Himself not to realize this. It is not a bad thing to feel the sexual energy, the basal energy … to feel the Earth. It is the most important thing, for staying on Earth and doing our work. It is an honor, you know? And that is not to say that we should dwell on one area, at the bottom, and not on the top. You know? It is the smoothing that is the thing right now … the smoothing of all the energies in the body.

All right, so, that is it for now. I have to go … off to church. I wish you the very best. And I hope this is helpful. I hope this is helpful for your physical health, and for your emotional calmness, and just for the whole world … that the whole world should be more centered in itself, and understand the sacredness of the human body, as the ascension continues. What a wonderful honor to be alive and in form on Earth today.

God bless you. Just take what you need, and throw the rest away.

[Then follow a few photographs of nature.]



  • The mental effects of the pattern (master plan, ‘controlling the world’ notions; superego)
  • Physical effects (genital mutilation, genital disease, sexual dysfunction)
  • Astral effects (ratcheting up of the will power; astral body displacement; susceptibility to the demon realm; lack of grounding)

Possible Causes

  • Anxiety … a few of the remedies for which are: shoulder rolls, shoulder shrugs, and neck rolls
  • Viewing electronic media … for which, I suggest, limit your viewing
  • The Puritan view that the genitals are demonic … for which I suggest, visualize the body as the temple of God


One simple answer to the question of the Half-Breath is to do the Pranic Column Breath:

  •  Breathe in, and imagine the energy flowing from the Sacred Healing Halls of Amenti deep deep in the center of the Earth, up through your feet, through your body, up to the crown of your head, and from there to the sky or the Sun.
  • Then breathe out, and visualize energy flowing in the opposite direction … from the sky or the Sun, down to the crown of your head, then through your body, and then down through your feet, and deep, deep into the Earth … down to the Sacred Healing Halls of Amenti in the center of the Earth.
  • Or you can try vice versa, inhaling the energy down through your body, and exhaling it up from your feet … whichever you feel to be more calming and more grounding.


In the noosphere in the last 6 months has been circulating an en masse vivid daydream about some beings from outer space disengaging the lower part of our hologram … including very specifically our sexual organs … and taking the top half of our hologram … including very especially our brains and chests … to a moon station, or else to an outer space docking station, for repair. I personally will have none of this. Here are my objections:

  • I feel that remaining grounded, here on Earth, is part of my Soul mission during ascension. I am here on Earth to help transform the dense, misqualified energies of the past to Love and Light and Joy. How could I do this if half of me is on the moon?
  • I feel that my Celestial Ascension Team, consisting of beings of Love and Light, is here to help me do my grounded work. As far as I know or have ever heard from other Ascension Teachers, they do repair work, Gene Recoding, retrieval of Star memory keys, and physical and emotional regeneration work with me here in body. Not on the moon.
  • They work to upgrade my lower hologram as well as my upper hologram, treating these as one field of Unity consciousness. None of this ‘divide and conquer’ stuff. It’s All for One and One for All! All my energy is one energy. Although sometimes, in this Unity field, they work to develop and improve one aspect, then later, another…

In essence, I suspect that en masse vivid waking nightmares of this sort reflect imbalances in our energy bodies that are, in this way, coming to our awareness.

Moon Chain Races. Here is a blog on the “Moon Chain” races by “Ascension Glossary,” that explains in much greater detail the mischief involved; note the image of a person’s energy field being injured by the moon energy …

Link: “Moon Chain,” in “Ascension Glossary” … ..


Every time we run into these waking nightmares, we can help uplift humankind by turning from the negative emotions of fear, anxiety, lust, anger, violence, greed,  jealousy, attachment, and pride to the light of Christ’s love and joy. In this way, through our example, we offer to the world an energy pattern through which others can, if they wish, break free of the old patterns of human feeling and rise to the light of Love.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “Sanctuary – Worship video with Lyrics,” ..

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” –1 Corinthians 3:16 (KJV, public domain)


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