False Twin Flames … Demon Warfare … Giving the Illuminati ‘What For’ … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 August 2015

  • Image: “Christian Fights Apollyon,” artist William Strang
  • False Twin Flames
  • Demon Warfare
  • Giving the Illuminati ‘What For’
  • Illuminati Hide and Seek
  • Gender Quibbles
  • Gender Shifting
  • The Outlook Is Good
  • Postscript: Gender Among the Star Races

Image: “Christian Fights Apollyon,” artist William Strang, from (1)

Dear Ones,

First, let me say that demons are pretty common energies here on Earth. They’re here for a reason … to give us choices between right (angel help) and wrong (them). So, I’m hoping you won’t be too put off by the following.


There is a kind of false twin flame energy that is caused by demon entanglement. Sometimes demons will hop on two people. Demons are not physical beings; they’re just astral beings. They do this hopping on thing so they can see the world, through the people, with physical eyes. If an attraction exists between the two people, the demon interference can falsely persuade them that they are twin flames, by ratcheting up sensual perception.

While the torrid romance is going on, most likely on the astral plane only, the demons get a chance to get to know this duo’s pet peeves. With a little practice, they can use these to flood the duo’s emotional bodies with negative emotions.

Soon thereafter, because of the demon interference, the romance is very likely to turn to mutual dislike, dismay, fear, even hatred. This is because the demons pour into their minds negative thought forms. Yet the two may remain psychically corded for years, because of the thoughts of dislike, dismay, hatred and fear that flow between them. You no doubt get the picture!


In warring against demons, it’s important to realize that another human being is not your target. The demon is your target, in almost every instance. As mentioned above, demons pal around with humans willy nilly, just like that! In the flash of an eye, they hop on!

So you have to be a skilled marksman; a ‘crack shot’, a ‘sharpshooter’ … Aim your words with utmost care at the demon and not the person.

Here are words that worked for me last night. They’re pretty harsh, so take a care not to develop hardness of heart in speaking them:

Dear God, please protect me from these beings!
Judge them, and offer them consignment
to that part of this Universe suitable to them.

Visualize the demon or demons on the person, and address your request to your Celestial Ascension Team.

This command set / visualization works very well after waking up from a quartz crystal night, to clear these interfering energies from your own energy bodies, as the demons that might like to pal around with you … I’m sure the feeling is NOT mutual! … are weakened by leaving quartz crystals on the chakras all night long.

You can also say, concentrating on the air around you:

May the animals fall asleep!


The illuminati are bound to demons by many contracts, as it is from the demon world that they get their special occult abilities and knowledge. These humans who are bound to the demon realm consciously use the ‘false twin flame’ demon setup to increase their power in the world. They have been tying one of their ranks to an ascending person to impede their ascent. My feeling is, if you sense the illuminati around you, go ahead and give them ‘whatfor’, like this:

Dear God, please protect me from these beings!
Judge them, if possible clear them,
or else offer them consignment
to that part of this Universe suitable to them.

When you do this, first visualize the illuminati in human form.
Next visualize them as astral beings, and speak these words again.
And last, visualize the demons around them, and speak these words:

Dear God, please protect me from these beings!
Judge them, and offer them consignment
to that part of this Universe suitable to them.

I know this sounds harsh, but here’s the trouble: the Illuminati are using all their occult knowledge to bind their energies so thoroughly to ascending persons that our Celestial Ascension Teams can’t disentangle their energies from ours, so as to give them ‘whatfor’.


Essentially, the illuminati are ‘hiding out’ in the energy field of ascending humans. In my case they’ve done this by transferring a little astral matter from three illuminati into my astral field, hoping to create an ‘anchor’ to ‘blend’ their astral matter with mine.

To further their power, they will first bind one person to themselves through the False Twin Flame ploy. Then they will bind a person of the opposite sex to themselves through a same-gender sexual act. At this point both False Twin Flamers are bound to demons, because the illuminati are bound to demons.

Then, so as to further his range of demonic influence on humankind, an illuminatus will rope these two demonized False Twin Flamers to each other, with one as the power-over antagonist of the other. So the light of each unwitting inductee will continue to be dampened by the demons, and the illuminatus’ demonic reach will include both of them.

Then the illuminatus will do this again, and so, double his dark network, sending each new pair of inductees out into the world so as to increase his territory geographically. And so on. It will end up being a funnel-shaped, geographically dispersed arrangement, like this:

.                                        Satan
.                                           |
.                                  Illuminatus
.                                           |
.              ______________________________________
.              |                  |               |                |
.           A / B            C / D         E / F           G / H

The Dark energy flows from the arch-fiend, through the illuminatus, into the power over member of each besieger / besieged duo; from there into the besieged member of the duo. And from each member of each duo, unless they fight hard to prevent this, there is danger that the Dark will infect their circle of friends and acquaintances.

In this way, through double-triple blind techniques, the true perpetrator of the ill is hidden from view. This hiding out ploy is, quite clearly, a cut-and-dried violation of the Free Will Laws of this Planet. Further, they’re doing everything in their power, singly and in groups, to limit our heart energy and install in us, over and over again, with ongoing ingenious refinements, the mind bog known as the False Ascension Matrix.

This is something you might mention while your Team gives them ‘whatfor’!


When you give them ‘whatfor’, be sure to use non-gender words such as ‘it’ or ‘this being’ or ‘them’ … as quibbles have been presented regarding gender.

In other words, negatively aspected astral entities can hide out in various ‘genders’ or in an ‘ungendered’ shape just as they can hang out by melding with a human’s energy bodies. Imagine you’re dealing with a consummately cunning lawyer with a large personal library of psychic lawbooks at their fingertips.


The illuminati switch roles from male to female just like that. You might think of them as neither male nor female. That is, as hermaphrodites, in a way.

This is not to say that those humans who are hermaphrodites are bound to the demon realm. This is not at all the case. Rather, hermaphrodites are closer to 5D in gender aspect than most people in the world today. (For more on this, see the postscript below.)

Being bound to the demon realm requires a contract, or contracts, with demonry. This has nothing to do with gender. Rather, it is a question of surrendering our free will to the Dark in return for a favor.

The illuminati use the hermaphrodite mindset simply because most people on Earth overlook it. In other words, folks mind slide over the topic of gender, by confirming in their ‘whatfor’ words the normal gender presentation of the illuminatus in question. Which would often be to call the Illuminati a ‘he’ when in fact it functions as both ‘he’ and ‘she’.

So your ‘whatfor’ must take into consideration this non-gender, or atypical gender, or what you might say, ‘motile’ gender role.


As more and more people awaken to the power-over, Dark stuff that’s going on, of course at first anxiety sets in. But pretty soon, everyone realizes that we have many, many tools at our disposal to fight the Dark and shine forth in the Light.

  • We have our own courage and strength in the face of adversity, our own faith, hope and charity, which have been honed by our perseverance in the long age of lesser light that has just now ended.
  • We have our human friend who stand firmly for the light. Who refuse to make war on their fellow humankind. Who know, hands down, where the real problem lies.
  • We have our Celestial Ascension Team: beings of light and love, angels, and God Himself.
  • And we have the Incoming Light, ever streaming down upon Earth with greater and greater beauty, as the Ascension proceeds and Christ Consciousness floods into our mother Earth.

So, dear ones, take heart! Know that we are at the door of God’s kingdom.

Protect your friends, love all humankind, stand for the Light!

Know that all is well!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


While ‘gender switching’ is a dodge for the illuminati, it ought not be confused with the ‘gender softening’ characteristic of our star brethren. As we ‘beam up’ … or maybe it should be termed ‘beam out’ … dimensionally, we become aware of this mitigation of sexual dimorphism.

“Hermaphrodite” by Tom Verre (2)

It looks to me that this artwork by Tom Verre is a collage of artistic depictions of Christ and the Virgin Mary. To me, it represents the sacredness of the ‘gender softening’ experienced in the higher dimensions.


(1) “Christian Fights Apollyon,” opposite page 64 and sixth plate in the book “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan (London: John C. Nimmo, 1895), from https://art.famsf.org/william-strang/christian-fights-apollyon-opposite-page-64-and-sixth-plate-book-pilgrim%E2%80%99s-progress … terms of use: http://www.famsf.org/terms … limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only … include the URL www.famsf.org.

(2) from https://www.flickr.com/photos/bluelinden/3988337892 … Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/


Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


One thought on “False Twin Flames … Demon Warfare … Giving the Illuminati ‘What For’ … by Alice B. Clagett

  1. Anonymous

    What u call false twin flames are most likely infatuations, or karmic ties. Either that or real twin souls who are purposely being separated by this so called demons,(either way) this slavery system we live in is doing a pretty good job at that already. Keeping every1 blind, so they can be in power. Twin souls electro-magnetism starts to burn the lies around them. That’s why this kind of propaganda is so dangerous. But the lie will crumble eventually…



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