Countering Astral Cocaine … by Alice B. Clagett

  • How Drug Use Makes Astral Matter Coarse
  • What Astral Coarseness Attracts into a Person’s Life
  • Satanic Influence: Mind Control, Spells, Curses
  • When a Person with Coarse Astral Matter Comes Near a Person with Fine Astral Matter
  • Regaining Lost Ground
  • What to Do about Astral Haunting by Drug Users
  • Cocaine and the Lion’s Gate

cocaine-useImage: “Side Effects and Chronic Use of Cocaine” (1)

Dear Ones,

We’ve talked in past about the different grades of astral matter. This is the matter of which our emotional body is composed. As the Theosophist C.W. Leadbeater says:

“First of all, then, it must be understood that the astral plane has seven subdivisions, each of which has its corresponding degree of materiality and its corresponding condition of matter. Now numbering these from the highest and least material downwards, we find that they naturally fall into three classes, divisions 1, 2 and 3 forming one such class, and 4, 5 and 6 another, while the seventh and lowest of all stands alone. The difference between the matter of one of these classes and the next would be commensurable with that between a solid and a liquid, while the difference between the matter of the subdivisions of a class would rather resemble that between two kinds of solid, such as, say, steel and sand….” (2)

Thus, some sorts of astral matter are fine, like water, and some are coarse, like sand. The finest grade is found in the first astral plane, and the coarsest is found in the seventh, or lowest, astral plane.


The coarseness of our astral matter, while we are in a body, depends upon the coarseness of our physical body. The latter depends on what we eat and drink; thus diet creates the inner environment of our astral body as well as our physical body. The most coarsening to these two bodies is brought about by hard alcoholic drugs such as vodka, scotch, bourbon, and hard recreational drugs such as opium, opiates, cocaine, and so on.

For more on this, see “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell (3), “Chapter VIII: Physical Life,” pp 64-66.


Since cocaine use coarsens a person’s mental and astral matter, this quality of coarseness creates in the person evil and selfish qualities … in the case of cocaine, specifically, insatiable lust, murder, and the desire for power over others. These thought forms draw to the cocaine user the thought forms of other cocaine users and the violence of the drug cartels.

It also attracts the attention of lower astral entities, such as the fearsome elementaries, who become the cocaine user’s constant companions, always tempting him or her to acts of sexual atrocity, such as sexual murder, acts of sadism, and violent sexual fantasies.

Here is an artist’s rendering of an astral entity associated with recreational drug needle use: 

This may be a negative ‘body elemental’ … that is, an intelligent thought-form created by the person himself, which can leap from him to another person with whom he associates. On the positive side, surely it’s possible to create good and sweet body elementals that will bless those we meet with love and joy!

For more on this, see “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell (3), “Chapter VIII: Physical Life,” from page 72, fourth paragraph beginning “Astral matter responds” through page 73, the second full paragraph ending “an outburst of passion.”

There is the further crowding round of ghosts who have died in the flush of depraved passion. Here’s a description adapted from “The Theosophical Writings of Annie Besant”. It’s about depraved people … people with coarse astral matter … who have experienced sudden death, perhaps by suicide or accident:

“Unhappy shades, if sinful and sensual, they wander about . . . until their death-hour comes. Cut off in the full flush of earthly passions, which bind them to familiar scenes, they are enticed by opportunities which mediums afford to gratify them vicariously. They are the Pishachas, the Incubi and Succubi of medieval times: the demons of thirst, gluttony, lust and avarice : elementaries of intensified craft, wickedness and cruelty: provoking their victims to horrid crimes, and revelling in their commission.” (4)


Recreational drug use, including alcohol, which is taken for granted all over the world today, is considered by some to be a contract with Satan. This contract, they say, allows Satan to work through our minds, and create evil through our actions. In my youth, I thought this could not be true, since everyone I knew was on one recreational drug or another, and most of them were legal.

Today, I am certain that it is true. Drug use is a choice of sleep over awareness. It binds us to Satan, and hands him a contract to take over our dream world. It gives him the say-so to manipulate us with mind control, spells, and curses. We will further fall into a world of black magic, and begin to subconsciously use mind control, spells, and curses against other people. This is because, while we are asleep, Satan is teaching our sleeping astral forms to do this by using these same black magic methods against us.

800px-Adolf_Hiremy-Hirschl,_Die_Seelen_des_AcheronImage: “Souls on the Banks of the Acheron” by Adolf Hiremy-Hirsch (4) The somnabulent anguish of these souls is very like the condition of souls incarnate in the bodies of drug users … from … public domain 

This is not an easy contract to annul. It takes great determination, and a turning away from this dark energy to the bright light of Christ consciousness. See “Break Satanic Pacts,”


The strength of the desire elemental of the person with coarse astral matter, dwelling on emotional thought forms of lust, power over, and murder, creates psychic cording to the lower triangle (lower three chakras) of the person with fine astral matter. Mixing of the matter of the two astral bodies occurs.

The person with the coarse astral matter will ratchet up into a frenzy of sexuality, desire to rape, and desire to kill. The person with the finer vehicle will then find themselves haunted by emotional thought forms of the lowest possible order.  As the Bible says, “Don’t be deceived! “Evil companionships corrupt good morals.” –1 Cor 15:33 (WEB) (5)


What must follow for the person who wishes to re-establish fineness of astral matter, after this downgrading of astral matter has taken place, is a conscious, unwavering pursuit of the highest thoughts and emotions.

For more on this, see “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Arthur E. Powell (3), “Chapter VIII: Physical Life,” from page 70, paragraph 6 beginning “The astral body…” through page 71, the first two paragraphs (ending “progress at all …”)

According to this passage, it is relatively easy for the person to whom coarse astral matter has been transferred to return to a state of astral purity, by ever turning to the highest and noblest thoughts and emotions.


I have had this trouble of being astrally haunted by drug users (whose vibrations I find distressing because of their coarseness) for years. When I feel the desire elementals of cocaine users reaching out to me, I’m trying today quiet mental repetition of the phrase “I’m married to a lumberjack.” Which is a “power over” sexual threat. So far today, this has worked quite well. However, I have my doubts (as you may too) about the effectiveness of meeting threat with threat.

My thought is, expressing threats on the astral plane will downgrade my own astral matter. Further, this particular thought may attract into my life a person whose astral matter is not congruent with my own. So, the notion of developing good thought forms and good emotions is most likely more helpful in the long run.


As you may know, we are going through the Lion’s Gate right now. This Gate is not compatible with hard drug use. Consequently, those whose bodies are compromised by hard drug toxins are likely to experience heightened mental and emotional chaos.

During the rest of 2015, as the Incoming Light becomes stronger and stronger, greater and greater purity of the physical body will be demanded, in order for the physical vehicle to match and be comfortable with the level of Light expressed on Earth. For a diet that will allow easy matching of your light level with that of Earth, go to Judy Satori, … search for the term “Ascension and You,” and then look for “Eating Plan for Fifth Dimensional Life.”

Total nixie on recreational drugs. Think twice about prescription drugs too … do you really need them? Stay away from the over-the-counter drug blithely named sugar. I myself am determined to get off coffee too.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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